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I have long admired the movie Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford & Rutger Hauer. It’s considered a classic to some of the most highly accredited film critics across the globe. Not only is this an awesome sci-fi movie, it also has a bit of mystery to it. Now you’re going to have to have seen the movie to understand what I’m talking about, so if you haven’t seen it – this article isn’t going to do you any good (unless you’re just THAT curious).

WARNING: Reading this article WILL ruin the movie for you if you haven't seen it.

If you haven’t seen the movie Blade Runner in quite some time, you may want to go and see it again to “brush up” a bit., but then again, you may not. Other great stars such as Daryl Hannah, Edward James Olmos, Sean Young, M. Emmet Walsh, Joanna Cassidy & Brion James also star in the movie Blade Runner.

This Nexus 6 Generation model (Pris) was activated on February 14, 2016

This Nexus 6 Generation model (Pris) was activated on February 14, 2016

I got the idea to write this article because I noticed the date on Daryl Hannah’s character (Pris). Pris is a “replicant” in the movie Blade Runner and was activated on the same date as my sister’s birthday – but in the year 2016 – February the fourteenth (14th).


The one & only MOST popular question that’s asked about in the movie Blade Runner

Was the character Rick Deckard in the movie Blade Runner a “replicant”?

I believe he was, however, if he wasn’t a replicant I believe we were meant to think so.

The futuristic company known as the Tyrell Corporation began genetically engineering humanoids – “advancing Robot evolution” into a phase known as the Nexus Phase. These beings that were created by the Tyrell Corporation were far superior in strength and agility, but were equal in intelligence.

These humanoid beings were known as “Replicants“.

When the replicant models known as the Nexus 6 were created, these models were only given a four (4) year life span.  This was required because these particular models were NOT suppose to have any emotions but were somehow developing their own emotions on their own.

Replicants were used for slave labor in hazardous conditions to colonize other worlds. But because of a bloody mutiny by a Nexus 6 combat team on an Off-world colony ALL replicants were declared illegal on Earth. Any Nexus 6 Generation model caught here on Earth will be shot on sight. Special police squads called Blade Runner Units were to track down and kill any Nexus 6 Generation model detected on Earth.

When these Nexus 6 Generation models were killed it wasn’t called an “execution“, it was called “retirement“.

Here’s where I begin to Assume

During this “Nexus Phase”, the Nexus 6 Generation model were created almost-immediately after five (5) other models were  created. The Tyrell Corporation were pumping out Nexus models, one right after the other. Each one better than the one before it.

But then came the Nexus 6 Generation model. They were perfect. However, were they made TOO perfect? The engineers who designed and made them thought so. So to ensure that humans will always remain supreme over replicants, a fail safe design was installed. A four (4) year life span for ALL Nexus 6 Generation model replicants – that’s it, no more.

Since these replicants are superior in strength and agility, why send a human to track down and retire these replicants?
Send a replicant after a replicant.
Send the Nexus 5 model.

Rick Deckard, I believe, is a Nexus 5 Generation model. He was part of the police squad’s Blade Runner Units. In fact, I believe ALL members of Blade Runner Units are replicants – and each one is filed & monitored.
Deckard was able to quit the Blade Runner Units (the movie doesn’t go into detail about this), even though he seems to be the best Blade Runner Captain Bryant has ever seen. Bryant even describes Deckard as a “one-man slaughterhouse”.

I believe…

Replicants absolutely yearn to be human and will go to great lengths to act and pass as human – especially to other humans. Nothing pleases a replicant more than to be mistaken as a human or to be favored over other replicants by a human. Human males rarely accepted replicant males as men.
If replicants weren’t cops, they were considered as “little people“.

Replicants don’t need to eat or drink and can’t be addicted to chemicals such as tobacco, drugs or alcohol and are immune to their effects.
Humans know this and so when replicants go and order food, they are limited to the amount they are allowed to order.

REMEMBER: Deckard tried ordering four (4) egg-rolls, but the server would only allow him two (2).

Replicants are given only one (1) name…but wait, if Deckard is a replicant, how is he able to have a first and last name?
GOOD QUESTION: All I can say is that nowhere in the movie do I hear or see the name “Rick Deckard“. I’ve watched this movie (literally) over 50 times (and counting) and NEVER have I heard the name “Rick Deckard“. Check for yourself. I only found out that Deckard’s first name was Rick just by researching through the Internet.
* What about Leon Kowalski? How does he get a first and last name?
EASY QUESTION: The Nexus 6 Generation model “LEON” replicant tried blending in with humans by working in the sanitation department at the Tyrell Corporation in order to get closer to Dr. Eldon Tyrell. In order to do so, he must have a last name. So he gave himself one.
* What about Roy Batty?

