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Here we go again!

Now that we just got those images of the “Miami Zombie” out of our head, here comes Alexander Kinyua – a Morgan State University student. He admitted to police that he was eating portions of the body of a man who lived in the same home but was reported missing last Friday (5/25/12).

Body parts were found in a nearby dumpster and in the home.

Wednesday (5/30/12) morning a search warrant was executed by police and body parts were found, said Monica Worrell a spokesperson for the Hartford County sheriff’s department. Although, the identity of the body parts is still unknown, authorities are certain that they are those of 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie.

It’s not always easy to determine who’s a zombie.

The brother of Kinyua noticed two metal tins that contained the head and two hands. When he showed his brother, Alexander Kinyua said that they were the remains of a dead animal.

Not being satisfied with his brothers answer, he went and got his father to show him – but then they were gone.

The police were notified and then later found the head and the hands. Alexander Kinyua admitted to eating portions of the brain and heart, and threw away the remains. Police discovered body parts in a dumpster on church property.

Kinyua is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bail.

Alexander Kinyua seemed to be a happy student. Smiling and looking like he was having a good time in some photos that were gathered offline. But 5 days ago, Kinyua’s parents say that Alexander got arrested for fighting in his dormitory room.

Alexander Kinyua address is in the 500 block of  Terrapin in the town of Joppa, Maryland.

It looks like he just flipped out. I was able to take a look briefly at his Facebook page before some of his strange comments were removed.

The profile picture he has is an image of Richard Ansdell’s 1861 painting, “The Hunted Slaves,” it shows two slaves that have escaped and are fighting off two very large dogs that have been sent after them.

Then it looks like a lion humping another lion…whatever.

They were pretty strange. Like:

Harford County Sheriff’s Office detectives have charged Alexander Kinyua, age 21, of 535 Terrapin Terrace in Joppatowne, Maryland with 1st degree murder/1st degree assault and 2nd degree assault. Kinyua is jailed at the Harford County Detention Center.



 And then he wrote:


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It was a little exciting this morning.

It seems a “radio listener” heard a pilot call for help; that his plane was going down and hehad to make an emergency water landing late Tuesday night.
That’s all it took for the Coast Guard to prompt an emergency “search & rescue” mission that covered Wolf Lake, the Calumet River and Lake Michigan that started from Rainbow Beach in Chicago, IL to Gary, IN near the Hammond-Gary Harbor.
The search was called off at 8:45 this morning.

The Coast Guard searched the waters of Wolf Lake in Hammond, IN for a possible down plane that was reported by a CB listening, back of a truck fisherman

These reports of a downed plane came from a fisherman who was listening to a CB radio at around 10pm Tuesday night (5/29). He was fishing from the back of his truck on Wolf Lake when he heard a pilot report that he needed help and that his single engine plane was going down and he had to make a water landing near Lake Calumet.

However, a spokesperson for the FAA said the agency hasn’t received any reports of a downed plane – but that was only since 7am this morning.

 *So what about from 10pm, Tuesday night to 6:59am Wednesday morning? Was there anybody else listening before somebody clocked in and turned on the radio at 7am at the FAA?

“At this time, we have no reports of any missing or overdue planes nor any communications from planes in distress,” said FAA spokeswoman Elizabeth Isham Cory in a statement.

RESOURCE: My Fox Chicago,
          WJOBam Radio

Remeber the CB? They’re still cool.

   Remember, they’re not a toy.

VW Passat 78.5 MPG (Imperial gallon) 65.2 MPG US gallon in the Uk

I find this disturbing in ways…it even sickens me a little.

I would like to hear from my international friends on what they think of this and if they could add a little more info to the subject if they could. I would LOVE to hear it…and so would my friends over here.

The US government KNOWS that they’re screwing us – and they KNOW that we KNOW – WTF?

Americans and their love for the middle finger.

Americans love their middle finger.
A greeting with an unruly gesture.

I believe this to be true.

It seems to me as if every child born in the United States knows that the middle finger is a “bad thing”; some I believe know this even before they learn how to spell their name.

As an American, raised in the midwest, in a little section known as “the Region”, I became accustomed to the middle finger in my early childhood. I thought it was a strange phenomena that by simply making a fist and raising just the middle finger could bring such dismay.
In order for it to work properly you must be making eye contact with the person or thing. I say thing because I’ve witnessed my father giving the middle finger to the television.

I also never understood as a child the whole “giving” somebody the middle finger. Aren’t you pretty much just showing them your middle finger? It’s also called just “giving them the finger”, you know,  instead of saying the word “middle”? It seems that this mighty, unruly, disrespectful gesture that when in use or in conversation, the middle finger has been given the notoriety when the word “finger” is being used or talked about.

For example, if you heard that somebody gave somebody else the finger, you know right away what finger is being refered to – the middle finger, of course.

Growing up as a “Region Rat” here in the Region, giving somebody the finger doesn’t always have to mean disrespect. It still may mean “fuck you”, however, there’s more to it.

For example, if I saw my friend win $100 from across the street; he saw me and knew that I knew he just won $100, being so far away, we’d probably just give each other the finger. Congratulations.

To understand the “middle finger” – I had to know how it started

I see people giving each other the finger at least once a day – strangers even. Whether somebody is taking their time crossing the street, or changing lanes without proper signalling (or while signalling) and cutting somebody off, even if by accident. A long honk from a car and then somebody usually showing their impeccable middle finger stamina.

Really…? How odd.

So, after a little research I came across a couple of sites and found a little bit of history on the middle finger.
Interesting…very interesting indeed.

Giving somebody the middle finger dates back at least over 2500 years ago from ancient Greece. It started as a crude joke from a playwright named Aristophanes. He was a very popular playwright and was given the same notoriety as we do to our favorite modern-day celebrities. The crude joke is that in one of his plays there was a mix up with a middle finger and with a penis.

