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In case you weren’t aware, I have an IMDb account. It’s not the most professional looking IMDb account, but I’m working on it. I’m currently at around 880 FacebookLikes” and very appreciative at the tremendous amount of support that I have received .

GQT Cell Phone Policy Trailer

Playing the Villain

Here’s a Cell Phone Policy ad I did for the Goodrich Quality Theaters. I play the villain who’s using a cell phone during a movie.

Here’s another ad that I did that didn’t make it to the BIG screen. It’s a Star Wars parody that didn’t get the proper permission because of the copyright.

Independent Films

Beware of the Klowns


Written & Directed by Tim Wolak

I had the honor and privilege to be part of crazy and hilariously funny horror film titled “Beware of the Klowns“.


Trench the Klown

Created, written & directed by Tim Wolak. Wolak has created many other entertaining independent films and you should definitely check them all out.

This was an awesome experience and I had a great time doing this. I learned a lot (without asking too many questions).

Beware of the Klown
Dress rehearsal


I hope to someday be part of the sequel (if there is ever one). The story-line in this soon-to-be horror classic was more than just imaginative but, in my opinion, I believe could really happen!

Sex Ain’t Love

by Will Adams

I had a small role in the independent film titled:
“Sex Ain’t Love”.

I played a boxer at a gym as an extra.


Will Adams is also the man behind the very popular independent feature:
Step Off the Block“.

48 Hour Film Project

The Perfect Date

by Team S’mores