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10 Items or Less

by James Timothy Peters


We’ve all done it from time to time; walk into a store for two or three things and the next thing you know – you’re looking for a shopping cart. Two or three things has just turned into nine or ten things. In my case, thirteen.

My wife, Consuela (aka Swayla) and I, along with my nine month old son, Spencer (aka Spencer) were on our back from a function. When we were about to pass a grocery store, she remembered a few things that we needed for the house.

No big deal. I’ll carry Spencer as the three of us walk around and get the few items. Swayla grabbed one of those plastic baskets that are used just for that purpose. Instead of pushing a cart around for two or three items these plastic baskets were perfect. They were neatly stacked near the entrance.

Well, as you’ve probably guessed, we needed to track down a cart. Luckily, there was an empty cart nearby, so the transition was quick & painless. It’s not that there were a lot of items it was just that they were big and/or fragile (e.g. toilet paper, milk, rye bread, &c.).

Spencer wanted to switch. So instead of me carrying him, he wanted to get in the cart and get pushed around by Mom.
Again, no big deal.

However, after a minute or two, Spencer wasn’t satisfied.
I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to push him around in the cart.
I guess I’m more fun.
I wonder why? [rhetorical question]

“Okay, we’re done,” Swayla quickly said as Spencer and I zoomed past her.

I widened my eyes and looked at Spencer, “Time to go.”

I slowed down on the horseplay and the three of us casually walked towards the registers. The lines were full and the only short line was the “10 Items or Less” register. So that’s where I decided to head to.


We were still a good distance from the register when I noticed a young woman walking past me. She was holding a 3-pack of Irish Spring soap and a tube of toothpaste. She was headed for that same register.

Not on my watch! I quickened the pace.

“Wait,” Swayla warned, “we have more than 10 items I think.”

I heard her, but there was a crime unfolding.
And I had to stop her.

Damn she’s fast.
She knew I was tailing her.
She knew that I wanted to get in front of her. And…
she knew that it wasn’t going to happen.

We both knew.Irish Spring Woman

Wait a minute…something happened!

She dropped her soap…then kicked it away from herself!

Time to make my move.

Spencer giggles as I speed up.
Needless to say, I’m in line ahead of this woman.

And yes, I’m a dick.

The woman slowly walks up flashing me her best “Eat shit & die” grin. Swayla soon walks up from behind her.

“What are you doing?” she asks me quietly.

I shake my head and look confuse as if I don’t know what she’s talking about. She looks down at the cart and starts counting the items.

“We have thirteen items.”

I keep looking around the store like I’m oblivious to what’s going on. Besides, can’t she I’m deflecting daggers from this woman’s eyes?

We were almost up.

“Jimmy,” Swayla said in a somewhat loud hushed voice trying to get my attention.

I look at her.

Pointing with her eyes by looking at the woman she says without moving her lips, “Let her go ahead.”

The woman knew what was going on. Everybody knew what was going on.
Except for Spencer. He was clueless.

“Next,” the cashier announced.

And to my surprise, I said to the woman, “Go ahead, you only have two items.”

“And you have thirteen, you’re in the wrong line!” She says that to me as she walks past sounding snooty.

She said that loud enough so that the cashier could hear on purpose.

The cashier’s face totally changed. She looked as though she was about to exercise a store policy. She was about to pull some authority.

As the cashier handed the woman her change she wished her a “Good Day”.

“I will now, thank you,” the woman responded back.

Now, it’s my turn.





The First of the MALTernatives

Beer is NOT suppose to be clear

…is it?


1993 – 2008

You remember Zima…don’t you?

Here’s what I remember about Zima

It was the end of summer of 1994 when I first tried the alcoholic malt beer beverage known as Zima. It came out about a year earlier, but I had no desire to try it.

I know why too.
(I usually try new things at least once)

But the main reason I didn’t like Zima (without trying it) was because it was pretty much labeled a “girly-man” beer by every dude I came across. Whether they tried it or not (mostly NOT), I was told that it was considered a “woman’s beverage” – like a wine cooler.

Trust me – Zima was NO wine cooler.

