Learn Here on How to Fall Asleep Faster & Longer

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Drunk Tales, Food and Drink, Lauer's Drama, Science, Sex, The Region
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Why can’t you fall asleep?

That’s the first thing you should be asking yourself.

If you’ve not gone to a doctor yet, you should make an appointment as soon as you can. If you have already seen a doctor and they have cleared you of ANY type of sleeping disorder, this article is intended for you.

It’s just that there are many other factors that can simply stop you from getting your deserved sleep. Unfortunately, this is something that you are fully responsible for.

I am talking about bad habits.
You know who you are.

Bad habits like

Forget about the past, just for the night.

  • – thinking about bills, all those debts you accumulated, work problems, bad health
  • – remembering all the bad shit that happened to them in the past – even in distant past
  • – getting into bed thinking that you’re NEVER going to fall asleep – that you’re going to have “one of those nights again”
  • – going to bed all jacked up on stress and energy

Here’s your morning drill:
You wake up totally exhausted, dreading to face the day. All you can think about is just getting through the day so you can just come home and relax. You think about coming home after putting in a days work and jumping into the shower and getting into your pajamas. It won’t matter if it’s only 7pm, because tonight is the night that you’re going to get a FULL nights sleep.

But it doesn’t ever seem to go that way – does it?

Things change – people call – drink specials happen

Pay attention, this is important! If this is an ongoing thing with you, you may want to chill on your night life entertainment. I know people who party all night long, make it to work the next morning (looking rough; smelling like booze) hating life all day long. But as soon as 5pm hits, they’re back at the pub throwing back shots, loving life all night long.

If this best describes you – you’re a fucking alcoholic.

Taking Medication

Sleeping pills prescribed by your doctor is a step that should be taken only if the methods here “on how to fall asleep” do not work. You should use pills only when necessary. Ask your doctor if there are any natural pills that can have the same/similar effect. If your doctor does prescribed medicated sleeping pills, that doesn’t mean you have to take them every night – yeah, right. I feel that sleeping pills can ruin your chance to EVER get a full nights sleep. Even if those pills help you fall asleep faster and longer, you will be soon become addicted and you will be forced to take them every night – for the rest of your life.

In some cases, sleeping pills can create such an addiction that if the person wanted to take an afternoon nap, they would have to take a sleeping pill in a simple case like this.
Just continue reading this whole article and learn how to fall asleep naturally. It’s your best chance from becoming a pill popping druggie.

Sleeping pills may even lead to crack – I don’t know, that’s just what I heard from this guy standing on State Line.
On the Cal City side, of course.

Seriously though, if you need to take sleeping pills, your shit might be fucked up for real. In that case, follow your doctors orders and the prescription to the letter. You’ll soon learn how to how to sleep without them – I promise.

Alright, here it is -7 ways on how to fall asleep

1. Just fall asleep.

Yes. It’s that simple. Don’t over think it, just close your eyes and do it.

Just think how good you’re going to feel tomorrow morning!

2. Avoid the simplest of distractions.

Don’t leave the TV on or listen to music. No matter how much you tell yourself that you can’t sleep without these things – just think about where you are right now. That’s right…reading an article on how to fall asleep, knucklehead.

3. Read a good book.

The trick about this is to start reading a book before you go to bed. You don’t want to be laying there reading an entire book, like Charity Parkerson’s The Danger from Within, Regina Puckett’s What the Heart Knows or Amber Norrgard’s 4 a.m. A Collection. Reading books like that will keep you up ALL NIGHT. It’s best to start in the living room or somewhere like that, that way it’s in the back of your mind that you will have to stop and go to bed.

4. Have sex!

My favorite! What’s cool about this is that you can include someone else if you want.
Having fun yet?

5. Avoid caffeine and sweets.

Chill out on the coffee, soda and candy. You’ll feel all that crap at night. Besides, too much caffeine is  harmful for your health anyway. If you can’t cut out the coffee, at least cut it out late in the afternoon.

6. Avoid drinking a lot of alcohol before going to bed.

It may seem that the alcohol is giving you a good nights sleep – but it isn’t. Ask yourself if you slept well on a Wednesday morning after a night of drinking on a Taco Tuesday at Flat Rock Tap.

7.Turn the lights off.

If you need to sleep with a night-light because you’re scared, I will slap the shit out of you. There is no reason why a grown ass adult needs a night-light because they’re scared.

In fact, I’m done with this. Good night.

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  1. Awesome post! I’m so far behind…seriously. lol!!

  2. dave burch says:

    i love #4….”you can even include someone else” lol

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