Other than a job, a decent car and doesn’t live with their mother…

What other things do women look for in a man?
  1. Hygiene You need to be clean…period. But here are a few pointers:

    Did you know that women decide if they would sleep with you in the first 4 seconds of a conversation?

    A. No dandruff
    B. No nose hairs, ear hairs, boogers or ear wax
    C. Teeth/breath fresh and clean
    D. Fingernails clean and trim

  2. Style Bugel Boy isn’t going to cut it, my friend. And if something has an eight ball on it, I’d check for your wallet. Any place that’s still carrying that fashion catastrophe you don’t need to be. Check this out:
    A. Shoes – Women will look at your shoes – guaranteed. They will have your entire style down and practically you’re entire life figured out just by what’s on your feet.
    B. Jewelry – If you’re not one to wear jewelry on a regular basis, don’t start by showing off at the neighborhood bar – you stand out, makes you look creepy.
    C. Cologne – If you’re going to use it, it better not be English Leather. The stuff’s okay in my opinion, but it reminds people of Christmas stockings.  Stick with Old Spice if you don’t have the money for that real expensive shit.
    D. Don’t be a druggie. You better be HONEST and up front.
    E. The belt – *optional   Women like belts, well anything that accessories pretty much, but again, if you don’t usually wear one – you might want to check to see if you really do, plumbers crack says SLOPPY.

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  1. misscorrigan says:

    The first one is so true. Before I got married we laid ground rules. Number one-be clean.

    • hobojimmy says:

      I agree totally, 100%. But at the same time, it goes both ways. I’m sure our standards come down a wee bit, but hey…
      Thanks for posting, I really appreciate it. If you can and have the time, PLEASE vote on this or any of my other articles.
      Thanks again!

    • hobojimmy says:

      I grew up with my two sisters and just my mother – clean came natural. My wife appreciates it.

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