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This is a revised Hub I wrote several years ago. It took awhile but the Hub eventually picked up momentum & made quite an impact on its popularity (positive & negative). It was written for entertainment purposes only, but – uh, that didn’t mean it wasn’t tested. Does it work or doesn’t it…? You decide.

Homemade Banana Gum

Psychedelic; LSD Effects
It Originated in Northwest Indiana

In the 1990’s there was rumor going around in Northwest Indiana (Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton & Jasper counties) about this “banana gum”. And no, it’s not a name brand banana flavored product you buy at a store. This banana gum is special. Really special. In fact, it’s so special that it’s been known to cause psychedelic/LSD effects on those who are daring enough to actually chew it.

Trust me, from experience, you DO NOT want to try this.

Banana Gum Has Never Been Officially Tested

Nobody Really Knows

Since there hasn’t been any official study on banana gum, the actual organic reaction to why it gives off a psychedelic/LSD affect is still a mystery. Like most scientific experiments, the process of making homemade banana gum must be handled with extreme care & delicacy.



Banana Gum Incubation Timetable

Incubation Time
Affect on Brain
Before 2 weeks
no effect
2 weeks – 3 weeks
normal effect
4 weeks – 7 weeks
advanced effect
hallucinations/possible insanity(?)
8 weeks – 12 weeks
abnormal effect
Longer than 3 months
unnatural effect

The Banana Gum Process

It’d probably be best to use latex gloves but not necessary. Before the following steps are to be taken, a well  chewed piece of gum is needed. Any type of gum will do, but gum that’s recommended by the American Dental Association is said to work best.

Dentist gum

Dentist recommended gum works best

  1. Get a banana. The greener the better (but not too green)
  2. Peel/slice the banana open, carefully & slowly remove the banana without damaging the “insane vein”. Insane Vein
  3. Take the chewed piece of gum (preferably your own) and gently…AND I CAN’T EXPRESS THIS ENOUGHgently & carefully fold it around what is called the “insane vein”. Form the gum before if you have to – just don’t fold the gum over itself.
  4. Now carefully place the banana back in its peel.
    NOTE: The less it takes to peel the banana & remove it the better.
    Try not to break the banana, if it does it’s okay, just place the piece(s) back together.
  5. Wrap the banana in aluminium foil covering it completely. Don’t spare the foil!
  6. Hang the banana at least 18″ from its stem someplace dark. Absolutely no sunlight.
  7. Please follow the INCUBATION TIME TABLE listed above exactly.

Banana Gum Stories

The Man on the Other Side of the Park

YEAR: 1994
LOCATION: Harrison Park, Hammond, IN

Under the influence of this so-called “banana gum” I decided to take an evening stroll through the park. I’m pretty sure there’s a city ordinance about being at a park after dusk, but I didn’t care. I had this urge to leave; be somewhere else, so I decided the park would be the best place.

Fortunately, the local law enforcement was never involved throughout this entire ordeal. I was lucky too because I decided to hang out near this huge, orange monument near the corner of Hohman Avenue – a common route used by the Hammond police. Not only is this monument huge, but it’s bright orange…hello? To describe it without pictures, it’s like some sort of a giant head, but done in an an abstract/artsy way. It actually looks pretty cool.

So, anyway, here I am sitting on the ledge that surrounds this huge, orange head, and somehow, I notice a person like on the other side of the park. I kept looking and though he was very, very, very far away I could see this person standing there. Was this the affects of banana gum? Super sight?

I just sat on that ledge and stared. I didn’t even move. I even slowed my breathing. I knew that it person because I noticed sometimes they would move They would move like they were about to walk away, but then decide to stay where they were at. I squinted my eyes to see if I could get a better view. By doing so, after awhile, I noticed that they checked their watch. Well, at least it was a movement that what looked like to me someone checking their watch. It was then that I thought for sure that it was man – definitely.

I watched this man what seemed like a half hour before I realized that it started to look as though he was looking back at me. After all this time, this guy finally noticed me sitting way over here – on the other side of the park. I have to admit I was a bit startled.

I sat up when I noticed that he was starting to walk towards me. He was walking to me as if he knew me. You know that walk I’m talking about…? When somebody sees you from like the other side of a large room; like an auditorium?