I was 23-years-old when I bought my first six-pack of Zima…
curiosity got the best of me.  But for the record, I also bought a case of Old Milwaukee.
That’s right, Old Milwaukee – The Best Beer in the World.

I can honestly say that I thought that Zima wasn’t bad. It was zomething different (get it?)…I’ll give it that. It sure didn’t taste what I expected. It sort of reminded me of a flat Sprite, but beer…?

It didn’t taste anything like beer at all.

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The Story on Zima

In 1993, the Coors Brewing company came up with a different way to brew beer. It had something to do with “charcoal filtering”, in which doing so removed that golden hue and MOST of that “beer taste“. Rumors went around that Zima didn’t contain alcohol and that breath analyzers couldn’t detect it.
These rumors were false.

This also started the “clear craze”. Miller came out with “Qube“,  Pabst Blue Ribbon’s “Izen Klar“, Stroh’s “Clash“, and even Pepsi came out with “Crystal Pepsi“. It even hit the deodorant department with a clear gel by Mennen.

Zima soon became popular among females, so that made it even more “untouchable” among those who considered themselves manly. Being male and seen holding a Zima wasn’t “macho“, in fact, it was reason enough to get ridiculed even by the closest of friends (even if it was under their breath and/or behind your back). Zima had no place in a “real man’s” fridge.

It became obvious that Zima was being considered a wine cooler, although it was not intended to be as such. In fact, Coors made sure that any business selling Zima was to keep it away from the other wine coolers.

Although Coors sold over one million barrels in its first year, after two years, they barely sold over 400,000 barrels. Being that females seem to be the only buyer of the clear malt beverage, it just wasn’t enough. It’s been reported that Coors spent anywhere from $35 million to $50 million in advertisements alone in its first year (more than their MAIN product, “Coors Light“) targeting young men.

Then came Smirnoff Ice.

Smirnoff Ice” soon hit the shelves and it soon got the impression that it contained vodka (which it didn’t) and this was about the time that Coors decided to boost the alcohol content in Zima to 5.4% and give it a golden hue – calling it “Zima Gold“. It tasted like a flat Sprite (a bit sweeter) but with a bourbon hint of flavor. It was all they had to give “Smirnoff Ice” a challenge.

It didn’t work.

Now Miller had finally pulled their “Qube” off the shelves as well did Pabst’s and Stroh’s, but Coors still had some ideas brewing in their heads and gave Zima another chance. So in the year 2000, they totally changed their formula, making it taste more like Sprite (but not quite), and also came up with a new ad campaign. They made Zima seem like the ideal beverage for really, REALLY hot days. It bounced back briefly, but just shy of a quarter of million barrels. Coors Light sold over 16 million barrels that same year.

But wait…Zima had another idea.
They made a variety of flavors – pineapple being the favorite.
They boosted the alcohol content in another brand of Zima to 5.9% and called it “Zima XXX” in the year 2004.

This didn’t work either.

By this time Miller and Coors merged together forming the MillerCoors, LLC and on October 10, 2008, they announced the discontinuation of distributing Zima in the United States. Because of its expensive process to brew Zima, along with the tax hike in Utah and in California (and California being the top marketing state) it didn’t make sense to continue on with the product.

That’s right…discontinued distribution of Zima in the United States.
Zima can still be purchased in Japan.

Have you ever seen the movie

If you haven’t, then this won’t make complete sense…well, maybe

White CastleIt was like any other summer week day night.  Bored as hell, drinking beer like a fish drinks water and hanging out with three or four friends.  I noticed a large can of Campbells Cream Mushroom Soup in the cupboard and remembered the movie starring Robert Duvall, “The Great Santini

If you have never seen the movie, let me explain a certain scene to you:

  • Duvall’s character has an open can of soup inside his jacket
  • He acts as if he’s throwing up and pours the contents of the soup on the floor
  • His friends, who are in on it, run up to the fake vomit and start eating it off the floor
  • People get sick and throw up for real
If you would like to see how it went down, buy from AMAZON

ONLY $2.99 

Here’s how it went down at the WHITE CASTLE

White Castle – Calumet Avenue & 165th Street
Hammond, Indiana – Early 90’s (?)

