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Here’s a TOP LIST of my favorite female lead roles in MOVIES/FILMS. I made this list on a whim, so it’s NOT in any specific order, other than when the name of the movie/film came to me. I know I may have missed some good ones, so go ahead and leave a comment… thanks!




 1. ELLE WOODS – Reese Witherspoon – LEGALLY BLONDE (2001)

Does she have what it takes to make it as a lawyer? Well, first she has to complete Harvard Law School before anything. However, is she doing it for herself, or is she just trying to prove to her flaky ex-boyfriend that she’s more like a “Jackie” and less like a “Marilyn”. Wait a minute, she can be both!

 2. LAURIE STRODE – Jamie Lee Curtis – HALLOWEEN (1978)

fighting off one of the most horrific slashers of all time isn’t easy. The problem only gets worse when the bad guy just won’t stay the hell down! With the help of a doctor armed with a pistol our hero escapes certain death, however, her sex crazed friends didn’t come out as lucky.

 3. TORRANCE SHIPMAN – Kristin Duntz – BRING IT ON (2000)

Your average cheerleading squad runs into a serious problem. It seems that their cheers aren’t exactly what their cracked up to be – and by that, I mean ORIGINAL! Now, the new cheerleader captain has to come up with a new cheer, unfortunately a cinemagraphic conartist she hired has been teaching this same cheer to EVERYONE!

 4. DIANE WESTON – Marley Shelton – SUGAR & SPICE (2001)

This is one of my favorite movies. I totally dig the idea that a squad of cheerleaders are going around robbing banks for what they believe is for a greater good. It’s funny because all our lives we’re told that with the right amount of determination, a strong will and careful planning you can accomplish anything – these guys just take it up to a notch.

 5. “THE BRIDE” – Uma Thurman – KILL BILL – VOL I & II (2003-2004)

The UNNAMED hero gets her revenge. She may not be a positive role model (to some) but you have to admit…revenge is best served cold! There’s no stopping this pissed-off bride when she’s using her martial-arts skills against the very team of assasins that turned against her.


Is she the worst or the best babysitter ever? You decide. Just don’t let the parents find out. She surely has placed herself and the kids in one hot mess into another. With gangsters, car thieves, and insane tow-truck drivers it’s a wonder nobody ends up in the hospital…. er, wait – oh yeah, someone does end up in the hospital.

 7. ERIN BROKOVICH – Julia Roberts – ERIN BROKOVICH (2000)

A true story that will inspire you to stand up for yourself no matter what obstacles lay before you. Stick to your guns and dig for the truth and use every available resource you can find, even if it’s your kick-ass body.

 8. JORDAN O’NEILL – Demi Moore – G.I. JANE (1997)

Talk about “tough chics” this movie probably has one of the toughest as they come. Her determination and will is by far stronger than the normal man, but then again… she’s not a man – or normal for that matter. It’s a movie well worth seeing and will question every man’s manhood.

 9. KATNISS EVERDEEN – Jennifer Lawerence – THE HUNGER GAMES (2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015)

It’s amazing what the girl-next-door can actually do. When things get tough, she gets things done her way whether the authorities approve of it or not. In the end, someone has to pay for the deciet.

10. AEON FLUX – Charlise Theron –  ÆON FLUX(2005)

She’s against her government, but it’s hard to defeat a government when its fighting within itself. No matter the difficulty, our hero must face the fact that things are not what they seem… well, at least not this time around.

11. “ELLEN” – Sharon Stone – THE QUICK AND THE DEAD (1995)

A western that reminds of the old “spaghetti” westerns back in the 60’s. Little girls never forget their daddy’s killer. As the years go by, the haterd goes stronger, but so does her handeling of a six-shooter. It’s an open invite to the most deadly quick-draw contest in the state, the perfect setting for a killing… but she’s not alone. The town is full of murderers.

