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An interesting career choice. Are you currently living in the Philippines…? Because there’s not much out there looking for professional knife fighters.

How to Become a Professional Knife Fighter

FIRST: Ask yourself, “Why is it necessary that I become a professional knife fighter?

If becoming a professional knife fighter is somehow the solution to “whatever-ails-you”, you may want to rethink about your current lifestyle.

Anyway, if learning how to become a professional knife fighter will get you out of a rut – please, continue on…

…but first, let me explain something to you before you continue reading:

  • there’s no such thing as a professional knife fighter
Yes, this is true, there is no such thing as a professional knife fighter
Do you even know the correct & proper way to sharpen a knife let alone fight with one?

Do you even know the correct & proper way to sharpen a knife let alone fight with one?

But hey, if you were hoping to gain some tips on how to become a professional knife fighter, I might be able to help you out – not.

For real, think about it.

If you’re still reading this…okay, I’ll tell you what I know.

A dull knife can be just as dangerous as a sharp one

As odd as this sounds, let me explain something to you.  A  knife is mainly used in the kitchen – not on the battlefield.

More people are injured in their own kitchen than on the streets.  It’s in the kitchen is where the knife is used for its true intention; to cut, chop & slice.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there are hunting knives and they are used for hunting, but something just doesn’t set with me…that term…”hunting knife”.

Most hunters I know (and I am NOT one), use some kind of instrument that uses projectiles to bring down their prey.

Do you know anybody who goes out hunting with just a knife…?  And comes back with a deer, bear, wild hog, mountain lion…?

I know a lot of people, but I don’t know anyone who would go out and hunt with just a knife – and come back with something (even something as small as squirrel).

Or come back at all.

{Because there are people that do}
Anyway, back to having a dull knife

A dull knife is a dangerous knife.

A knife is considered a tool; an instrument of the culinary art.  It’s used to slice, cut & chop – stabbing, not so much.

When the knife is dull (which does happen to sharp knives), the person using a dull knife will try to compensate by applying more pressure.  This could be extremely dangerous because when applying more pressure than necessary, you risk slipping and possibly cutting and injuring yourself.

Keep your knives sharp.

Keep your knives sharp and then hang them.  Great idea.

I know, you’re waiting for the professional knife fighting tips..hold on.


Always treat a knife as if it were extremely sharp when alone and especially with others around.  This will prevent accidents and is also good practice until you do handle extremely sharp knives.

If your knife comes with a sheath make sure you use it.  Store your knife in a safe, dry place.  Away from harm.  If you’re going to hang your knives, please be sure that they are firmly secured and away from danger.  I recommend strong magnets.
The Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting

Professional Knife Fighting Tip #1

You’ll NEVER see it coming!

This is so true…it almost makes me laugh.  If you’re thinking that knife fights are like how they’re portrayed in Hollywood…you’re (gonna be) dead wrong.

When an assailant is coming at you with a knife, it’s going to be a covert move – guaranteed.  If you think that some guy is just going to standby & wait until you get up and go to the bathroom (in some restaurant or bar) so he can make his presence known to you…think again.

Most assailants will more than likely walk near you (rather quickly) and take a few stabs at you.  Even those who claim to be professional knife fighters would rather strike an opponent without them knowing.  This allows for vital targets to be exposed without defense.

It’s a “coward’s move”, but that’s fighting with a knife.  The trick is to know who could and even possibly know who is actually carrying a knife.
Knife Fighting: Multiple Attacker Training Drills for Faster and Better Reactions

Professional Knife Fighting Tip #2

Even if you win – you lose.

Law enforcement officers frown on knife fighting, even if it was declared a duel with all parties involved (that means even if everybody involved agrees to a fair knife fight).  This isn’t the wild west and there’s no such thing as a fair knife fight.

So that’s two things to remember:

  1. There’s no such thing as a professional knife fighter
  2. There’s no such thing as a fair knife fight

There is such a thing as “self defense”, however, most deaths that occur by knife wasn’t because of self defense.

If you are defending yourself with a knife, you are to try and make an escape as soon as possible.  If your attacker is down but still alive, you are NOT suppose to finish him off.

You may get arrested or worse…you may go to prison.
Philippine Fighting Arts by Julius Melegrito Vol. 3: Knife Tactics and Applications

Professional Knife Fighting Tip #3

The Final & Most Important Tip of All
[Never Claim to be a Professional Knife Fighter]

That’s right.  First of all, like I said earlier, “There’s no such thing as a professional knife fighter.”  So don’t go claiming that you’re something that you’re not.  There may be people out there that aren’t professional knife fighters, but there are people out there that know how to fight with knives.

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