The Missing Plane from Malaysia Airlines

Posted: March 8, 2014 in News, True to Life
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Malaysia Airlines Missing Plane

Malaysia Airlines lost contact with their plane at 2:40 am Saturday less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Airlines lost contact with their plane at 2:40 am Saturday less than two hours after taking off.

Flight MH370 Vanished with 227 Passengers & 12 Crew Members

Flight MH370, a Boeing 777 jetliner, vanished over off the territorial waters of Malaysia and Vietnam. Rescue vessels from the countries of Malaysia and Vietnam were on the scene to help with the search and rescue.  They were the first to arrive from a list of countries from Southeast Asia who scoured 4,300 square miles of water on the South China Sea on Saturday (Friday EST). However, rescuers could not locate the crash site after hours of searching the waters.

The Philippines sent air force planes and navy patrol ships, and China dispatched two rescue ships to assist in the search, according to officials and state media. Vietnamese fishermen have also been put on alert. 

So what happened?

The world isn’t unfamiliar with lost planes. Unfortunately, as odd as it sounds, the sudden vanish of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (a Boeing 777 jetliner) sounds like another sad mystery. Nobody knows what happened and more importantly, nobody suspects this as an “act of war”.

Flight MH370 lost contact with Malaysian air traffic controllers about an hour after it took off Saturday morning at 2:40 am (1:40 am Friday EST). It was to to land in Beijing at 6:30 am (5:30 am EST). Flight 370 reached a height of at least 35,000 feet before it was reported as missing. Malaysia Airlines denies the plane crashed since no solid evidence has been recovered.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the 53-year-old captain of the missing plane, had over 18,300 hours of experience and joined Malaysian Airlines back in 1981. The 27-year-old co-pilot,  Fariq Hamid, had more than 2,700 hours of flying experience.

There were no reports of any problems.
No distress calls or signals.
No sightings of a plane going down, and curiously…
no wreckage.

“There aren’t any signs of a downed plane anywhere. There’s no floating debris, such as clothing or parts of the plane.
It’s just gone,” says a search & rescue volunteer.

Alien Abduction?

You will NOT hear that it may be an alien abduction from ANY government…but I’m sure, somebody thought it.

You have to admit – it could be possible. Of all the possible scenarios, an alien abduction is MOST unlikely. Until a thorough search is conducted at the bottom of the South China Sea, all possibilities should be looked into.

One possibility is that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah with co-pilot Fariq Hamid may have been trying to avoid/evade a UFO. The UFO may have disengaged their electrical equipment making it impossible to signal for help or even fly the plane.

Another reason speculations that passengers of Flight 307 may be victims of an alien abduction. It seems the cell phones of the missing passengers are still ringing. In fact, a brother-in-law of one of the victims even claimed that his loved one showed that they were even “online”.

There has been another incident that involved a missing plane over the South China Sea back in 1962.

Oil Slicks Discovered

It seems the Vietnamese government has now reported spotting 6 to 9 mile long oil slicks off the tip of southern Vietnam. They are believed to be the oil from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 crash site.

Singapore has offered to launch a submarine to scan the bottom for wreckage and will report their findings once they have concluded their search.

Vietnamese search and rescue officials immediately set forth towards the crash site, hoping to spot survivors. However, since their arrival, the only thing being reported were signals that have been detected from a plane(?) at about 120 miles southwest of Vietnam’s southernmost coastal province of Cape Ca Mau.
Pham Hien, director of a Vietnam maritime search and rescue coordination center in Vung Tau has since said that the information on local media about the signal near the Cape Ca Mau was inaccurate.

According to the Vietnam’s official news agency these oil slicks were confirmed by Vietnamese authorities. However, after further investigations it was discovered that these oil slicks were NOT of the Malaysian crash.

Passports Stolen

It has now been reported that at least TWO stolen passports may have been on board of Flight MH370. Speculations are being made that the Malaysian Airline crash may be the work of terrorists. The stolen passports belong to Luigi Maraldi, an Italian national and Christian Kozel from Austria. Officials and authorities were wondering if these stolen passports were reported missing or sold voluntarily. It was later said that both men reported that their passports were stolen in Thailand but this was also inaccurate.

