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NO WHINING ZONE Warning Sign cry babies signs funny

Notice how it says No Whining Zone?

Ever climb the Hammond Water Tower, 
in Hammond, IN?

Writers Haven Fifth Issue- Urban Legends.


Writers Haven Fifth Issue- Urban Legends.

The Hauntings of Oak Hill Cemetery

Oak Hill Cemetery is a REAL cemetery.

The Seven Deadly Sins and their Meanings

Some of you better
 pay special attention
to this article - 
so read it slowly and 
very carefully.
  1. LUST


  3. GREED

  4. SLOTH

  5. WRATH

  6. ENVY

  7. PRIDE

So, there you have it. The Seven Deadly Sins.

But what's the meaning behind the 
Seven Deadly Sins?

Not a problem, let’s take it from the top:

1. Lust

This is pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll continue just the same.
LUST is that feeling you get when you had a few to many alcoholic drinks and you start flirting it up. With a cigarette in one hand and a drink in the other and you start grinding your ass on your guy friends – thinking it’s okay because “hey, you’re just friends”.

But hey, who cares? As long as you look sexy doing it!

You know what the fuck you’re doing.
This is a common deadly sin for whores and sluts.

2. Gluttony

This fucking sin is the worst. Most Americans fit in this category.
GLUTTONY is being that fat ass sitting at the bar trying to get your LUST on. You stuff your fat ass with everything/anything you can get your grubby, little chubby hands on.

This probably isn’t your fault, you might be a terrible drug addict or just a mean alcoholic. Maybe mom and dad didn’t love you right. Either way, lay off the snacks.

You know what the fuck you’re doing.
This is a common deadly sin for douchebags.

3. Greed

We’re all a little guilty of this mother-fucker.
GREED is that thing you do when you tell someone you’re “not holding” but then come out of the bathroom for the thirtieth time with nostrils flaring as large as Patrick Ewing, gagging every 5 minutes and a running nose that even plumbers glue couldn’t stop.

You know what the fuck you’re doing.
This is a common deadly sin for coke heads.


This is for all you lazy asses.
SLOTH is letting the new guy do all the bullshit work while your greedy, fat ass reaps in all the rewards. Or having your wife track your ass down so you can pay  your child support so your children can eat.
You motherfuckers.

You know what the fuck you’re doing.
This is common deadly sin for deadbeat dads.


These are people who are complete assholes.
WRATH is having that tantrum that you’re just about ready to throw yourself  on the floor so you can have it your way.
You immature little bitch.

You know what the fuck you’re doing.
This is a common deadly sin committed by the “only child”.


Those jealous sons-of-bitches. They’ll do just about anything to try to bring you down and to take credit for doing so. If you’re getting a little money from a simple “soft skill” like writing, why am I busting my ass for 8-10hrs a day?
ENVY is imagining me having an easy laid back day, writing whatever comes to mind. You’re only two-thirds right – I don’t imagine.

Oh my God! Did you make a funny at my husband’s expense? I’m going to sue!

You know what the fuck you’re doing.
This is common deadly sin for the sexually unsatisfied.


Ah, yes. Most of you can’t even spell it let alone have any.
PRIDE is that thing hanging between your legs (goes for you ladies also, metaphorically of course) and it seems you’ve misplaced yours.

You know what the fuck you’re doing.
These are the Seven Deadly Sins.

About the Ampersand

The ampersand

This is correct. I enjoy using the ampersand. I would use it all the time if it were socially acceptable in the world of literature (or is it?)

Ampersand Origin

If you think about it, where did it come from?

I did a little research and found out that the ampersand is a symbol that stands for the word “and”…but you probably already knew that. What you probably don’t know is that it stood for the word or symbol “et”. That’s what they used in the Roman days. So instead of using “et”, scholars and other intelligent scribes used “&” (the ampersand).
Here’s a few other interesting facts about the ampersand:

  • Traced back to the 1st century A.D.
  • Once was considered the 27th letter of the English alphabet
  • There are 6 different variations of the ampersand

Dating back to the Roman days, the ampersand was used quite extensively. It eventually wore off, maybe because it contained a little too much “classical antiquity” for the common man. However, it is still used in business letterheads, slogans and other forms of advertisement just for that reason.
In fact, it’s still commonly used in firms and partnerships (particulary in law firms and architectural firms).

The ampersand is also commonly used when addressing a couple at banquets, weddings and other formal gatherings. For example: MR. & MRS. JOHN SMITH or JOHN & JANE SMITH You will also notice the ampersand in book and movie titles.

Like what was said earlier in this little article, the abbreviation for “and” was written as “et” back in the Roman days. And when somebody wanted to use the abbreviation for “et cetra” people would write “etc.”. But what a lot of people don’t know (and if they did, they probably still wouldn’t do so) is that another abbreviation for “et cetra” could be written as “&c.”.