Oh well.

So, anyway, this guy has this certain walk to him. Now, my first reaction was to get the hell up and go home. But before I did so, the closer he got to me I began to notice that he was smiling. Was he smiling because he knew me and was surprise to see me hanging out by the huge, orange head? Or was he just a smiling stranger that was about to come over and “shoot-the-shit” with me? Now I couldn’t tell if this guy was black, white, whatever, but I could tell that he was smiling.
I know.

I decided to stick it out and wait for this guy to come over. It took awhile – like I said, he was on the other side of the park. Meanwhile, all kinds of things were going through my banana gum infested brain. My safety being number one.


He was getting closer now. I could make out that he was a white guy. He was wearing a dark suit with a white shirt & tie and dark pants. He still had that walk to him though. It reminded me of a salesperson if that helps at all with the description. It was driving me crazy.


We were in speaking distance now. Who’s gonna speak first?
It was me.

This was a common greeting that was said between Generation X er’s.

“Hey. What’s going on?” he answered.

“Not much.”

He jumped on the ledge a few feet away from me. I wasn’t looking at him but I could still see him in my side vision. I forgot what that’s called – it’s on the tip of my tongue.
Forget it.

Then there was silence. You could only hear the traffic from Hohman Avenue. I took a glance at the traffic (opposite direction from where he was sitting) and I started to feel a bit awkward. It’s been like a minute or two and we haven’t said anything to each other. I tried to think of something…anything to say, but nothing. But then I heard what sounded like as if he was sliding off the ledge. I quickly turned toward him, but he was gone.

No shit.

I. Freaked. Out.
I went straight home and stayed there promising to never try banana gum again.

I should also mention that I’m not very good with keeping promises with myself.

Until next time,
James Timothy Peters





Here’s a List of 8 Phobias that have to do with Numbers

Learn how to deal with confussion

Do you have a phobia?

What exactly is a phobia?

Medical experts define phobias as a fear based on a “conditioned emotional experience”. A traumatic experience is most likely the cause of developing a phobia. Most times, something happened that has caused a tremendous amount of fear to someone when they were young and then developed into a phobia into adulthood.

However, some also believe that phobias may have been caused by biological evolution.

  • For an example, an individual develops a natural fear to things such as spiders, snakes, falling, &c.

It’s also possible that some phobias can develop from another existing phobia.

  • For example, a little boy buys a balloon and walks across the street without paying attention and almost gets hit by a car causing him to lose his balloon. This boy may have developed a phobia to balloons, then developing a fear of things that fly. The next thing that develops is a phobia of automobiles and all transportation vehicles. This boy could also develop a fear of people selling balloons as well.

Phobia #1

Fear of Numbers


There are people out there who are afraid of a lot of little things. From mice to rats, dogs and cats, falling, flying, heights, &c. The list is long and has plenty of room for new phobias. But the fear of numbers? Now that’s a bit odd – don’t you think?

Numerophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of numbers. It’s a rare occurrence when a sufferer of numerophobia will run from a group of numbers, but most rather just look away. The fear is that they will start adding the numbers together in different various ways and won’t be able to stop until every possible equation has been solved.

Numerophobia: The Fear of Numbers

Numerophobia: The Fear of Numbers

Numerophobia is also known as Arithmophobia. However, those who suffer from Arithmophobia fear specifically arithmetic. They are able to look at numbers however, if the numbers are arranged in a way where it looks as if it is an arithmetic problem, severe anxiety may start to develop. 

Phobia #2

Fear of the Number Four



Tetraphobia: Fear of the Number Four

Thought to have originated in the East long, long ago. The fear of the number four is respected by all classes. The number four sounds much like the word that means ‘death’. For fear that the number four may bring misfortune, a lot of high rise buildings has excluded the number four to appear on elevator buttons and floor descriptions.

Building designers have purposely left out the number four, or have replaced the number with the letter ‘F’.

  • An interesting article written by Koichi about Tetraphobia can be read by clicking here.