We took some leftovers from a friend’s house (peas, carrots, &c.) and opened the family size can of cream of mushroom soup with a can opener.  I dumped a little bit of the soup out into the garbage can, & filled it with the leftovers and a little water.  I did this so the contents would not be so thick because I wanted it to  pour out of the can a bit more easily when it was tilted over, we were trying to make it look as realistic as possible.

And it did!

It looked like REAL puke!

The plan was fairly easy to follow, all we needed were the characters.  Since somebody had to eat the fake vomit, that character role will be played by “yours truly” and by somebody else who had just as much low self esteem as me, Rash Key.

Next, we needed somebody to carry the fake vomit in the Campbell’s soup can into the White Castle.  We nominated our “large-and-in-charge” red-headed friend to do the honors, Jay Jee.

Fast Food

We had Jee walk in with another friend who then walked straight to a booth and sat in it.  The other friend went to place an order.

After that, Rash and I walked in and stood in line right behind our friend.

That was the signal.   The plan was under way.

All of a sudden, Jee started making some loud dry heaving noises…and they just got louder & louder.  People started to turn and look at what was going on.

Before anyone knew it, Jee made this very loud (and quite a long) sound of himself throwing up.  He sounded possessed.  Hollywood would have been proud.

The next thing you know, there was this (very realistic looking) puddle of PUKE on the table.  Jee made an excellent performance and then soon made a quick get-away out the north exit.
(This was a common exit)

Exit – stage left.

People were confused, everyone looked at each other in amazement as if they couldn’t believe what they just witnessed.

But they ain’t seen nothing yet.

Rash and I looked at each other – we were on.

We walked out of line and headed for the booth with the vomit-like substance on the table.  I heard our other friend in line say to himself, “Oh my God.”

Oh my God was right, because the next thing I’m about to tell you actually happened:

Rash and I approached the vomit and started picking the mushrooms out of it and eating it.
Yes.  Eating it.

It was fake of course, but if you didn’t know you would have swore that two crazy idiots were eating chunks of vomit that came from another idiot off the street.

A man had to actually cover the eyes of his two little boys, while looking at us as if to say, “What the hell are you guys doing?”

I heard people gasp.  Our friend, got out of line and left the restaurant.  Rash and I followed.

We walked out with cream of mushroom soup dangling from our chins, making sounds as if we were the undead.

Ah…good times.

[WANT TO READ THE FIRST “Mayhem at the White Castle”?]

The Cucumber

The Cucumber is my most Fascinating Vegetable

Why the Cucumber belongs on the Frontline to your good Health

The cucumber is one of the many vegetables that people just don’t get enough of.

This is a cucumber from my garden.

It’s true. The cucumber is probably the one vegetable that is totally useful – in & OUT of your body! The cucumber not only includes MOST of the important ‘B’ Vitamins, it’s packed with Calcium, Folic Acid, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, potassium & Zinc.

“Cucumbers contain Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 & B6
as well as Vitamin C”

Other useful things you can do with the cucumber, OUTSIDE of your body.

About three months ago, I discovered that cucumber slices can help prevent the fogging of the bathroom mirror when taking a hot shower.

It’s quite amazing! Take a cucumber slice & rub it all over the mirror. The oils that are in the cucumber prevent the mirror from fogging up, & we all know how convenient that can be.

This is about the size of an average cucumber that was grown from my garden.

Another fascinating fact about cucumbers is that
if you have a squeaky hinge, all you have to do is
rub a little cucumber in it and let its natural
oils lubricate it just as if you were spraying a
little WD40 on it.

Like WD40, the oils from a cucumber will not
harm or corrode the metal hinge. But unlike WD40,
the oils from the cucumber is safe for the environment – GO GREEN!

Sliced Cucumbers can Protect your Garden

A popular enemy of the common planting garden are slugs & grubs. These can give even the most experienced gardener a hard time. In fact, these bugs are next to impossible to get rid of without having to rely on harmful chemicals.

But not anymore.

Take a freshly picked cucumber & slice it up. Place the slices of cucumber on a pie tin & place it in the garden. A chemical reaction will begin to happen when the cucumber and the tin come into contact with each other.

