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This is a revised Hub I wrote several years ago. It took awhile but the Hub eventually picked up momentum & made quite an impact on its popularity (positive & negative). It was written for entertainment purposes only, but – uh, that didn’t mean it wasn’t tested. Does it work or doesn’t it…? You decide.

Homemade Banana Gum

Psychedelic; LSD Effects
It Originated in Northwest Indiana

In the 1990’s there was rumor going around in Northwest Indiana (Lake, Porter, LaPorte, Newton & Jasper counties) about this “banana gum”. And no, it’s not a name brand banana flavored product you buy at a store. This banana gum is special. Really special. In fact, it’s so special that it’s been known to cause psychedelic/LSD effects on those who are daring enough to actually chew it.

Trust me, from experience, you DO NOT want to try this.

Banana Gum Has Never Been Officially Tested

Nobody Really Knows

Since there hasn’t been any official study on banana gum, the actual organic reaction to why it gives off a psychedelic/LSD affect is still a mystery. Like most scientific experiments, the process of making homemade banana gum must be handled with extreme care & delicacy.



Banana Gum Incubation Timetable

Incubation Time
Affect on Brain
Before 2 weeks
no effect
2 weeks – 3 weeks
normal effect
4 weeks – 7 weeks
advanced effect
hallucinations/possible insanity(?)
8 weeks – 12 weeks
abnormal effect
Longer than 3 months
unnatural effect

The Banana Gum Process

It’d probably be best to use latex gloves but not necessary. Before the following steps are to be taken, a well  chewed piece of gum is needed. Any type of gum will do, but gum that’s recommended by the American Dental Association is said to work best.

Dentist gum

Dentist recommended gum works best

  1. Get a banana. The greener the better (but not too green)
  2. Peel/slice the banana open, carefully & slowly remove the banana without damaging the “insane vein”. Insane Vein
  3. Take the chewed piece of gum (preferably your own) and gently…AND I CAN’T EXPRESS THIS ENOUGHgently & carefully fold it around what is called the “insane vein”. Form the gum before if you have to – just don’t fold the gum over itself.
  4. Now carefully place the banana back in its peel.
    NOTE: The less it takes to peel the banana & remove it the better.
    Try not to break the banana, if it does it’s okay, just place the piece(s) back together.
  5. Wrap the banana in aluminium foil covering it completely. Don’t spare the foil!
  6. Hang the banana at least 18″ from its stem someplace dark. Absolutely no sunlight.
  7. Please follow the INCUBATION TIME TABLE listed above exactly.

Banana Gum Stories

The Man on the Other Side of the Park

YEAR: 1994
LOCATION: Harrison Park, Hammond, IN

Under the influence of this so-called “banana gum” I decided to take an evening stroll through the park. I’m pretty sure there’s a city ordinance about being at a park after dusk, but I didn’t care. I had this urge to leave; be somewhere else, so I decided the park would be the best place.

Fortunately, the local law enforcement was never involved throughout this entire ordeal. I was lucky too because I decided to hang out near this huge, orange monument near the corner of Hohman Avenue – a common route used by the Hammond police. Not only is this monument huge, but it’s bright orange…hello? To describe it without pictures, it’s like some sort of a giant head, but done in an an abstract/artsy way. It actually looks pretty cool.

So, anyway, here I am sitting on the ledge that surrounds this huge, orange head, and somehow, I notice a person like on the other side of the park. I kept looking and though he was very, very, very far away I could see this person standing there. Was this the affects of banana gum? Super sight?

I just sat on that ledge and stared. I didn’t even move. I even slowed my breathing. I knew that it person because I noticed sometimes they would move They would move like they were about to walk away, but then decide to stay where they were at. I squinted my eyes to see if I could get a better view. By doing so, after awhile, I noticed that they checked their watch. Well, at least it was a movement that what looked like to me someone checking their watch. It was then that I thought for sure that it was man – definitely.

I watched this man what seemed like a half hour before I realized that it started to look as though he was looking back at me. After all this time, this guy finally noticed me sitting way over here – on the other side of the park. I have to admit I was a bit startled.

I sat up when I noticed that he was starting to walk towards me. He was walking to me as if he knew me. You know that walk I’m talking about…? When somebody sees you from like the other side of a large room; like an auditorium?

Oh well.

So, anyway, this guy has this certain walk to him. Now, my first reaction was to get the hell up and go home. But before I did so, the closer he got to me I began to notice that he was smiling. Was he smiling because he knew me and was surprise to see me hanging out by the huge, orange head? Or was he just a smiling stranger that was about to come over and “shoot-the-shit” with me? Now I couldn’t tell if this guy was black, white, whatever, but I could tell that he was smiling.
I know.

