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Posted: December 23, 2017 in Unusual Holiday Tales
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The Nebulous One


Krampus carries off the bad children in a sack who then spend one year in Hell.

It’s unknown to many children throughout the world; a part of ‘the story‘ that’s not told by parents — well, most parents anyway. A very important figure among the many different companions that accompany Santa Claus during his travels, but seldom is spoke of…anymore.

There’s a good reason parents have spared their children from knowing about this mysterious character. However, some parents would disagree to keep this from their children, especially because of the horrific outcome that it may entail.

Krampus’s One Job

Krampus is to be feared, but only by those who misbehave constantly. Krampus isn’t worried by those children who misbehave every-so-often and who get punished by their parents. No, Krampus is looking for those children who are just plain bad. He wants the children whose parents don’t properly punish their children and who misbehave on a daily basis. Krampus also carries a sack, but it’s not for carrying gifts. It’s for carrying off bad children.

Krampus has one job and a very important job at that. He travels with Santa (but not in his sleigh) that one night a year called Christmas Eve. While Santa is passing out gifts, Krampus is collecting all the bad children. By the end of the night these unfortunate children are taken to Hell where they will have to stay for an entire year.


Is Krampus misunderstood?

Krampus has Changed over the Years

Krampus wasn’t always portrayed as a demon-like creature. In fact, Krampus isn’t anything like a demon. A demon works for Satan, Krampus works for Santa. Although you can spell each name with the same letters they are totally opposite from one another.

Besides being possibly inappropriate for children nowadays, it’s also believed that Krampus has been changed into a horned beast just to suit modern protesters who are anti-Christmas.

Political correctness may have also played a role into changing Krampus from its original form.


Germany’s  Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

Zwarte Piet
(aka “Black Pete”)

Santa Claus is known by many other names, such as Saint Nicholas, St. Nick, Kris Kringle, Pelznickel to name just a few.

Krampus is no different. In fact, Krampus is known by just as many names as Santa, if not more.

In the Netherlands, Krampus is known as “Zwarte Piet”, translated to “Black Pete”. He was a black guy with black curly hair and bright red lips. Not as intimidating  as a horned, hairy beast to say the least.

In Germany, Knecht Ruprecht is their Krampus. However, over there he’s known as Farmhand Rupert or Servant Rupert. He is just an old man with a long beard and, depending on his mood (or the weather), wears a long fur coat or is sometimes just dressed in straw. He also carries a wooden staff or a horse whip.

With all this being said, none of these mythical, villainous-like characters are evil. We can just say that they’re real, REAL strict when it comes to bad behavior, that’s for sure.