12. “LOLA” – Franka Potente – RUN LOLA RUN (1998)

It’s totally, TOTALLY intense about 75% of the time. Prepare yourself for a number of scenerios when Lola tries her best to help her boyfriend who is in dire need of some serious cash. Can Lola make things right? Only if she does everything absolutely perfect. And I do mean PERFECT! This very well could have been my favorite of all-time, but reading the subtitles and trying to watch the action could sometimes be difficult.


Have you really thought about it? Sheriff Will Teasle or John J. Rambo…who’s the real villain?

Is Sheriff Will Teasle really a Villain?

Think about it for a minute.
Here’s a guy about in his mid-upper 50’s who has obviously built a successful career as sheriff in Hope, Washington – USA.  It’s a quiet little town & according to Sheriff Teasle it’s downright boring – and he gets paid to keep it that way.

Sheriff Teasle notices a man walking down the towns highway and decides to check it out.
Nothing wrong with that, he’s doing his job.  Teasle rolls up and greets the man with a “Good morning”, the man reluctantly nods back.  Teasle then asks the man if he’s visiting someone in town.  The man says “No”.

Now this is where some people say things start to brew.

Teasle then points out that the type of coat he was wearing (military issued) with an American flag sewn over the right chest pocket & looking the way he did (long hair, unshaven) was asking for trouble.  Sheriff Teasle didn’t say that HE had a problem with it, just that other people might.

If people in Hope, Washington have a problem with ANYBODY wearing an Army coat with an American flag sewn on it, that sounds to me like they have an issue with their country.  But hey, Sheriff Teasle is obviously aware that Hope, Washington has got their share of anti-Americans and he just wants to make sure that this stranger travels through safely.  He even offers to drive the man to the towns border.  What a nice guy.

The man told Sheriff Teasle that he was headed North, but then later told Teasle that he was headed for Portland, Oregon – which is South.

Is Sheriff Teasle suspicious?  He doesn’t seem to be.
He seems to be giving the guy the benefit of the doubt.

During the car ride, the stranger asks if there’s someplace where he could get something to eat.  Sheriff Teasle suggests a diner that’s approximately 30 miles up the highway.

The man then asks the sheriff if there was a law that prohibited him from getting something to eat in town…

Sheriff Teasle informs him that there was.


Shit goes South for Sheriff Teasle

When Teasle drops the man off at the towns border he offers the man a bit of advice.  He tells him that if he got a haircut and took a bath people wouldn’t hassle him so much.

That sounds like good advice.
n fact, Sheriff Teasle even asked another person earlier that morning if they were going to take a bath.

Before Sheriff Teasle drives away, he tells the man to have a nice day and hopes that the ride helped him out.

As Teasle is driving, he notices that the man has turned around and is heading back into town.  Teasle turns around, stops him and asks him for identification.  The man refuses, resists & gets himself arrested – as he should and is charged with vagrancy, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon.

The man was later identified as John J. Rambo.

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When Rambo was arrested and brought into custody, Sheriff Teasle instructed Sgt. Art Galt to “clean up” Rambo because he smelled like an animal.

Needless to say, Sgt. Art Galt was less than friendly when dealing with Rambo because of Rambo’s lack of respect for the law.  He was uncooperative, aggressive and showed signs of paranoid schizophrenia.

After repeated warnings, Rambo remained being a regular “pain-in-the-ass”.

Rambo eventually escaped and eluded authorities and lead them into a dense part of the forest along the mountainside.

Sgt. Art Galt fell to his death from a helicopter when Rambo throughs a rock and hits the windshield, this caused the pilot to lose control, causing Galt to lose his balance.

MOVIE FACT: Sgt. Art Galt was the only fatality throughout the entire film.

The National Guard was called in to apprehend Rambo.  This outfit was lead by Lieutenant Clinton Morgan.  The National Guard chased Rambo in an abandoned mine.  After a brief gun battle, Lieutenant Clinton Morgan gave the order to use a rocket launcher against Rambo.  This caused the entrance way to the mine to collapse and Rambo was thought to have perished.