“Et cetra”, as you know, means “and so forth”…right? Here’s the formula for “&c.”:
&=et (and)
c.=cetra (so forth)

There you have it, a brief history and a little depth of my quiet obsession of the ampersand.


I even make Ampersand cake; I may need help!

Diet Coke is (probably) giving you Brain Damage!

Diet Coke contains Aspartame

Diet Coke contains aspartame which can cause brain damage. The FDA approved aspartamae in all foods.

Diet Coke contains aspartame which can cause brain damage. The FDA approved aspartamae in all foods.

Aspartame Disease

The FDA approved Aspartame in all Foods

Ever heard of Aspartame Disease? Most of us have never heard of it, and the “suits” who work for the NutraSweet industry are going to try to keep it that way.

In a 1998 Spanish study, it claimed that aspartame can be harmful if taken in large amounts. In fact, the FDA claimed that phenylalanine (an amino acid found in aspartame) can literally cause brain damage. *Did you get that?*

The FDA has approved aspartame in all foods, even though THEY know it causes brain damage. WTF?

However, in a 2002 Japanese study, it claimed that aspartame is completely harmless to humans. This study was probably financed by the NutraSweet industry. I say this because it has been stated on websites that Ralph Walton MD of Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine has determined that EVERY test funded by the NutraSweet industry came back negative for being harmful – every test! Now when a privately funded test was performed, 92% of the tests came back saying “that there was something wrong”.

That means, only 8% of privately funded testing said that aspartame was tolerable for human consumption – 92% say it’s harmful

1 in 15,000 people may not metabolize
phenylalanine properly, which can cause
brain damage.

Diet Coke contains Aspartame

Coca-Cola has been using aspartame to sweeten their diet beverages (unless advertised differently) since 1983, two years after the FDA approved aspartame in dry foods. Then, all of sudden in 1996, with the FDA STILL knowing that aspartame can cause brain damage, they approved it for ALL foods.

RC Cola uses Splenda with their soft drink products.

The FDA, the Coca-Cola Company and the NutraSweet industry know that Diet Coke is damaging your brains by causing depression and bipolar ‘like’ symptoms in their loyal customers.

So, have a Coke and a smile!

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Waking up on Wolf Island in the middle of Wolf Lake in Hammond, Indiana

One of my favorite places to be – Wolf Lake Island – Hammond, Indiana

TryJimmy recommends the book Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft (Classic Reprint) by Sir Walter Scott

Inventor of the Historical Novel

Sir Walter Scott (1771 – 1832)

  • playwright
  • poet
  • novelist

I would like to thank Sir Walter Scott for inspiring me to write.
I understand that I will NEVER write exactly as I see it in my head; that I can always make room for improvement, but I shall continue to write anyway.
I am pursuing perfection as a mule to a dangling carrot – and enjoying every minute of it.

So thank you, Sir Walter Scott.


I was rolling through FACEBOOK when I came across this photo and short article. I am a science enthusiast and love ANYTHING about our planet Earth.

The famed and elusive Green Flash is a rare meteorological phenomenon that occurs at sunset and sunrise. During these times, the sun’s light travels through more of the earth’s atmosphere to reach your eye, creating a prism effect. Yeah, the explanation is definitely more dull than many of the maritime legends surrounding the phenomenon, but consider yourself very lucky if you’re able to witness this event.

The flash only happens for a fraction of a second

To increase your chances, watch the sun set (or rise) over a long and uninterrupted horizon on a very clear day. The ocean horizon works well for this, as will a prairie, or the horizon line while inside an airplane. The flash lasts only a fraction of a second, so don’t blink!


"I fucking love science."
Earth Story

Not many Hammond residents are aware
that back in 1980 a Hessville pastor 
turned up missing.

Supposedly abducted by a Satanic cult.

That’s right, Dan LaRose was kidnapped by Satanists

A satanic symbol; possibly a shrine.

Pastor Dan LaRose claimed that Satanists kidnapped him

He told his fellow followers, friends and family in Hammond he was abducted by a Satanic cult in 1975 from Maine, N.Y. , so this isn’t the first time Pastor Dan LaRose has been kidnapped by these Satanists.The Satanists decided to man-handle the pastor and kidnap him, because LaRose was “talking shit about Satan”.

Satanists “don’t take to kindly” for such blasphemy.

The day before Pastor Dan LaRose disappeared, people in the parish claimed that LaRose stopped in the middle of his sermon and stared towards the back of the congregation. Witnesses who turned around to see what LaRose was staring at saw nothing. However, Pastor LaRose claimed he saw one of the Satanists kidnappers in a window.

Witnesses also stated that LaRose was acting strangely and said that Satanists were threatening him and his family.

