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Large Mysterious Creature Seen on WebCam; Wenzell Records Incident, Binnall Reports

JULY 2, 2019

I’ve been waiting to write about this particular subject in hopes that more, useful  information would appear, but it seems the large, mysterious creature caught and recorded on a webcam didn’t bring concern to the public like I thought it would.

Screenshot_2019-07-02 Watch Weird Creature Appears on Lake Michigan Webcam - Coast to Coast AM(4)


What could it be?

It’s been suggested by a few viewers of the YouTube video that this large, mysterious creature caught swimming in Lake Michigan is probably nothing more than aquatic life, such as a sturgeon, an eel, or even possibly a bull shark. However, there were those who figured the large, mysterious creature was anything but alive and probably a bunch of seaweed or debris or probably a mixture of bunch. Anything is possible, especially after a storm we just experienced about two days ago.







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