Phobia #3

Fear of the Number Five


The fear of the number five was not thought to be a phobia by many people. It wasn’t until after more & more cases started to surface that Quintaphobia finally joined the ‘unofficial’ Phobia List. It just seemed odd that the number five could bring such an extreme fear to some people. Fact is, nobody really knows ALL there is to know about phobias. Why are some people completely terrified over such seemingly harmless things…? or inanimate objects such as clouds, horseshoes or garden hoses?

If you’re wondering, there’s no phobia name for the fear of the number six. However, there is a name for fear of the number 666 and it is called hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.

Numerophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of numbers.

 Phobia #4

Fear of the Number Seven


Septaphobia is another odd phobia. Most people consider the number seven as a very lucky number, but there are people who have an extreme and sometimes an irrational fear of the number.

Having a fear of such things as “numbers” is strangely odd. They’re unlike any other phobias, since phobias are mostly an extreme and irrational fear of ‘things’ & ‘situations’, but are treated the same as other phobias with therapy and facing the fear.

 Phobia #5

Fear of the Number Eight

Anything that represents a figure eight can set an Octophobiac off.

Anything that represents a figure eight can set an Octophobiac off.


Octophobics not only fear the number eight, they also fear the figure eight. The figure eight doesn’t have to represent a number in order for someone who suffers from Octophobia to start feeling anxious. Seeing somebody twirl their finger in a figure eight pattern, or watching someone or something move in a figure eight pattern can set things off with an Octophobiac.

 Phobia #6

Fear of the Number Nine


There isn’t a name for every little fear (or major fear, for that matter) that’s out there, but when a certain disorder becomes more & more common, experts will put a name for that disorder in order for other professionals to know what specific fear/phobia they are dealing with. Fear of the number nine isn’t popular enough to be considered a phobia, but it is suggested that it may come from Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (fear of the number 666).

Almost all cases of people who are fearful of the number nine are also fearful of the number 666. So experts just labeled these people as Hexakosioihexekekontahesaphobiacs. However, there are those very, VERY few who just fear the number nine – that’s it. So few, that no name is given to this extremely rare phobia.

I suggest Neunophobia, simply because “neun” means “nine” in German.

 Phobia #7

Fear of the Number Thirteen


Triskaidekaphobia: The Fear of the Number Thirteen

Triskaidekaphobia: The Fear of the Number Thirteen

There’s no doubt that the number thirteen may make some people uneasy. Almost EVERYBODY knows that the number thirteen represents ‘bad luck’. If you personally do consider the number thirteen bad luck, but don’t fear the number, you’re like most. Then again, even if you do consider thirteen as a bad luck number and you make a fuss about it, you still may not have a phobia. It’s when you develop an extreme and irrational fear about the the number thirteen is when you can diagnois yourself as having Triskaidekaphobia.

Why “13” is Unlucky

There are many reasons why we consider the number thirteen to be unlucky. Here are just a few:

1. It takes thirteen witches to make a perfect coven.
2. The murders of the Knights Templar were planned and executed on October 13, 1307
3. In a “Man’s World” the number 13 is considered a “girly” number so that alone makes it unlucky
4. During the Last Supper there were 13 in attendance, Judas (the 13th guest) was the first to rise and the first to die

 Phobia #8

Fear of the Number Twenty-Three

The ’23’ Enigma

The Number 23 (2007)

Fear of the number twenty-three does NOT have a phobia name but there are people that fear it…kinda weird. It’s called the “The ’23’ Enigma” instead. Sounds more like a movie, but…wait.

There is a movie about “The ’23’ Enigma”, it’s called (no surprise) 23 starring Jim Carey.

The ’23’ Enigma means that people believe that most things and events can be traced back to the number 23.

The Number 23 (2007)

Amazon Price: $2.99

I have long admired the movie Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford & Rutger Hauer. It’s considered a classic to some of the most highly accredited film critics across the globe. Not only is this an awesome sci-fi movie, it also has a bit of mystery to it. Now you’re going to have to have seen the movie to understand what I’m talking about, so if you haven’t seen it – this article isn’t going to do you any good (unless you’re just THAT curious).

WARNING: Reading this article WILL ruin the movie for you if you haven't seen it.

If you haven’t seen the movie Blade Runner in quite some time, you may want to go and see it again to “brush up” a bit., but then again, you may not. Other great stars such as Daryl Hannah, Edward James Olmos, Sean Young, M. Emmet Walsh, Joanna Cassidy & Brion James also star in the movie Blade Runner.