Miraldi claims to have lost his passport in Malaysia last July of 2013 and has since gotten a new one. This was confirmed by Interpol who had this information. Kozel claims to have lost his two years ago.

Interpol said that they were investigating other “suspected passports in connection” with Flight MH370. It’s been discovered that the two passengers who used the stolen passports in question appear to have bought their tickets together. Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein confirmed that there are visuals of the two people who boarded Flight MH307 on CCTV with stolen passports.  

Intelligence agencies (local & international) after examining the footage discovered that the two men were from Iran and are identified as 18-year-old Pouria Nourmohammadi, and 29-year-old Seyed Mohammad Reza Delavar. Both men have NOT been linked to any militant groups

24 Hours Later

Still no sign of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 jetliner that crashed (supposedly) near Vietnam’s Cape Ca Mau. However, imagery taken from a passenger on a different plane going the opposite direction clearly shows what looks like “fire on water”, which could indicate that a plane may have gone down in that area. Experts are unsure if the photo is taken in the alleged area where Flight MH307  is thought to have gone down.

At this time, jets and ships are still trying to locate the wreckage and the thought of terrorism comes closer to being “all too real”. Some debris was located elsewhere but it’s being suggested that it may be totally unrelated to the Malaysian crash.

The Malaysian’s military (air force chief) radar suggests that the plane may have turned back around, but this is just a theory and cannot be proven at this time. At first, Malaysia Airlines denied the theory but it’s been reported that by the request of Malaysia Airlines, Thailand authorities are looking in the Andaman Sea. A spokesperson for the airline suggests that the pilot(s) may have tried turning around.

“Pilots are required to call in if they are heading back, but we received no such call.”
Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

Vietnam National Search and Rescue Committee Spokesman Hung Nguyen, has confirmed that Vietnam’s navy spotted a floating object about 50 miles southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu Island. When the country’s navy lost sight of the object around the southwest coast in the Gulf of Thailand, they were called back due to darkness.

By the end of the day Sunday,
more than 40 planes and more than two dozen ships
from several countries were involved in the search.

After Two Days

Search and rescue teams using low-flying planes spotted a “rectangular, door-like object”  and “something that looked like a tail portion”, but within 24 hours, Malaysian officials said authorities are now unable to relocate both objects.

Some experts believe that it may be difficult to locate wreckage debris if it disintegrated at a cruising altitude.

Experts from several countries are still examining the footage of the CCTV video. Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein willingly declined to give any further details, saying that it may jeopardize the valuable information that was recently discovered during the investigation. Hussein said only two passengers had used stolen passports, and that earlier reports that the identities of two others were under investigation were inaccurate.

Photos and fingerprints are now available and the Malaysian authorities are now turning over what they have discovered to US investigators.

One Year Later

As usual, no solid evidence has been discovered to the whereabouts of Flight MH370. However, (also as usual) new evidence has been recovered that makes this even more of mystery.

The Blackbox

Every plane has one. If you’re not sure what a “blackbox” is, it’s simple to understand.
The blackbox is a recorder. Period.
It records EVERYTHING that the plane is doing.
Speed, altitude, temperature, direction, &c.

A mystery within a mystery.

Shit just got real.

Not sure how the world (mainstream media) is going to take this. Sounds a little fishy.

It seems the blackbox aboard Flight MH370 was giving out signals back in 2014, according to Tony Abbott.

However, that can’t be possible. You see, according to official reporting, the battery that made the blackbox function has been expired since 2012.

What signal was Tony Abbott receiving?

This is making my “alien abduction” theory a little more possible.


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  3. Wesley H Cox says:

    The scenairo that fits all the facts is the crew shut off the transponder, and nine minutes later the a/c broke 45000 ft. That is the moment the a/c stalled and fell off on its left wing loosing 20,000 ft and heading in a different driection. It is not known if the crew recoverd the a/c or the a/c stablized its self. Because of the violence of this decent the systems began shutting down. What began as what was believed an innocent manauvier to take the a/c to the edge of its limitations turned into a terrable accident. The motive was to see how much fuel could be saved indicating that people in top management might be involved. When the transponder was shut off it was in the middle of the night and the experiment began using a 350 million dollar jet and a load of passengers. In the past i have been aboard a/c when checks have been made in flight with a load of passangers and always to save money and time. Always follow the money!!

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