A Hidden Pig found in a Police Crest

Posted: August 18, 2012 in News, Shit Starting and Shenanigans

Pigs & Police

Inmates pull Prank in Vermont

Who’s going to get the last laugh?

There’s a “hidden pig” in the crest on the squad cars of the Vermont State Police. Can you find it? No…read on then.

Inmates at a Vermont correctional facility pulled a prank that has the whole country “chuckling” under their breath. It seems that inmates were in charge of the creation and design of the crest that is to be laminated to the sides of Vermont state police cars. Yeah, that’s right.Trying to cut back on a few bucks, the state of Vermont voted on NOT to have a professional designer help with the creation of their new crest, decided instead to have inmates that had some “artistic and or creative” skills to help with the design of the crest.It’s now biting them in the behind. Days or even weeks later the flaw was discovered, sparking a nationwide “chuckle fest” at the expense of the state of Vermont.

“It seems this whole ordeal is going to cost us double. Pay to have the old crest removed and then to have the new crest put in its place.”~VERMONT RESIDENT~

Vermont authorities said that they don’t understand how it got by the final  inspection. You really have to look to spot the pig. In fact, if it wasn’t for loose lips within the inmates, there’s no telling how long this prank would have gone on for. Somebody is going to have for these damages, because this is an act of vandalism. Unfortunately, the residents of Vermont are going to have to pay for it financially. This whole thing could add up to $2000…ouch.


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