This Nexus 6 Generation model (Pris) was activated on February 14, 2016

This Nexus 6 Generation model (Pris) was activated on February 14, 2016

I got the idea to write this article because I noticed the date on Daryl Hannah’s character (Pris). Pris is a “replicant” in the movie Blade Runner and was activated on the same date as my sister’s birthday – but in the year 2016 – February the fourteenth (14th).


The one & only MOST popular question that’s asked about in the movie Blade Runner

Was the character Rick Deckard in the movie Blade Runner a “replicant”?

I believe he was, however, if he wasn’t a replicant I believe we were meant to think so.

The futuristic company known as the Tyrell Corporation began genetically engineering humanoids – “advancing Robot evolution” into a phase known as the Nexus Phase. These beings that were created by the Tyrell Corporation were far superior in strength and agility, but were equal in intelligence.

These humanoid beings were known as “Replicants“.

When the replicant models known as the Nexus 6 were created, these models were only given a four (4) year life span.  This was required because these particular models were NOT suppose to have any emotions but were somehow developing their own emotions on their own.

Replicants were used for slave labor in hazardous conditions to colonize other worlds. But because of a bloody mutiny by a Nexus 6 combat team on an Off-world colony ALL replicants were declared illegal on Earth. Any Nexus 6 Generation model caught here on Earth will be shot on sight. Special police squads called Blade Runner Units were to track down and kill any Nexus 6 Generation model detected on Earth.

When these Nexus 6 Generation models were killed it wasn’t called an “execution“, it was called “retirement“.

Here’s where I begin to Assume

During this “Nexus Phase”, the Nexus 6 Generation model were created almost-immediately after five (5) other models were  created. The Tyrell Corporation were pumping out Nexus models, one right after the other. Each one better than the one before it.

But then came the Nexus 6 Generation model. They were perfect. However, were they made TOO perfect? The engineers who designed and made them thought so. So to ensure that humans will always remain supreme over replicants, a fail safe design was installed. A four (4) year life span for ALL Nexus 6 Generation model replicants – that’s it, no more.

Since these replicants are superior in strength and agility, why send a human to track down and retire these replicants?
Send a replicant after a replicant.
Send the Nexus 5 model.

Rick Deckard, I believe, is a Nexus 5 Generation model. He was part of the police squad’s Blade Runner Units. In fact, I believe ALL members of Blade Runner Units are replicants – and each one is filed & monitored.
Deckard was able to quit the Blade Runner Units (the movie doesn’t go into detail about this), even though he seems to be the best Blade Runner Captain Bryant has ever seen. Bryant even describes Deckard as a “one-man slaughterhouse”.

I believe…

Replicants absolutely yearn to be human and will go to great lengths to act and pass as human – especially to other humans. Nothing pleases a replicant more than to be mistaken as a human or to be favored over other replicants by a human. Human males rarely accepted replicant males as men.
If replicants weren’t cops, they were considered as “little people“.

Replicants don’t need to eat or drink and can’t be addicted to chemicals such as tobacco, drugs or alcohol and are immune to their effects.
Humans know this and so when replicants go and order food, they are limited to the amount they are allowed to order.

REMEMBER: Deckard tried ordering four (4) egg-rolls, but the server would only allow him two (2).

Replicants are given only one (1) name…but wait, if Deckard is a replicant, how is he able to have a first and last name?
GOOD QUESTION: All I can say is that nowhere in the movie do I hear or see the name “Rick Deckard“. I’ve watched this movie (literally) over 50 times (and counting) and NEVER have I heard the name “Rick Deckard“. Check for yourself. I only found out that Deckard’s first name was Rick just by researching through the Internet.
* What about Leon Kowalski? How does he get a first and last name?
EASY QUESTION: The Nexus 6 Generation model “LEON” replicant tried blending in with humans by working in the sanitation department at the Tyrell Corporation in order to get closer to Dr. Eldon Tyrell. In order to do so, he must have a last name. So he gave himself one.
* What about Roy Batty?