Cucumbers can give you a Boost of Energy & help ease a Hangover

Feeling a little groggy in the afternoon? Eat some cucumber slices instead of ingesting all that caffeine from coffee & sodas. Cucumbers have plenty of ‘B’ Vitamins & carbohydrates that are natural pick-me-ups.

People just don’t believe that cucumbers can give them the boost they’re looking for. It may not come as fast as a shot of caffeine, but you can better believe it’s a lot healthier for you.

After a heavy night of drinking, and although there is NO SURE CURE for a hangover, eating a medium-sized cucumber before bed, just may improve your chances of avoiding that terrible hangover and even better – that dreadful headache.

Eating cucumbers will replace essential nutrients the body had lost due to alcohol because of the sugar, ‘B’ Vitamins, and electrolytes cucumbers contain.

Cucumbers as a breath mint?

Order a cucumber slice with your lunch

You can believe it. It’s been proven that there is enough phytochemicals in a cucumber slice that can kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.  Think about the money you’d be saving on “gas stationed priced” breath mints… Most restaurants won’t even charge you for just a slice of a cucumber – good ones anyway.

Cucumbers can help Reduce Stress

Boil a pot of water & add a bunch of sliced cucumbers in it. The nutrients and chemicals that are released in the steam have been proven to reduce stress when dealing with anxiety.


Cucumbers on the Eyes

You remember seeing women on television and in the movies, when you see them laying in lounge chairs, wearing robes and towels on their head…right? Well, this is an actual cure that expensive spas use to treat wrinkles that form around the eyes and has been proven to work – naturally.

It’s not an “over-night cure” by no means, however, you should see results after about 4 weeks by simply placing a sliced cucumber over each eye for at least 45 minutes each night before bed…viola!

This has also been proven to treat cellulite. The huge amount of phytochemicals that each cucumber slice has is outstanding, and works wonders by tightening the outer layer of skin that can erase wrinkles, stretch marks and cellulite.

Cucumbers can Help Fight off Hunger

No more late night snacking that can quickly add the pounds to parts of the body you don’t want to.

Starving yourself on a regular basis is unhealthy both physically & mentally.

Being hungry most of the day can cause severe depression or make an existing condition worse. Eating sliced cucumbers can stop those hunger pings.

Homemade Soup Recipes

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Food and Drink

The (Oldest) Most Original, Easy-to-Make, Homemade Soup Recipes

Homemade Soup Recipes Made Easy

The Reasoning behind “Homemade” in a Homemade Soup Recipe

Homemade soup recipes are becoming quite popular these days.

In fact, the word “homemade” means, made (or prepared) at home. So if you’re buying something in a can or in some other type of packaging, and it says “Homemade” on it, it kind of makes you think…don’t it?

Well, it should.

Homemade soup recipes (for some odd reason), are becoming a Hot commodity. That’s right, search engines all over the World Wide Web are being bombarded with requests and questions about homemade soup recipes.

But what makes a homemade soup recipe truly a homemade soup recipe?

This book is becoming quite popular, even with non-vegetarians

First off, please understand that the word “homemade” can literally be taken as serious as if something were calling itself “organic”.

And that’s not a good thing.

Just because we hear or see the word “homemade”, we’re suppose to automatically think that this particular item is better than usual.

A Beautiful Bowl of Soup: The Best Vegetarian Recipes by Paulette Mitchell

The word “homemade” catches my eye, like it’s suppose to, but I’m not thinking that it’s better.
I see the word “homemade” and I’m thinking “Bullshit!”

Really. I do.

A homemade recipe to me is something different; something maybe even unique, but whatever it is that you do, whether it’s a secret ingredient or even how it’s prepared, it has a special touch that you have added to what would have been considered a basic recipe.

So, what I’m trying to tell you (or BETTER yet – Warn You), is DO NOT get fooled into buying something just because the word “homemade” appears somewhere on it.  Like I said earlier, the word “homemade” means as much to me as the word “organic” (and trust me, that’s a whole other story).

Order the Kindle Edition below, Thank You!