Sheriff Teasle then instructed Lieutenant Clinton Morgan to recover Rambo’s body.

I have long admired the movie Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford & Rutger Hauer. It’s considered a classic to some of the most highly accredited film critics across the globe. Not only is this an awesome sci-fi movie, it also has a bit of mystery to it. Now you’re going to have to have seen the movie to understand what I’m talking about, so if you haven’t seen it – this article isn’t going to do you any good (unless you’re just THAT curious).

WARNING: Reading this article WILL ruin the movie for you if you haven't seen it.

If you haven’t seen the movie Blade Runner in quite some time, you may want to go and see it again to “brush up” a bit., but then again, you may not. Other great stars such as Daryl Hannah, Edward James Olmos, Sean Young, M. Emmet Walsh, Joanna Cassidy & Brion James also star in the movie Blade Runner.

This Nexus 6 Generation model (Pris) was activated on February 14, 2016

This Nexus 6 Generation model (Pris) was activated on February 14, 2016

I got the idea to write this article because I noticed the date on Daryl Hannah’s character (Pris). Pris is a “replicant” in the movie Blade Runner and was activated on the same date as my sister’s birthday – but in the year 2016 – February the fourteenth (14th).


The one & only MOST popular question that’s asked about in the movie Blade Runner

Was the character Rick Deckard in the movie Blade Runner a “replicant”?

I believe he was, however, if he wasn’t a replicant I believe we were meant to think so.

The futuristic company known as the Tyrell Corporation began genetically engineering humanoids – “advancing Robot evolution” into a phase known as the Nexus Phase. These beings that were created by the Tyrell Corporation were far superior in strength and agility, but were equal in intelligence.

These humanoid beings were known as “Replicants“.

When the replicant models known as the Nexus 6 were created, these models were only given a four (4) year life span.  This was required because these particular models were NOT suppose to have any emotions but were somehow developing their own emotions on their own.

Replicants were used for slave labor in hazardous conditions to colonize other worlds. But because of a bloody mutiny by a Nexus 6 combat team on an Off-world colony ALL replicants were declared illegal on Earth. Any Nexus 6 Generation model caught here on Earth will be shot on sight. Special police squads called Blade Runner Units were to track down and kill any Nexus 6 Generation model detected on Earth.

When these Nexus 6 Generation models were killed it wasn’t called an “execution“, it was called “retirement“.

Here’s where I begin to Assume

During this “Nexus Phase”, the Nexus 6 Generation model were created almost-immediately after five (5) other models were  created. The Tyrell Corporation were pumping out Nexus models, one right after the other. Each one better than the one before it.

But then came the Nexus 6 Generation model. They were perfect. However, were they made TOO perfect? The engineers who designed and made them thought so. So to ensure that humans will always remain supreme over replicants, a fail safe design was installed. A four (4) year life span for ALL Nexus 6 Generation model replicants – that’s it, no more.

Since these replicants are superior in strength and agility, why send a human to track down and retire these replicants?
Send a replicant after a replicant.
Send the Nexus 5 model.

Rick Deckard, I believe, is a Nexus 5 Generation model. He was part of the police squad’s Blade Runner Units. In fact, I believe ALL members of Blade Runner Units are replicants – and each one is filed & monitored.
Deckard was able to quit the Blade Runner Units (the movie doesn’t go into detail about this), even though he seems to be the best Blade Runner Captain Bryant has ever seen. Bryant even describes Deckard as a “one-man slaughterhouse”.

I believe…

Replicants absolutely yearn to be human and will go to great lengths to act and pass as human – especially to other humans. Nothing pleases a replicant more than to be mistaken as a human or to be favored over other replicants by a human. Human males rarely accepted replicant males as men.
If replicants weren’t cops, they were considered as “little people“.