BATTY (Roy) - In the movie Blade Runner

BATTY (Roy) – In the movie Blade Runner

TRICKY QUESTION: The Nexus 6 Generation model “BATTY” (Roy) replicant is called “Roy” throughout the movie. All I can say is that this Nexus 6 Generation model was created specifically for combat and was probably given a first name to identify its individuality. Probably because it was made leader of other combat replicants.
I believe the “BATTY” identifies and confirms that these Nexus 6 Generation models are used for battle (and/or other hazardous conditions) instead of risking the lives of humans.

Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Dr. Eldon Tyrell


CEO of the Tyrell Corporation

Founder of the Tyrell Corporation and lead designer/engineer of the Nexus Generation models.

In order to control the replicants better, Dr. Eldon Tyrell had memories installed in an experimental Nexus 6 Generation model called “Rachael“.

Rachael had no idea that it was a replicant because of the memories that were installed into Rachael’s mind that originally came from Dr. Eldon Tyrell’s niece.

The only Nexus 6 Generation model that DID NOT know it was a replicant because of the memories that were installed in it by Dr. Eldon Tyrell

The Nexus 6 Generation model that didn’t know what it was (because memories were installed in it by Dr. Eldon Tyrell) was the replicant Rachael.


Personal Secretary to Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Rick Deckard is to Retire 5 Replicants

Six Nexus 6 Generation Model Replicants (3 male; 3 female) Slaughter 23 People and Jumped a Shuttle

The six Nexus 6 Generation models tried breaking into the Tyrell Corporation. They were unsuccessful and one was killed running through an electrical field. The rest escaped.

So, remember…six replicants escaped, but one was killed – that leaves five left…right?

I’ll continue.

So the list is as followed:

  • (Roy) BATTY
  • LEON
  • PRIS

That’s FOUR…not FIVE. But that’s all the Nexus 6 Generation models that Deckard was shown by Bryant.

Captain Bryant - Head of the Blade Runner Unit

Captain Bryant – Head of the Blade Runner Unit

Six try to break into the Tyrell Corporation – One is killed – Five escape – Deckard is shown a list of only four (4) replicants

To confirm this, after Deckard kills Zhora, Bryant tells Deckard that he has four (4) to go, but Deckard corrects him and says “Three…there’s three to go!”

He says this because Deckard was only shown FOUR (4) replicants when he was briefed by Bryant.

Even though Bryant originally tells Deckard that SIX replicants escaped, ONE got fried running through an electrical field and the remaining FIVE escaped, but the list only contained FOUR replicants.

Both Leon & Rachael witnessed Deckard retiring Zhora on the street

Both Leon & Rachael witnessed Deckard retiring Zhora on the street.

The Killing of Zhora

When Deckard tracks down the Nexus 6 Generation model “ZHORA”, both the replicants Leon and Rachael witness Deckard “retiring” her on the street.

This is how Leon discovers that Deckard is tracking them down and then tries to kill him. Rachael, who was starting to suspect that she was a replicant, decides to meet up with Deckard after declining his offer to meet him at Taffey Lewis’s club. She sees that Leon is moments away from killing Deckard so she shoots him in the head.

Although it's been said that this shot was an accident, if you notice Deckard's eyes, he looks like a replicant.

Although it’s been said that this shot was an accident, if you notice Deckard’s eyes, he looks like a replicant.

Rachael asks Deckard that if she were to take off and go north…would he come looking for her?

Deckard said that he wouldn’t – but that  somebody would.

It is in this scene that you notice Deckard’s and Rachael’s eyes look somewhat similar, indicating that both are replicants.
However, reports have stated that this was done unintentional…yeah right.

Other Signs that show me that Deckard is a Replicant
  1. When Bryant tells Deckard that Nexus 6’s have a four (4) year life span – he snickers and Bryant notices that it pleases Deckard.
  2. When Taffey Lewis tells his bartender Louie to give Deckard a FREE DRINK on the house because  “the MAN looks dry”, this pleases Deckard enough to stop harassing Taffey to see if his license is in order.
  3. When the job is over, Gaff tells Deckard that he did a MAN’s job.

Iran Blames the US for their Drought

I know what you’re thinking… “Here we go again.”

Here we go again.

Iran is accusing the United States of manipulating the weather over large parts of Iran & causing a serious drought that hasn’t been seen in decades.