My Personal Tomato Soup Recipe

If you’re wondering if I posted any homemade soup recipes here – I did. However, you’ll have to click here if you’d like to see my personal homemade soup recipe for tomato soup.

You may NOT agree that it is completely homemade, but it’s as homemade as you’re going to get. My homemade tomato soup is made with tomatoes that were actually grown from my garden.

I must say, I’ve made my homemade tomato soup plenty of times, but this was the first time I made it using a vegetable that I grew myself. Honestly, I don’t know if it was the satisfaction that I grew the main ingredient (the tomato) or that it just tasted better than a store-bought. But I swear, this batch I made with my own vegetables brought out a bitter sweetness in a tomato soup that I’ve been obviously missing for over 40 years.

If you grow your own tomatoes, then you MUST try this recipe. I guarantee this will be a household favorite. (Don’t forget the grilled cheese!)

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  • Butter two slices of bread on one side
  • Place slice of bread (butter side down) on a hot pan or other heated flat surface
  • Place a thin slice of cheese on bread
  • Place the other slice of bread on top of cheese butter side up
  • Wait one minute, then carefully flip to the other side
  • The grilled cheese sandwich is done when both sides have turned a delicious golden brown

Homemade Chicken Soup Recipe

Order this metal sign below, Thank You.

Unlike my homemade soup recipe for one of my favorite fruits – the tomato, I don’t have access to a chicken farm. But that’s not going to stop me from calling this chicken soup recipe homemade.

Go to your favorite trusted grocery store and buy TWO whole chickens already split into pieces.

TOTAL: 16 pieces
5 – 14oz Cans of Chicken Broth
1 –Campbell’s Cream of Chicken Soup – 50oz
1 package of carrots, sliced into wedges (cut like a pizza, a signature move – timely, but affective)
1 package of celery, sliced into small pieces
4 onions, chopped
3 packages of egg noodles
Salt, pepper & garlic powder

If you don't have a stock pot, may I suggest the Granite Ware 6139-1 34-Quart Stock Pot, Black

I always made more than enough when it came to soups. I figure with all the work you put into it, it should last for a couple of days…know what I mean?

I always prefered LARGE stock pots, 34 quarts or more, but of course it doesn’t really matter. Just make sure it can hold 16 pieces of chicken.

  1. Boil chicken thoroughly, especially the breasts
  2. Remove chicken, cut into pieces and place back into pot
  3. Place on medium heat and add carrots, celery and onions
  4. Stirring occasionally, allow to slow boil until carrots are soft
  5. Add 2.5 bags of egg noodles (save that half bag for next time!)
  6. Stirring occasionally, cook until noodles are soft
  7. Add salt, pepper and garlic powder (to taste, if at all)

Homemade Vegetable Soup Recipe

If there’s ever a way to make a child eat their vegetables, make some vegetable soup. There’s no doubt in my mind, but I believe it is because of Campbell’s Soup Vegetable that I probably eat my ALL vegetables still today.

I usually decide to make a homemade vegetable soup when the crisper drawer starts looking a bit crowded. But here are the typical ingredients:

1 package of carrots, washed and then cut in half slices
1 entire stalk of celery, cut into small pieces
4 onions, peeled chopped into small pieces
2 green bell peppers, remove seeds and cut into small pieces
6 potatoes, washed and cut into pieces (skin on)
2 large heads of cabbage (cut into pieces)
2.5 large cans of V8 juice (I don’t know, buy 3 and drink half of one)
2 bags of frozen okra
2 bags of frozen corn
2 bags of frozen cauliflower
1 large roast, cut into small pieces

  1. If you’re going to add meat, cook the meat first in stock pot filled with water until done.
  2. Remove meat and try to remove some of the fat out of the water.
  3. Cut the meat into pieces and put back in the water.
  4. Add 1 can of tomato juice and cook for 1.5 hours.
  5. Add carrots, potatoes and onions and cook until carrots are tender.
  6. Add the remaining vegetables and the rest of tomato juice.
  7. Cook until cabbage is almost tender, but still a bit firm.