BATTY (Roy) - In the movie Blade Runner

BATTY (Roy) – In the movie Blade Runner

TRICKY QUESTION: The Nexus 6 Generation model “BATTY” (Roy) replicant is called “Roy” throughout the movie. All I can say is that this Nexus 6 Generation model was created specifically for combat and was probably given a first name to identify its individuality. Probably because it was made leader of other combat replicants.
I believe the “BATTY” identifies and confirms that these Nexus 6 Generation models are used for battle (and/or other hazardous conditions) instead of risking the lives of humans.

Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Dr. Eldon Tyrell


CEO of the Tyrell Corporation

Founder of the Tyrell Corporation and lead designer/engineer of the Nexus Generation models.

In order to control the replicants better, Dr. Eldon Tyrell had memories installed in an experimental Nexus 6 Generation model called “Rachael“.

Rachael had no idea that it was a replicant because of the memories that were installed into Rachael’s mind that originally came from Dr. Eldon Tyrell’s niece.

The only Nexus 6 Generation model that DID NOT know it was a replicant because of the memories that were installed in it by Dr. Eldon Tyrell

The Nexus 6 Generation model that didn’t know what it was (because memories were installed in it by Dr. Eldon Tyrell) was the replicant Rachael.


Personal Secretary to Dr. Eldon Tyrell

Rick Deckard is to Retire 5 Replicants

Six Nexus 6 Generation Model Replicants (3 male; 3 female) Slaughter 23 People and Jumped a Shuttle

The six Nexus 6 Generation models tried breaking into the Tyrell Corporation. They were unsuccessful and one was killed running through an electrical field. The rest escaped.

So, remember…six replicants escaped, but one was killed – that leaves five left…right?

I’ll continue.

So the list is as followed:

  • (Roy) BATTY
  • LEON
  • PRIS

That’s FOUR…not FIVE. But that’s all the Nexus 6 Generation models that Deckard was shown by Bryant.

Captain Bryant - Head of the Blade Runner Unit

Captain Bryant – Head of the Blade Runner Unit

Six try to break into the Tyrell Corporation – One is killed – Five escape – Deckard is shown a list of only four (4) replicants

To confirm this, after Deckard kills Zhora, Bryant tells Deckard that he has four (4) to go, but Deckard corrects him and says “Three…there’s three to go!”

He says this because Deckard was only shown FOUR (4) replicants when he was briefed by Bryant.

Even though Bryant originally tells Deckard that SIX replicants escaped, ONE got fried running through an electrical field and the remaining FIVE escaped, but the list only contained FOUR replicants.

Both Leon & Rachael witnessed Deckard retiring Zhora on the street

Both Leon & Rachael witnessed Deckard retiring Zhora on the street.

The Killing of Zhora

When Deckard tracks down the Nexus 6 Generation model “ZHORA”, both the replicants Leon and Rachael witness Deckard “retiring” her on the street.

This is how Leon discovers that Deckard is tracking them down and then tries to kill him. Rachael, who was starting to suspect that she was a replicant, decides to meet up with Deckard after declining his offer to meet him at Taffey Lewis’s club. She sees that Leon is moments away from killing Deckard so she shoots him in the head.

Although it's been said that this shot was an accident, if you notice Deckard's eyes, he looks like a replicant.

Although it’s been said that this shot was an accident, if you notice Deckard’s eyes, he looks like a replicant.

Rachael asks Deckard that if she were to take off and go north…would he come looking for her?

Deckard said that he wouldn’t – but that  somebody would.

It is in this scene that you notice Deckard’s and Rachael’s eyes look somewhat similar, indicating that both are replicants.
However, reports have stated that this was done unintentional…yeah right.

Other Signs that show me that Deckard is a Replicant
  1. When Bryant tells Deckard that Nexus 6’s have a four (4) year life span – he snickers and Bryant notices that it pleases Deckard.
  2. When Taffey Lewis tells his bartender Louie to give Deckard a FREE DRINK on the house because  “the MAN looks dry”, this pleases Deckard enough to stop harassing Taffey to see if his license is in order.
  3. When the job is over, Gaff tells Deckard that he did a MAN’s job.