Sheriff Will Teasle

Posted: July 30, 2013 in 80's Movies
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Have you really thought about it? Sheriff Will Teasle or John J. Rambo…who’s the real villain?

Is Sheriff Will Teasle really a Villain?

Think about it for a minute.
Here’s a guy about in his mid-upper 50’s who has obviously built a successful career as sheriff in Hope, Washington – USA.  It’s a quiet little town & according to Sheriff Teasle it’s downright boring – and he gets paid to keep it that way.

Sheriff Teasle notices a man walking down the towns highway and decides to check it out.
Nothing wrong with that, he’s doing his job.  Teasle rolls up and greets the man with a “Good morning”, the man reluctantly nods back.  Teasle then asks the man if he’s visiting someone in town.  The man says “No”.

Now this is where some people say things start to brew.

Teasle then points out that the type of coat he was wearing (military issued) with an American flag sewn over the right chest pocket & looking the way he did (long hair, unshaven) was asking for trouble.  Sheriff Teasle didn’t say that HE had a problem with it, just that other people might.

If people in Hope, Washington have a problem with ANYBODY wearing an Army coat with an American flag sewn on it, that sounds to me like they have an issue with their country.  But hey, Sheriff Teasle is obviously aware that Hope, Washington has got their share of anti-Americans and he just wants to make sure that this stranger travels through safely.  He even offers to drive the man to the towns border.  What a nice guy.

The man told Sheriff Teasle that he was headed North, but then later told Teasle that he was headed for Portland, Oregon – which is South.

Is Sheriff Teasle suspicious?  He doesn’t seem to be.
He seems to be giving the guy the benefit of the doubt.

During the car ride, the stranger asks if there’s someplace where he could get something to eat.  Sheriff Teasle suggests a diner that’s approximately 30 miles up the highway.

The man then asks the sheriff if there was a law that prohibited him from getting something to eat in town…

Sheriff Teasle informs him that there was.


Shit goes South for Sheriff Teasle

When Teasle drops the man off at the towns border he offers the man a bit of advice.  He tells him that if he got a haircut and took a bath people wouldn’t hassle him so much.

That sounds like good advice.
n fact, Sheriff Teasle even asked another person earlier that morning if they were going to take a bath.

Before Sheriff Teasle drives away, he tells the man to have a nice day and hopes that the ride helped him out.

As Teasle is driving, he notices that the man has turned around and is heading back into town.  Teasle turns around, stops him and asks him for identification.  The man refuses, resists & gets himself arrested – as he should and is charged with vagrancy, resisting arrest and carrying a concealed weapon.

The man was later identified as John J. Rambo.

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When Rambo was arrested and brought into custody, Sheriff Teasle instructed Sgt. Art Galt to “clean up” Rambo because he smelled like an animal.

Needless to say, Sgt. Art Galt was less than friendly when dealing with Rambo because of Rambo’s lack of respect for the law.  He was uncooperative, aggressive and showed signs of paranoid schizophrenia.

After repeated warnings, Rambo remained being a regular “pain-in-the-ass”.

Rambo eventually escaped and eluded authorities and lead them into a dense part of the forest along the mountainside.

Sgt. Art Galt fell to his death from a helicopter when Rambo throughs a rock and hits the windshield, this caused the pilot to lose control, causing Galt to lose his balance.

MOVIE FACT: Sgt. Art Galt was the only fatality throughout the entire film.

The National Guard was called in to apprehend Rambo.  This outfit was lead by Lieutenant Clinton Morgan.  The National Guard chased Rambo in an abandoned mine.  After a brief gun battle, Lieutenant Clinton Morgan gave the order to use a rocket launcher against Rambo.  This caused the entrance way to the mine to collapse and Rambo was thought to have perished.

Sheriff Teasle then instructed Lieutenant Clinton Morgan to recover Rambo’s body.


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