Near the city of Yasuj a cemetery has been Discovered

Skeletal remains along with valuable artifacts have been discovered in Iran. Photo from Tehran Times.


A 3500 year old, 60,000 square meter cemetery has been discovered in the southwestern Iranian province of Kohkiluyeh-Boyer Ahmad.
So far, 20 graves have already been excavated,” said the archaeological team director, Mohammad Rajabi. He told the Persian service of IRNA that the recently discovered cemetery is not only over 3500 years old and covers over 60,000 square meters but estimates that there might be over 500 graves. Most graves with skeletal remains contain bronze & stone artifacts, earrings, rings, daggers, bayonets, coins and jars of pottery. He confirmed that ALL artifacts are being transferred to a museum in Yasuj.
He added, “Sadly, nearly 8000 square meters of the cemetery & 70 graves have been totally destroyed by a construction project, which fortunately, belongs to the Yasuj University of Medical Science, and it is still underway!”
“The artifacts that were contained in the destroyed graves are now lost forever,” stated an expert of the Yasuj Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Department.


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