Replicants don’t need to eat or drink and can’t be addicted to chemicals such as tobacco, drugs or alcohol and are immune to their effects.
Humans know this and so when replicants go and order food, they are limited to the amount they are allowed to order.

REMEMBER: Deckard tried ordering four (4) egg-rolls, but the server would only allow him two (2).

Replicants are given only one (1) name…but wait, if Deckard is a replicant, how is he able to have a first and last name?
GOOD QUESTION: All I can say is that nowhere in the movie do I hear or see the name “Rick Deckard“. I’ve watched this movie (literally) over 50 times (and counting) and NEVER have I heard the name “Rick Deckard“. Check for yourself. I only found out that Deckard’s first name was Rick just by researching through the Internet.
* What about Leon Kowalski? How does he get a first and last name?
EASY QUESTION: The Nexus 6 Generation model “LEON” replicant tried blending in with humans by working in the sanitation department at the Tyrell Corporation in order to get closer to Dr. Eldon Tyrell. In order to do so, he must have a last name. So he gave himself one.
* What about Roy Batty?

BATTY (Roy) - In the movie Blade Runner

BATTY (Roy) – In the movie Blade Runner

TRICKY QUESTION: The Nexus 6 Generation model “BATTY” (Roy) replicant is called “Roy” throughout the movie. All I can say is that this Nexus 6 Generation model was created specifically for combat and was probably given a first name to identify its individuality. Probably because it was made leader of other combat replicants.
I believe the “BATTY” identifies and confirms that these Nexus 6 Generation models are used for battle (and/or other hazardous conditions) instead of risking the lives of humans.

Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Dr. Eldon Tyrell


CEO of the Tyrell Corporation

Founder of the Tyrell Corporation and lead designer/engineer of the Nexus Generation models.

In order to control the replicants better, Dr. Eldon Tyrell had memories installed in an experimental Nexus 6 Generation model called “Rachael“.

Rachael had no idea that it was a replicant because of the memories that were installed into Rachael’s mind that originally came from Dr. Eldon Tyrell’s niece.

The only Nexus 6 Generation model that DID NOT know it was a replicant because of the memories that were installed in it by Dr. Eldon Tyrell

The Nexus 6 Generation model that didn’t know what it was (because memories were installed in it by Dr. Eldon Tyrell) was the replicant Rachael.


Personal Secretary to Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Rick Deckard is to Retire 5 Replicants

Six Nexus 6 Generation Model Replicants (3 male; 3 female) Slaughter 23 People and Jumped a Shuttle

The six Nexus 6 Generation models tried breaking into the Tyrell Corporation. They were unsuccessful and one was killed running through an electrical field. The rest escaped.

So, remember…six replicants escaped, but one was killed – that leaves five left…right?

I’ll continue.

So the list is as followed:

  • (Roy) BATTY
  • LEON
  • PRIS

That’s FOUR…not FIVE. But that’s all the Nexus 6 Generation models that Deckard was shown by Bryant.

Captain Bryant - Head of the Blade Runner Unit

Captain Bryant – Head of the Blade Runner Unit

Six try to break into the Tyrell Corporation – One is killed – Five escape – Deckard is shown a list of only four (4) replicants

To confirm this, after Deckard kills Zhora, Bryant tells Deckard that he has four (4) to go, but Deckard corrects him and says “Three…there’s three to go!”

He says this because Deckard was only shown FOUR (4) replicants when he was briefed by Bryant.

Even though Bryant originally tells Deckard that SIX replicants escaped, ONE got fried running through an electrical field and the remaining FIVE escaped, but the list only contained FOUR replicants.

Both Leon & Rachael witnessed Deckard retiring Zhora on the street

Both Leon & Rachael witnessed Deckard retiring Zhora on the street.

The Killing of Zhora

When Deckard tracks down the Nexus 6 Generation model “ZHORA”, both the replicants Leon and Rachael witness Deckard “retiring” her on the street.