The problem is – it could quite possibly be true.

I’m sick & tired of countries blaming the United States for everything, but this time… I just don’t know.

A Secret “Soft War” has been Launched

It seems that former Iran’s head of cultural heritage & tourism, Hassan Mousavi, has been suspicious of this particular drought that has affected southern Iran. Because of its seriousness it has affected the country’s agriculture on huge scale. Although Iran has experienced droughts in the past & in recent years, it has never been as serious as this according to Mousavi.

Hassan Mousavi is suspicious of the drought that has affected 37 million people in Iran & believes the US may have something to do about it.

Also, because of past wars, desertification has taken place in Iraq causing sand storms to develop and enter Iran causing further damage & despair. Iran hasn’t seen a drought this bad since 1964 which has affected over half the population (37 million).

The Islamic Republic blames the West (especially the US) for launching a secret soft war against Iran by using technology and causing a serious drought.

Europe is Stealing Rain Clouds from Iran

The former president of Iran believes the US is responsible for the drought in southern Iran. Iran has not seen a drought as serious as this for over 40 years.

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused European countries of using “special equipment to force clouds to dump” water on their country that should have been showered in Iran.

Ahmadinejad believes the US is behind the drought in Iran. This is probably because the Pentagon has admitted to using weather warfare against adversaries in the past & the US Air Force has even admitted to having the ability to cause precipitation, fog & even storms here on the Earth.

So, because of the US admitting to being able to manipulate the weather, Ahmadinejad, Mousavi, the Islamic republic & the country of Iran blames the US for their drought.

What we know about the Shadow People

Shadow people are untestable, 
undetectable & unprovable.

Therefore, shadow people 
are not real.
 ~the Scientific Community~

Shadow people are also commonly known as shadow ghosts, or even dark shadows. These dark shadows or shadow ghosts, even though they cannot be proven, are still believed by hundreds of thousands of people across the United States & millions more across the world.

“shadow people are disembodied humans who are lost, having not gone forward in life’s journey by refusing to go toward the light after the death of the physical body”

Shadow ghosts are often seen standing next to beds when people are sleeping in them. These dark shadows seem to be trying to communicate, even maybe watching over loved ones. The theory is, shadow people are stuck between this world and the next; refusing to “walk towards the light”. These shadow people feel they need to stay here until some sort of task is completed or maybe even solved.
It’s also been said that these shadow ghosts may not even know that they have passed on from their physical form and have not realized that they are now dark shadows.

“You don’t have to believe in God or any other supreme being to believe in shadow people. It has been proven that energy never ceases to exist – we humans are energy. So when we pass away, the common question is asked ‘What happens next?’ no matter what you believe in.”

We know that these shadow ghosts are fearful of being seen. Reports from most witnesses claim that these shadow ghosts quickly leave or vanish the moment a living presence is near. Usually when they’re hovering over a sleeping person.

Shadow people also seem to be afraid of flash lights for some unknown reason. Maybe it resembles the one thing that they are trying to avoid. It reminds them that they are supposed to “walk towards the light”. When a flash light is shone upon shadow ghosts it has been reported that the light does not shine through them; supposedly proving that there is something there.
These dark shadows want to remain here until they have finished doing whatever it is they feel they need to finish and will avoid anything they feel is trying to stop them.

 “A common explanation as to why we see dark shadows out of the corner of our eyes has to with us hallucinating brought on by fatigue.”

These shadow people are seen as a dark figure, looking mostly humanoid. Sometimes they’re seen with or without a hat or even wearing a hood. Some dark shadows don’t look human at all, in fact, they look like an animal, like a dog almost. There have been a few reports that these shadow ghosts also have glowing red eyes, but just a few.

When shadow people have been seen fleeing away, most of these shadow beings tend to go through physical objects, while others are seen going around them.

Shadow people have been reported since early recorded history. People called them shadow folk way back then, before shadow people became the most preferred term.

“People who strongly believe that the shadow people exist, also believe that we can help these shadow people walk towards the light. As shadow beings, they somehow do not understand that they are carrying all the ’emotional baggage and pain’ in death as they did in life, as they transfer onto another astral plane. It is believed that carrying all this ’emotional baggage and pain’ does not allow you to comprehend that you have passed on.”