The Original Homemade Recipe to Cream of Mushroom Soup

Homemade Recipe from Scratch

The Original Homemade Recipe to Cream of Mushroom Soup
Source: Personal Photo

Cream of Mushroom Soup made easy

This is an easy to follow, original recipe to the best  homemade cream of mushroom soup ever!

The Original Homemade Recipe to Cream of Mushroom Soup

This is an easy to follow, original recipe to the best  homemade cream of mushroom soup ever!

Source: Personal Photo

The Mushroom

The Original Homemade Recipe to Cream of Mushroom Soup

The Original Recipe

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

The Original Recipe to Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup from Scratch

*Please Note: This original homemade recipe to cream of mushroom soup is actually a recipe to “mushroom soup made easy” from scratch.

“Never eat Cream of Mushroom Soup from a can again!”

There are approx. 38,000 different varieties of mushrooms in the world.
3,000 of those come from North America.

A Mushroom Biography

The Origin of the Mushroom

Actually, there is “documented proof” that edible mushrooms have been around for only about one thousand years, but it’s known that mushrooms have been around for much longer. Most mushrooms are very poisonous with a mortality rate of 60%, that include symptoms of sudden cold sweats, cramps, diarrhea, confusion, convulsions, and eating toxic mushrooms may even cause severe liver damage.

Never eat a wild mushroom, UNLESS you are an expert in the field. Always purchase your mushrooms from a well known “respected” mushroom distributor.

Although mushrooms can be found all over the world, it was China that first recorded using edible mushrooms. In fact, the Shiitake mushroom is used as a cancer treatment, found mostly in East Asia.

Please, please…PLEASE, rate this recipe!

The Original Homemade Recipe to Cream of Mushroom Soup

Cook Time

Prep time: 20 min
Cook time: 40 min
Ready in: 1 hour
Yields: Makes 6 Hearty Bowls

You may use an egg slicer to slice the mushrooms, or just do it the old fashion way - use a knife, just be careful.

The Original Homemade Recipe to Cream of Mushroom Soup

You may use an egg slicer to slice the mushrooms, or just do it the old fashion way – use a knife, just be careful.

Source: Personal Photo

Original Ingredients for Cream of Mushroom Soup

  • One stick of butter, unsalted
  • 1/4 cup of shallots, chopped
  • 3/4 cup of yellow onions, diced
  • 1 cup of half & half
  • 6 cups of chicken stock
  • 12 tablespoons of flour, heaping TBS
  • 4 cups of button mushrooms, sliced
  • 2 cups of baby bella mushrooms, sliced
  • ground black pepper, to taste

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup made easy from Scratch

The original recipe to the BEST Cream of Mushroom Soup is also “easy-to-follow”

Don’t be discouraged when you’re following this recipe, it’s actually very easy to follow. Other recipes for cream of mushroom soup usually call for a specific product – you won’t find that here.

I guarantee that once you follow this recipe you won’t ever want to eat cream of mushroom soup from a can again.

This is the MOST basic (correct) recipe for cream of mushroom soup you will find on the Internet. Don’t be fooled by other recipes from more popular websites…honest, this is it!

The Original, Homemade Recipe for Cream of Mushroom Soup

Don’t use an aluminium stock pot when sauteing the mushrooms, this will cause the mushrooms to discolor and can quite possibly stain/ruin the stock pot.

Save your Vegetable Scraps for your Compost Pile

When you are cutting your vegetables, don’t throw away useful and valuable nutrients – save those scraps. Save all raw vegetable scraps for your compost pile for future gardens.

Never use an aluminium stock pot to saute mushrooms.

The Original Homemade Recipe to Cream of Mushroom Soup

Never use an aluminium stock pot to saute mushrooms.

Source: Personal Photo

Stock pots are very useful

Imusa Stainless Steel Stock Pot, 20 Quart
Amazon Price: $19.99
Imusa Stainless Steel Stock Pot, 16 Quart
Amazon Price: $14.99

Instructions to make Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

  1. Add a stick of butter into a clean empty stock pot over medium heat & melt butter
  2. Before butter is completely melted, add shalot and yellow onion and mix
  3. Add the mushrooms slowly, letting them them cook somewhat and then adding a little more…then a little more..and then little more… (get it?)
  4. Make sure you’re constantly stirring, don’t want to burn. Lower heat a little if need be.
  5. Whisk together 6 cups of chicken stock & 12 heaping TBS of flour in seperate bowl and add to mushroom & onions in stock pot with one cup of half & half.
  6. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 30 minutes.