This is how Leon discovers that Deckard is tracking them down and then tries to kill him. Rachael, who was starting to suspect that she was a replicant, decides to meet up with Deckard after declining his offer to meet him at Taffey Lewis’s club. She sees that Leon is moments away from killing Deckard so she shoots him in the head.

Although it's been said that this shot was an accident, if you notice Deckard's eyes, he looks like a replicant.

Although it’s been said that this shot was an accident, if you notice Deckard’s eyes, he looks like a replicant.

Rachael asks Deckard that if she were to take off and go north…would he come looking for her?

Deckard said that he wouldn’t – but that  somebody would.

It is in this scene that you notice Deckard’s and Rachael’s eyes look somewhat similar, indicating that both are replicants.
However, reports have stated that this was done unintentional…yeah right.

Other Signs that show me that Deckard is a Replicant
  1. When Bryant tells Deckard that Nexus 6’s have a four (4) year life span – he snickers and Bryant notices that it pleases Deckard.
  2. When Taffey Lewis tells his bartender Louie to give Deckard a FREE DRINK on the house because  “the MAN looks dry”, this pleases Deckard enough to stop harassing Taffey to see if his license is in order.
  3. When the job is over, Gaff tells Deckard that he did a MAN’s job.

Rest in Peace - Adam Yauch

Rest in peace, the Beastie Boys will never be the same.

Thinking of you, Scott Ryan

Today I thought of an old friend, because of the passing of Beastie Boy member Adam Yauch and I say old friend because I knew him and his family practically all my life.

I also say old friend because I haven’t seen him for a very long time.

And I also say old friend, because even though he may not be with us physically, his spirit lives in all of us.

I miss you Scotty.

I remember when I was introduced to the Beastie Boys – it was Scotty Ryan. He called me up and told me to come over to do “whatever it was”…so I did. I walked that dreaded train track that followed along Lyman Avenue to Scotty’s house from 165th Street so many times by then I knew exactly how many steps it took to get there.

(a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point)

When I got to his house he immediately took me to his room so I could hear this new rap band. What was so weird about this was that they were ALL WHITE. There were other white rap groups – but they sucked.

(even Kid Rock was known then, but he REALLY sucked – remember “Yodelin’ in the Valley”?)

The Beastie Boys were different. What made them different was that they were actually good. They rocked. Yeah, we know that RUN DMC helped them BIG time, wrote some of their BIGGEST hits…so what?

They pulled it off.

Plus, RUN DMC saw something in these guys, that’s why they staked their reputation on them. RUN DMC is a rap group that pioneered the way for A LOT of black rap artists and for them to put up three white dudes from New York…something’s up.

Anyway, Scotty put the cassette in his “boom box” that was underneath his bedroom window that faced the driveway and blared away.

The first thing I heard from the Beastie Boys was… “No sleep ’till… (nah nah – na naah…) …Brooklyn!”

(I fell instantly in love and was going to base my entire life around their philosphy…not one of my better  judgements)

I looked at Scott and we started laughing, Scott was laughing so hard he accidentally drooled on the inside of cassette case.

I remember him saying, “Aw, man,” looking down at the cassette as he used the bottom of his shirt to wipe it up. He looks at me…looking at me in a way to see if I saw him drool on his shit – I did.

He walked past me, with that infamous grin on his face, “That sucked, ” I heard him say.

E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

I took a picture with a wood carving similar looking to the E.T. character in the movie E.T. the Extra Terrestrial


The Extra-Terrestrial

Elliot, a withdrawn little boy discovers something mysterious in his backyard tool shed. He tells his family and friends, but they don’t believe him. However, they do go out with knives and flashlights – clearly out of mockery to help solve Elliot’s mystery, but there’s nothing to be found. Elliot is ridiculed and made fun of, alienating him even further.