I decided to stick it out and wait for this guy to come over. It took awhile – like I said, he was on the other side of the park. Meanwhile, all kinds of things were going through my banana gum infested brain. My safety being number one.


He was getting closer now. I could make out that he was a white guy. He was wearing a dark suit with a white shirt & tie and dark pants. He still had that walk to him though. It reminded me of a salesperson if that helps at all with the description. It was driving me crazy.


We were in speaking distance now. Who’s gonna speak first?
It was me.

This was a common greeting that was said between Generation X er’s.

“Hey. What’s going on?” he answered.

“Not much.”

He jumped on the ledge a few feet away from me. I wasn’t looking at him but I could still see him in my side vision. I forgot what that’s called – it’s on the tip of my tongue.
Forget it.

Then there was silence. You could only hear the traffic from Hohman Avenue. I took a glance at the traffic (opposite direction from where he was sitting) and I started to feel a bit awkward. It’s been like a minute or two and we haven’t said anything to each other. I tried to think of something…anything to say, but nothing. But then I heard what sounded like as if he was sliding off the ledge. I quickly turned toward him, but he was gone.

No shit.

I. Freaked. Out.
I went straight home and stayed there promising to never try banana gum again.

I should also mention that I’m not very good with keeping promises with myself.

Until next time,
James Timothy Peters





According to the Year of 1967

The Story of Steve Rogers

If you didn’t know, but Steve Rogers is Captain America‘s real name. Captain America Logo-002I’m not sure if it’s suppose to be a secret identity, but let’s just say it’s suppose to be for “secret identity” names sake.

Anyway, during World War II, the United States was in war with Germany. In doing so, the United States Army came up with a super serum that could turn any ordinary man into an ultimate fighting machine.

This super serum was created by the brilliant mind of Dr. Abraham Erskine. Unfortunately, Dr. Erskine was supposedly the only scientist who knew how to create this super serum. How typical of the US Army, ain’t it?

Many Volunteered; One Chosen

The United States were asking healthy American men to volunteer to join the service. The Army, however, were looking for certain volunteers Participants-001to try their super serum.

It took the US Army months to find the perfect volunteer to try their super serum. Not only had he be a willing volunteer, he had to qualify as a “4-F” to try their super serum.

“4-F” means that the United States Army rejected you because they feel you really, really suck as a human male.

The Introduction of Steve Rogers

So from all the “4-F” subjects that were considered, (and I’m guessing there were quite a lot of them) it was Steve Rogers you sucked the most. Steve was puny, weak, small Steve Rogers-0024 Weaklingprobably sucked even more than what they were looking for. Somehow, Steve impressed the Army and so they chose him to be the first of millions to try this super serum.

Dr. Abraham Erskine was the only other individual in the same room with Steve Rogers when he tried the super serum. The rest of the United States Army officials stayed safely behind bullet proof glass.

Doctor Witnessess Transformation -001

It was painful for Dr. Erskine to watch Steve Rogers transform into an ultimate fighting machine

Meanwhile, Germany had other plans. They secretly infiltrated the United States, sent spies to destroy, what the United States code named “The Great Experiment”.

Steve Rogers-003 Transformed

Transformed into Captain America



Dr. Erskine gave the super serum to Steve Rogers and watched as he drank it and slowly transformed into an ultimate fighting machine. It was painful for Steve to transform into a man nearly three times his original size. Dr. Erskine trying to comfort him, assured him that the process was almost over .

Steve Rogers-001

The Ultimate Fighting Machine

In a matter of moments, but seemed like an eternity to Steve Rogers, the super serum proved to be successful and was ready for mass production.

Steve Rogers was suppose to be the first of millions of willing volunteers but a German spy found the secret laboratory where The Great Experiment was being conducted and entered the lab room unannounced and fully armed.Assassin-002

Without anytime to react and being new to his new super ability, Steve Rogers was unable to react before the German spy was able to quickly enter the room. As soon as the door opened, the German spy began to blast away at Steve Rogers, Dr. Abraham Erskine and trying to destroy The Great Experiment in the process. In doing so, the German spy killed Dr. Erskine, the only person who knew how to create the super serum and also severely damaged The Great Experiment.


A Revengeful Steve Rogers

Out of pure fury, Steve Rogers went after the German assassin. Suicide-001However, knowing that he was no match to the United States only ultimate fighting machine, he chose suicide by throwing himself into The Great Experiment, which was ready to explode supposedly due to the heavy gunfire.

Yes, suicide.
Cartoons didn’t mess around back in 1967. Not too sure if that would pass nowadays…know what I mean?

Captain America is Born

And that’s how Steve Rogers became Captain America according to the year of 1967.

Captain America-001

Steve Rogers is Captain America

Captain America Logo-001