The White Castle Exploding Toilet


   A year or two after high school, my friends and I discovered a clever way to make plastic 2-liter bottles explode using simply dry ice and water…that’s it.

We had nothing to do one night; bored to death and a bug up our ass – we were already drinking, not yet plastered but we had made ourselves pretty brave with the right amount of liquid courage.

We assembled and prepped the dry ice bomb at my house (Eaton Street) and parked the car across Calumet Avenue from White Castle in a parking lot of a bowling alley – the once ever popular, Bowl-Era.

I wore a dark blue trench coat and hid the 2-liter dry ice bomb within it. I walked through the south side entrance (main) and walked past the order windows, the employees, customers and through the dining room and straight into the men’s room.

Now, in order for me to successfully detonate the dry ice bomb, I simply had to add water – no problem, I’m in the men’s room. Unfortunately, the men’s room sink at this particular White Castle was not “2-liter friendly” at the time, so I was unable to dispense any water into the 2-liter dry ice bomb using the faucet.
I don’t remember there being a urinal in the men’s room, just a toilet. If there were a urinal, I’m sure I would have thought of a better way to put water in the 2-liter dry ice bomb than the one I’m about to share.

So here I am, in the men’s room at White Castle trying to figure out how to put water in this two liter dry ice bomb – when all of a sudden I realize something…

I could scoop the water out into the two liter dry ice bomb by cupping my hands, but that’s just nasty.

I did what I had to do, that’s all I got to say about that.

Now the plan was just to make a big “BOOM” – that’s it, nothing else. I screwed the cap back on and shoved the 2-liter dry ice bomb into the toilet. It was wedged in good and tight.
I immediately left the men’s room and locked the door behind me (I didn’t want somebody to walk in – safety first). I exited through the north doors and ran back to the waiting car at the bowling alley.

I had an accomplice that followed me in, but stood in line to place an order. They were an extra set of eyes and a possible “deterrent” if need be. From what I remember I was told this:

I saw you leave the men’s room very quickly…I knew you had done it. I was next in line, I didn’t want to order…then all of sudden…BOOM! Everybody looked at the washroom and that’s when water started pouring out from underneath the men’s room door. The manager came out from behind the counter and went to the men’s room…the door was locked. Water continued to gush out, she had to run back to the office to get the key. By this time the dining area was covered with water. When the door was finally opened she noticed that the toilet had been blown off the wall and into pieces.

In my defense, that was not supposed to happen.

This was talked about for months, if not years after. Another friend of mine doubted that a 2-liter dry ice bomb could do such damage and did not believe this story – he found out later that IT IS quite possible to cause such mayhem.


White Castle


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