It seems earlier that night, an unidentified flying saucer (U.F.O.) landed on Earth in which aliens aboard were sent out to collect samples from a forest close to the quiet neighborhood where Elliot and his family reside. During their visit, a certain alien wandered a little too far away from the ship, in fact, the alien wandered so far that when humans came to intercept their venture, the ship had to immediately take off to avoid capture – leaving one of their own behind. The stranded alien was being pursued by the persistent humans and was eventually chased out from the forest into the nearby suburbs and hid in a backyard tool shed.

Elliot knew that there was something in the tool shed; he literally came face-to-face with it. So the next night, Elliot decided to sleep in a lawn chair with his sleeping bag and a flashlight, hoping to see again what he saw the night before and sure enough…it had returned.

Elliot, not knowing for sure what he had encountered, lured the strange creature into his house with Reese’s Pieces candies, making a trail for the obvious intelligent, but very mysterious being to follow. Elliot made the candy trail all the way to his bedroom closet where he would keep it until morning; that’s when he’ll figure out what to do with it.

The next morning isn’t going to be easy, first Elliot is going to have to convince his mother that he is not well enough to go to school. Elliot tricks his mother into believing that he is running a fever. He did this by placing the thermometer next to a heated lit desk lamp light bulb. After fooling his mother, Elliot went and retrieved his new finding and soon discovered that it was an extra-terrestrial, and for that, Elliot named the alien E.T.

E.T. and Elliot had a hard time communicating at first, but that all changed when the two of them developed some kind of bond telepathically– they each knew what the other one knew and felt. Elliot understood that E.T. was left here on Earth accidentally and was three million light years away from his home planet.

Elliot was going to help E.T. return to his home world, so when E.T. created some sort of “homemade communication device”, Elliot helped him set it up in the forest. Elliot stood out all night with E.T. in hopes to reach his own species and even fell asleep, but the next morning when Elliot awoke; E.T. was nowhere to be found. Elliot searched for E.T. but could not find him and eventually returned home without him. Elliot’s mother was worried all night long after realizing that Elliot hadn’t returned home and that morning was filing a Missing Persons Report with the local law enforcement when Elliot strolled in. Elliot wasn’t looking well and didn’t have the strength to continue searching for E.T., which is why he had to come home. He told his brother Michael that E.T. was still in the forest; probably lost, and to go find him and bring him back home.

Michael went into the forest and found the homemade communication device that E.T. had been constructing but found no E.T. Michael went further into the forest where he happened to spot E.T and was looking a bit pale and sickly and was lying practically face down in a river. Michael quickly came to E.T.’s aid and at the same time noticing the helicopters that were circling above and who were obviously searching for the alien life form also.

When Michael brought E.T. back to the house, he laid him down next to Elliot in the bathroom. Elliot’s younger sister Gertie watched over them until Michael returned with their mother. She was instantly frightened and gathered her children to leave the house but before she stepped foot out the door, the government had already surrounded the home. The helicopters must have followed Michael from the forest river when he saved E.T. and brought him back to the house. They found the homemade communication device that E.T. had built.

E.T. had to sever the bond he had telepathically with Elliot because he was about to die. Since the two of them were bonded so tightly with one another, if either one of them were to die the other would surely die also. When the bond was finally broken between the two of them, Elliot miraculously recovered while E.T. fell medically worse and eventually died.

When the government was about to seal up and haul away E.T.’s body for further studies, Elliot discovered that E.T. had resurrected from the dead and a ship was on its way to take him home. So Elliot and Michael carjacked a van with E.T. and met up with a few friends from the neighborhood. From there they rode their bikes through the neighborhood, avoiding government capture who were right on their heels and slowly catching up to them.

It wasn’t until the last-minute, when the government had surely had them; E.T. used some sort of telekinesis and lifted his entire rescue party out of harm’s way and safely into the air. They flew to the spot where E.T. was supposed to get picked up.

When the ship arrived, it was an emotional good-bye between the new-found friends. Michael, the few friends, the mother and a government agent watched as E.T. boarded his ship and slowly lift off into space.