The Original Homemade Recipe to Cream of Mushroom Soup
Source: Personal Photo
 James Peters profile image

Secret Recipes Revealed

“Savannah Style” Cheese & Sausage Bread

Beer Boiled Chicken Wings

Beer Boiled Chicken Wing Sauce

The (Oldest) Most Original Meatloaf Recipe

Grandma’s Secret Chicken Stuffed Cabbage

Chicken Mashed Potatoes

I was given an old china buffet when the newly appointed owners had no idea what to do with it. They looked through it for “anything valuable” and said I could “do whatever I wanted with it”.

The Original Meatloaf Recipe

It’s the Oldest Meatloaf Recipe

Who would ever thought that the simplest meatloaf recipe could also be the best meatloaf recipe? This is a great original meatloaf recipe!

When I came across this recipe, I did not know exactly what the recipe was for. It had no title, it had few ingredients & the few ingredients it did have, some didn’t give any kind of measurement.

It wasn’t until a couple of days ago when I took the recipe out to look at it. I did this because the previous two (2) recipes I published were “big hits”. I did this because since I grabbed the attention of so many fans from my TryJimmy Blog to the James Peters HubPage account where the “Chicken Mashed Potatoes Recipe” & the “Beer Boiled Chicken Wings” & the “Beer Boiled Chicken Wing Sauce” to go with it are posted, maybe somebody could fill in the blanks to “The (Oldest) Most Original Meatloaf Recipe” that I posted on my HubPage account.

A Simple Meatloaf Recipe

This is the oldest most original meatloaf recipe you’ll ever come across

For the tastiest meatloaf

You must follow these secret instructions precisely to make the best original meatloaf you have ever had. This is the oldest meatloaf recipe I have ever seen because it is so simple, even the most inexperienced homemaker can get these secret ingredients to the tastiest meatloaf they have ever tasted.


Diet Coke is (probably) giving you Brain Damage!

Diet Coke contains Aspartame

Diet Coke contains aspartame which can cause brain damage. The FDA approved aspartamae in all foods.

Diet Coke contains aspartame which can cause brain damage. The FDA approved aspartamae in all foods.

Aspartame Disease

The FDA approved Aspartame in all Foods

Ever heard of Aspartame Disease? Most of us have never heard of it, and the “suits” who work for the NutraSweet industry are going to try to keep it that way.

In a 1998 Spanish study, it claimed that aspartame can be harmful if taken in large amounts. In fact, the FDA claimed that phenylalanine (an amino acid found in aspartame) can literally cause brain damage. *Did you get that?*

The FDA has approved aspartame in all foods, even though THEY know it causes brain damage. WTF?

However, in a 2002 Japanese study, it claimed that aspartame is completely harmless to humans. This study was probably financed by the NutraSweet industry. I say this because it has been stated on websites that Ralph Walton MD of Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine has determined that EVERY test funded by the NutraSweet industry came back negative for being harmful – every test! Now when a privately funded test was performed, 92% of the tests came back saying “that there was something wrong”.

That means, only 8% of privately funded testing said that aspartame was tolerable for human consumption – 92% say it’s harmful

1 in 15,000 people may not metabolize
phenylalanine properly, which can cause
brain damage.

Diet Coke contains Aspartame

Coca-Cola has been using aspartame to sweeten their diet beverages (unless advertised differently) since 1983, two years after the FDA approved aspartame in dry foods. Then, all of sudden in 1996, with the FDA STILL knowing that aspartame can cause brain damage, they approved it for ALL foods.

RC Cola uses Splenda with their soft drink products.

The FDA, the Coca-Cola Company and the NutraSweet industry know that Diet Coke is damaging your brains by causing depression and bipolar ‘like’ symptoms in their loyal customers.

So, have a Coke and a smile!

Why can’t you fall asleep?

That’s the first thing you should be asking yourself.