Should we fear the shadow people?

It is natural to fear the unknown and the shadow people are no exception. It is rare to hear reports about shadow people having disruptive behavior, but it has happened. Most cases reported on shadow people, victims claim that they were more curious than frightened – most cases.

Shadow People

Near the city of Yasuj a cemetery has been Discovered

Skeletal remains along with valuable artifacts have been discovered in Iran. Photo from Tehran Times.


A 3500 year old, 60,000 square meter cemetery has been discovered in the southwestern Iranian province of Kohkiluyeh-Boyer Ahmad.
So far, 20 graves have already been excavated,” said the archaeological team director, Mohammad Rajabi. He told the Persian service of IRNA that the recently discovered cemetery is not only over 3500 years old and covers over 60,000 square meters but estimates that there might be over 500 graves. Most graves with skeletal remains contain bronze & stone artifacts, earrings, rings, daggers, bayonets, coins and jars of pottery. He confirmed that ALL artifacts are being transferred to a museum in Yasuj.
He added, “Sadly, nearly 8000 square meters of the cemetery & 70 graves have been totally destroyed by a construction project, which fortunately, belongs to the Yasuj University of Medical Science, and it is still underway!”
“The artifacts that were contained in the destroyed graves are now lost forever,” stated an expert of the Yasuj Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department.

About the Ampersand

The ampersand

This is correct. I enjoy using the ampersand. I would use it all the time if it were socially acceptable in the world of literature (or is it?)

Ampersand Origin

If you think about it, where did it come from?

I did a little research and found out that the ampersand is a symbol that stands for the word “and”…but you probably already knew that. What you probably don’t know is that it stood for the word or symbol “et”. That’s what they used in the Roman days. So instead of using “et”, scholars and other intelligent scribes used “&” (the ampersand).
Here’s a few other interesting facts about the ampersand:

  • Traced back to the 1st century A.D.
  • Once was considered the 27th letter of the English alphabet
  • There are 6 different variations of the ampersand

Dating back to the Roman days, the ampersand was used quite extensively. It eventually wore off, maybe because it contained a little too much “classical antiquity” for the common man. However, it is still used in business letterheads, slogans and other forms of advertisement just for that reason.
In fact, it’s still commonly used in firms and partnerships (particulary in law firms and architectural firms).

The ampersand is also commonly used when addressing a couple at banquets, weddings and other formal gatherings. For example: MR. & MRS. JOHN SMITH or JOHN & JANE SMITH You will also notice the ampersand in book and movie titles.

Like what was said earlier in this little article, the abbreviation for “and” was written as “et” back in the Roman days. And when somebody wanted to use the abbreviation for “et cetra” people would write “etc.”. But what a lot of people don’t know (and if they did, they probably still wouldn’t do so) is that another abbreviation for “et cetra” could be written as “&c.”.

“Et cetra”, as you know, means “and so forth”…right? Here’s the formula for “&c.”:
&=et (and)
c.=cetra (so forth)

There you have it, a brief history and a little depth of my quiet obsession of the ampersand.


I even make Ampersand cake; I may need help!

Diet Coke is (probably) giving you Brain Damage!

Diet Coke contains Aspartame

Diet Coke contains aspartame which can cause brain damage. The FDA approved aspartamae in all foods.

Diet Coke contains aspartame which can cause brain damage. The FDA approved aspartamae in all foods.

Aspartame Disease

The FDA approved Aspartame in all Foods

Ever heard of Aspartame Disease? Most of us have never heard of it, and the “suits” who work for the NutraSweet industry are going to try to keep it that way.

In a 1998 Spanish study, it claimed that aspartame can be harmful if taken in large amounts. In fact, the FDA claimed that phenylalanine (an amino acid found in aspartame) can literally cause brain damage. *Did you get that?*

The FDA has approved aspartame in all foods, even though THEY know it causes brain damage. WTF?

However, in a 2002 Japanese study, it claimed that aspartame is completely harmless to humans. This study was probably financed by the NutraSweet industry. I say this because it has been stated on websites that Ralph Walton MD of Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine has determined that EVERY test funded by the NutraSweet industry came back negative for being harmful – every test! Now when a privately funded test was performed, 92% of the tests came back saying “that there was something wrong”.