He’s been missing for 27 years.
Dan LaRose left behind a loving wife and two beautiful daughters.

Why didn't he try to contact his family?

Dan LaRose even claimed that the Satanists used “shock therapy” to erase his memory, then they dumped him off in Minneapolis – bastards.

Hell on Earth

If there’s a “Hell on Earth”, it must be Centeron, Arkansas because that’s where Dan LaRose popped up – in 2007!

Not only does Dan LaRose hang out in Centeron, Arkansas – he’s the freakin’ mayor!

Yeah…no shit!
But you see, Dan LaRose wasn’t known as Dan LaRose.
Nope. He wanted people to call him “Kenny”.
His new name was Ken Williams, and now owns a radio-show program.

Those Satanists hooked him up – bastards.

But wait a minute, it gets better.

Satanists turn out to be an “underworld” crime group

Yeah..I know – wtf?

Well, I guess nobody was buying the “Satanists kidnapper” story, so LaRose decided to tell the truth.

He was kidnapped by the fucking mafia.
Well, not actually by the mafia – the mafia told him that he had to pretty much…kidnap himself.

Yeah, the mafia couldn’t or didn’t have the resources themselves at the time to arrange a proper kidnapping, so they made Pastor Dan LaRose kidnap himself.

That’s fucking brilliant.
I’m totally buying this story.

Pastor Dan LaRose claimed that he walked to Calumet City, Illinois and bought himself a bicycle, then rode west – ended up in Arkansas. He’s been there ever since, where he maintains his talk-show radio program and spends time with his new wife.

“I had an idea that sometime this would come down,” LaRose said. “It had been a lot of years, though.”

“I was told I had crossed the line and had to disappear again.”

LaRose’s original missing persons report from Hammond police in 1980 said he was born in Allentown, Pa., in 1940.
The fake I.D. that LaRose had came from a BRUCE KENT WILLIAMS – who died in a car crash in Middleport, NY in 1958.

LaRose said that his abductors threatened to kill his family if he didn’t cooperate and provided him with the Williams I.D. when they erased his memory and dropped him off in Minneapolis. He starting using it again after he left Hammond because he “didn’t know what else to do.”

“I’m afraid even now that because this has come out, that my family and friends might be in danger.”

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As told by some crazy hillbilly.

This crazy hillbilly
is missing two fingers - wonder why?

I wouldn’t have believed it, if I didn’t see it for myself! 

You need to shop for a certain kind of sparkler because NOT any old sparkler will do.

  Indiana Loves their Fireworks

I met this guy at Lauer’s Pub in Calumet City, IL and he told me how he knew how to make these “sparkler bombs“. He said that he heard me talk about constructing a 2-Liter dry ice bomb and its effect.

Mind you, I NEVER said (then) that I actually constructed one – just that I knew how to do it. Very important.

He said that he lived in Illinois and that they don’t sell the kind of sparkler that he needed to construct what he called a “sparkler bomb“.

“Indiana loves their fireworks!” he exclaimed being slighty buzzed – why not? It’s only 2:30 in the afternoon – cheers!

This is the type and brand you need to construct a functional “sparkler bomb”.

The next thing I know, this crazy hillbilly pulled out the type of fireworks that he needed. He must carry this shit around or something, because I just find that weird.

I asked him about that.

“Naw, man… I just came from the firework stand that’s right off 80/94 and I decided to take the back roads home. I can’t get caught with this shit.”

This guy reminds me of someone who totally belongs in some sort of militia. Scary actually. I can see him wearing overalls without a shirt – my kind of style.

“All you need now is some duct tape, electrical tape and we’ll be ready to have ourselves a good ol time!”

I was waiting for him to start saying “Yee Haw” or something in that manner.
That would have been perfect.

Duct tape and electrical tape is needed in order to construct a functional “sparkler bomb”

Wouldn’t you know it…? This crazy  hillbilly carries around electrical tape and duct tape? What the…?

Is there something strange afoot?

Oh well, other than being a crazy hillbilly he seems to be pretty okay.
(he just may have some issues to work out, that’s all)

He then looked at me. He had this crazy grin on his face.
Then he did something really crazy…slowly, he looked at his wrist as if he were wearing a watch.
That was all the confirmation I needed…

this guy’s REALLY crazy.

This is a finished sparkler bomb.

So he gathered a bunch a sparklers together.
(about 60)

He had one sparkler stick out – that’s the fuse.
(be careful, that single sparkler is VERY fragile)

He semi-tightly bound them together with the electrical tape.
(he used about half of a full roll)

He then tightly wrapped them with the duct tape.
(cover it entirely)

There you go!

A Sparkler Bomb!!


Want to see this sparkler bomb go off? Click on the link below.

Sparkler Bomb: Made from LEGAL fireworks.