If you’ve not gone to a doctor yet, you should make an appointment as soon as you can. If you have already seen a doctor and they have cleared you of ANY type of sleeping disorder, this article is intended for you.

It’s just that there are many other factors that can simply stop you from getting your deserved sleep. Unfortunately, this is something that you are fully responsible for.

I am talking about bad habits.
You know who you are.

Bad habits like

Forget about the past, just for the night.

  • – thinking about bills, all those debts you accumulated, work problems, bad health
  • – remembering all the bad shit that happened to them in the past – even in distant past
  • – getting into bed thinking that you’re NEVER going to fall asleep – that you’re going to have “one of those nights again”
  • – going to bed all jacked up on stress and energy

Here’s your morning drill:
You wake up totally exhausted, dreading to face the day. All you can think about is just getting through the day so you can just come home and relax. You think about coming home after putting in a days work and jumping into the shower and getting into your pajamas. It won’t matter if it’s only 7pm, because tonight is the night that you’re going to get a FULL nights sleep.

But it doesn’t ever seem to go that way – does it?

Things change – people call – drink specials happen

Pay attention, this is important! If this is an ongoing thing with you, you may want to chill on your night life entertainment. I know people who party all night long, make it to work the next morning (looking rough; smelling like booze) hating life all day long. But as soon as 5pm hits, they’re back at the pub throwing back shots, loving life all night long.

If this best describes you – you’re a fucking alcoholic.

Taking Medication

Sleeping pills prescribed by your doctor is a step that should be taken only if the methods here “on how to fall asleep” do not work. You should use pills only when necessary. Ask your doctor if there are any natural pills that can have the same/similar effect. If your doctor does prescribed medicated sleeping pills, that doesn’t mean you have to take them every night – yeah, right. I feel that sleeping pills can ruin your chance to EVER get a full nights sleep. Even if those pills help you fall asleep faster and longer, you will be soon become addicted and you will be forced to take them every night – for the rest of your life.

In some cases, sleeping pills can create such an addiction that if the person wanted to take an afternoon nap, they would have to take a sleeping pill in a simple case like this.
Just continue reading this whole article and learn how to fall asleep naturally. It’s your best chance from becoming a pill popping druggie.

Sleeping pills may even lead to crack – I don’t know, that’s just what I heard from this guy standing on State Line.
On the Cal City side, of course.

Seriously though, if you need to take sleeping pills, your shit might be fucked up for real. In that case, follow your doctors orders and the prescription to the letter. You’ll soon learn how to how to sleep without them – I promise.

Alright, here it is -7 ways on how to fall asleep

1. Just fall asleep.

Yes. It’s that simple. Don’t over think it, just close your eyes and do it.

Just think how good you’re going to feel tomorrow morning!

2. Avoid the simplest of distractions.

Don’t leave the TV on or listen to music. No matter how much you tell yourself that you can’t sleep without these things – just think about where you are right now. That’s right…reading an article on how to fall asleep, knucklehead.

3. Read a good book.

The trick about this is to start reading a book before you go to bed. You don’t want to be laying there reading an entire book, like Charity Parkerson’s The Danger from Within, Regina Puckett’s What the Heart Knows or Amber Norrgard’s 4 a.m. A Collection. Reading books like that will keep you up ALL NIGHT. It’s best to start in the living room or somewhere like that, that way it’s in the back of your mind that you will have to stop and go to bed.

4. Have sex!

My favorite! What’s cool about this is that you can include someone else if you want.
Having fun yet?

5. Avoid caffeine and sweets.

Chill out on the coffee, soda and candy. You’ll feel all that crap at night. Besides, too much caffeine is  harmful for your health anyway. If you can’t cut out the coffee, at least cut it out late in the afternoon.

6. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol before going to bed.

It may seem that the alcohol is giving you a good nights sleep – but it isn’t. Ask yourself if you slept well on a Wednesday morning after a night of drinking on a Taco Tuesday at Flat Rock Tap.

7.Turn the lights off.

If you need to sleep with a night-light because you’re scared, I will slap the shit out of you. There is no reason why a grown ass adult needs a night-light because they’re scared.

In fact, I’m done with this. Good night.

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