That means, only 8% of privately funded testing said that aspartame was tolerable for human consumption – 92% say it’s harmful

1 in 15,000 people may not metabolize
phenylalanine properly, which can cause
brain damage.

Diet Coke contains Aspartame

Coca-Cola has been using aspartame to sweeten their diet beverages (unless advertised differently) since 1983, two years after the FDA approved aspartame in dry foods. Then, all of sudden in 1996, with the FDA STILL knowing that aspartame can cause brain damage, they approved it for ALL foods.

RC Cola uses Splenda with their soft drink products.

The FDA, the Coca-Cola Company and the NutraSweet industry know that Diet Coke is damaging your brains by causing depression and bipolar ‘like’ symptoms in their loyal customers.

So, have a Coke and a smile!


I was rolling through FACEBOOK when I came across this photo and short article. I am a science enthusiast and love ANYTHING about our planet Earth.

The famed and elusive Green Flash is a rare meteorological phenomenon that occurs at sunset and sunrise. During these times, the sun’s light travels through more of the earth’s atmosphere to reach your eye, creating a prism effect. Yeah, the explanation is definitely more dull than many of the maritime legends surrounding the phenomenon, but consider yourself very lucky if you’re able to witness this event.

The flash only happens for a fraction of a second

To increase your chances, watch the sun set (or rise) over a long and uninterrupted horizon on a very clear day. The ocean horizon works well for this, as will a prairie, or the horizon line while inside an airplane. The flash lasts only a fraction of a second, so don’t blink!


"I fucking love science."
Earth Story

As told by some crazy hillbilly.

This crazy hillbilly
is missing two fingers - wonder why?

I wouldn’t have believed it, if I didn’t see it for myself! 

You need to shop for a certain kind of sparkler because NOT any old sparkler will do.

  Indiana Loves their Fireworks

I met this guy at Lauer’s Pub in Calumet City, IL and he told me how he knew how to make these “sparkler bombs“. He said that he heard me talk about constructing a 2-Liter dry ice bomb and its effect.

Mind you, I NEVER said (then) that I actually constructed one – just that I knew how to do it. Very important.

He said that he lived in Illinois and that they don’t sell the kind of sparkler that he needed to construct what he called a “sparkler bomb“.

“Indiana loves their fireworks!” he exclaimed being slighty buzzed – why not? It’s only 2:30 in the afternoon – cheers!

This is the type and brand you need to construct a functional “sparkler bomb”.

The next thing I know, this crazy hillbilly pulled out the type of fireworks that he needed. He must carry this shit around or something, because I just find that weird.

I asked him about that.

“Naw, man… I just came from the firework stand that’s right off 80/94 and I decided to take the back roads home. I can’t get caught with this shit.”

This guy reminds me of someone who totally belongs in some sort of militia. Scary actually. I can see him wearing overalls without a shirt – my kind of style.

“All you need now is some duct tape, electrical tape and we’ll be ready to have ourselves a good ol time!”

I was waiting for him to start saying “Yee Haw” or something in that manner.
That would have been perfect.

Duct tape and electrical tape is needed in order to construct a functional “sparkler bomb”

Wouldn’t you know it…? This crazy  hillbilly carries around electrical tape and duct tape? What the…?

Is there something strange afoot?

Oh well, other than being a crazy hillbilly he seems to be pretty okay.
(he just may have some issues to work out, that’s all)

He then looked at me. He had this crazy grin on his face.
Then he did something really crazy…slowly, he looked at his wrist as if he were wearing a watch.
That was all the confirmation I needed…

this guy’s REALLY crazy.

This is a finished sparkler bomb.

So he gathered a bunch a sparklers together.
(about 60)

He had one sparkler stick out – that’s the fuse.
(be careful, that single sparkler is VERY fragile)

He semi-tightly bound them together with the electrical tape.
(he used about half of a full roll)

He then tightly wrapped them with the duct tape.
(cover it entirely)

There you go!

A Sparkler Bomb!!


Want to see this sparkler bomb go off? Click on the link below.

Sparkler Bomb: Made from LEGAL fireworks.