The Truth about Shadow People

Posted: July 10, 2012 in Science
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What we know about the Shadow People

Shadow people are untestable, 
undetectable & unprovable.

Therefore, shadow people 
are not real.
 ~the Scientific Community~

Shadow people are also commonly known as shadow ghosts, or even dark shadows. These dark shadows or shadow ghosts, even though they cannot be proven, are still believed by hundreds of thousands of people across the United States & millions more across the world.

“shadow people are disembodied humans who are lost, having not gone forward in life’s journey by refusing to go toward the light after the death of the physical body”

Shadow ghosts are often seen standing next to beds when people are sleeping in them. These dark shadows seem to be trying to communicate, even maybe watching over loved ones. The theory is, shadow people are stuck between this world and the next; refusing to “walk towards the light”. These shadow people feel they need to stay here until some sort of task is completed or maybe even solved.
It’s also been said that these shadow ghosts may not even know that they have passed on from their physical form and have not realized that they are now dark shadows.

“You don’t have to believe in God or any other supreme being to believe in shadow people. It has been proven that energy never ceases to exist – we humans are energy. So when we pass away, the common question is asked ‘What happens next?’ no matter what you believe in.”

We know that these shadow ghosts are fearful of being seen. Reports from most witnesses claim that these shadow ghosts quickly leave or vanish the moment a living presence is near. Usually when they’re hovering over a sleeping person.

Shadow people also seem to be afraid of flash lights for some unknown reason. Maybe it resembles the one thing that they are trying to avoid. It reminds them that they are supposed to “walk towards the light”. When a flash light is shone upon shadow ghosts it has been reported that the light does not shine through them; supposedly proving that there is something there.
These dark shadows want to remain here until they have finished doing whatever it is they feel they need to finish and will avoid anything they feel is trying to stop them.

 “A common explanation as to why we see dark shadows out of the corner of our eyes has to with us hallucinating brought on by fatigue.”

These shadow people are seen as a dark figure, looking mostly humanoid. Sometimes they’re seen with or without a hat or even wearing a hood. Some dark shadows don’t look human at all, in fact, they look like an animal, like a dog almost. There have been a few reports that these shadow ghosts also have glowing red eyes, but just a few.

When shadow people have been seen fleeing away, most of these shadow beings tend to go through physical objects, while others are seen going around them.

Shadow people have been reported since early recorded history. People called them shadow folk way back then, before shadow people became the most preferred term.

“People who strongly believe that the shadow people exist, also believe that we can help these shadow people walk towards the light. As shadow beings, they somehow do not understand that they are carrying all the ’emotional baggage and pain’ in death as they did in life, as they transfer onto another astral plane. It is believed that carrying all this ’emotional baggage and pain’ does not allow you to comprehend that you have passed on.”

Should we fear the shadow people?

It is natural to fear the unknown and the shadow people are no exception. It is rare to hear reports about shadow people having disruptive behavior, but it has happened. Most cases reported on shadow people, victims claim that they were more curious than frightened – most cases.

Shadow People


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