Computer Malware hacked in Iran’s Nuclear Computer & played AC/DC “Thunderstruck”

Posted: July 24, 2012 in News
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By James Peters – Store & Blog also @

July 24, 2012 12:10 PM – Hammond, Indiana

A scientist that works at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has reportedly sent an e-mail to a lead researcher (Mikko Hypponen) at a Finnish computer security lab (F-Secure) in Helenski & stating that a computer malware program hacked its way inside Iran’s nuclear computer. The malware program hacked in the middle of the night, enabled and allowed Iran’s nuclear computer to play the famous rock band AC/DC’s Thunderstruck at full volume.


“I am writing you to inform you that our nuclear program has once again been compromised and attacked by a new worm with exploits which have shut down our automation network at Natanz and another facility Fordo near Qom,” reads the email.

“According to the email our cyber experts sent to our teams, they believe a hacker tool Metasploit was used,” it continued.

“Metasploit, an open-source project used to find vulnerabilities in software, is reportedly very easy and cheap to develop.”

 “There was also some music playing randomly on several of the workstations during the middle of the night with the volume maxed out,” the e-mail reads. “I believe it was playing ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC.”

Hypponen, the lead researcher at the Finnish computer security lab (F-Secure) in Helenski,  assured the public that he has verified that the email was sent to him from Iran’s AEOI & that this wasn’t the first time he has received an email from Iranian authorities regarding computer viruses (the Flame spyware case)

The Flame Spyware Case

Speaking to IBTimes UK at F-Secure’s security lab in Helskinki, Hypponen maintained that a covert US government intelligence agency was behind Flame.

It wasn’t until this past June that Flame was discovered. It seems to have gone undiscovered for two years because of the complex software that was included & is so sophisticated that it is considered to be the James Bond of malware programs. It has affected the Middle East, in countries like Iran, Sudan & Israel and cost about $10 million to develop.

This Flame program allows the person who developed it to search & copy documents, watch and listen to what is going on by turning on the camera & microphone to any infected computer. It can even copy the address book of any mobile phone that’s within range.

This doesn’t come much as a surprise to Hypponen, the lead researcher at the Finnish computer security lab (F-Secure) in Helenski & to Iran authorities; since they already believe that the US is using technology to manipulate Iran’s weather. And Iran is getting much scrutiny because of its nuclear program from the United Nations. They also face turmoil with Israel who threatens Iran almost on a monthly basis.

How much more can Iran take before something stupid happens?

I feel Israel is just waiting for a reason to nuke Iran. Recently, Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated and the United Staes, England & Isreal were the first to catch blame. The US & UK both have said that they had nothing to do with assassination, however, Israel said “no comment”.
Now Iran has placed Germany & France as suspected assassins.


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