I also found out that it can also mean a sign of sexual superiority and you’re wanting to make someone (anyone, obviously) your bitch. It means you are becoming “phallic aggressive”, so instead of threatening with an erect penis like a wild animal (it doesn’t have to be your own, you can threaten with a dildo also), giving somebody the middle finger will do just fine.

Repeated use of the middle finger can cause “phallic aggressive behavior”. Having a phallic aggressive attitude and behavior can lead to “flipping the bird” excessively (aka giving somebody the finger). So you’re not just showing that you’re a better man (woman) than that person, but that person is your sexual inferior.

During the middle ages giving somebody the finger was almost unheard of – it went away, some say it went underground. I say it just lost its popularity. That is, until the 19th century and the invention of photography.

"Old Hoss" Radburn brought the middle finger back

Charles “Old Hoss” Radbourn brought the middle finger back in this 1886 photo of him on the professional baseball team the Boston Beaneaters. This photo is documented proof of the first person to be “flippin’ the bird”

There could be a lot of things that would upset Charles Radbourn enough to provoke “The Old Horse” to give the finger right before this photo was taken. Back then, professional baseball players didn’t make enough to support a family so most found part-time jobs. Charles Radbourn was by trade a butcher.

So everybody thank Charles Radbourn (December 11, 1854 – February 5, 1897) for bringing back the middle finger – so we’re able to express how we feel when others are out of an earshot.

So what is this obsession with the middle finger and Americans?

Frankly, I just think it’s our way of saying, “I don’t want to deal with that right now…I got something else going on.”

Some people get easily offended and will try to escalate it into something bigger. It’s like if they feel they’re being told that they’re sexually inferior, wait…
…I guess they kind of are, especially if that person is being phallic aggressive.

Yeah, we are quick to flip the bird, but at the same time, we’re sensitive about it also.

The Origin of Gambling

Gambling has been around for a very long time and every country around the world all have different views on how it should be dealt with. Some countries allow it (under certain restrictions), and some prohibit it entirely. The countries that have made gambling illegal are usually done so because of religious beliefs. The punishment for violating such an act in these countries is sometimes as harsh as to getting your hands cut off. Catholic and Jewish traditions, on the other hand, have set days aside for gambling, for instance, the Jews have Hanukkah. Researchers have discovered that gambling originated from religious beliefs. Primitive gambling tools have been recovered from pre-historic societies indicting that gambling was performed. The gambling done back then had a different meaning to the practice. Objects such as pebbles, sticks, arrows, etc. were thrown to the ground and the distant future was foretold to you. This method was also used to make things comprehensible to the unexplained acts or events that took place. This primitive method was quite simple actually. The outcome was based on a number being “odd” or “even”. If the number of objects came out even, the outcome was good; if the number was odd – not so good.

Gambling eventually evolved into a religious practice. Believers of a certain god or deity would perform rituals and would sacrifice something special or precious to them to ask favors from their god or deity. Sometimes what they asked for came true, meaning it was approved and then granted. When what they asked for wasn’t granted, this meant it was disapproved, and sadly, you still lost your special or precious item. Basically, this tells us that these requests were based merely on chance. Eventually, gambling moved out of the religious community and turned itself into a separate activity all together.

Man started to gamble personal possessions like furs, tools and weapons. Even crops such as cotton, wheat, rice and vegetables were used as collateral. Animals were also used in hope to gain material possessions. There wasn’t anything that was spared that had some value to somebody somehow when it came to gambling. During the cold months and dry seasons, desperation would set in on some. This would drive them into gambling what little they had just so they could eat or stay warm for the duration of their unfortunate status. However, if you were on the losing end, troubled and/or hard times lie ahead. This would cause some to commit heinous crimes within the community or tribe, risking imprisonment, being out casted, losing a limb and even put to death, just to survive another season. This is probably the era when gambling started taking a turn for the worse and compulsive gambling was considered an immoral character trait rather than an addiction.

Gamblers Anonymous

Although gambling was recognized as being a problem, it wasn’t until the 19th century that gambling was considered addictive. A compulsive gambler can have the same addictive symptoms as someone with an alcohol or drug addiction. On September 13, 1957, a group of people realized that they had a gambling problem and formed Gamblers Anonymous in Los Angeles, California, USA. Today, it’s estimated that there are over 100,000 members alone just in the United States. Gamblers Anonymous (aka GA)hold meetings all over the world, including Australia, Brazil, Israel, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Spain, Uganda, and in the United Kingdom.

Doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists all agree that gambling can lead to a serious diseased addiction. Unlike most other diseases, gambling and other certain kinds of addiction are hard to overcome. Joining group therapy like GA is highly recommended by experts in addictive diseases and they give credit to a “Twelve Step Program”.  The Twelve Step Program consists of twelve steps that the addict has to follow in order to complete the program.  Even though an addict is never really fully recovered from their addiction, the temptation to gamble and fall into a isn’t so great and can be overcome. The Twelve Step Program is recognized as an essential tool to help overcome a gambling addiction, as hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are proof to that. Members of GA know all too well what can happen if a compulsive gambler doesn’t seek and get help. Failed relationships are common in the life of an out of control gambler. Depression is also commonly found in gambling addicts which can lead to suicide. When a problem gambler starts experiencing failed relationships it’s usually caused by financial troubles and a “dynamo effect” can happen. After failed relationships comes a hard time holding down a job and losing them. Then the debts get higher and harder to manage and pay off, losing personal items such as cars and homes, sometimes it’s too much to take for some and the thought of suicide occasionally comes to thought. For some gamblers who don’t seek and get help, they actually believe that suicide is their only way out.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Sin City USA

Probably the most popular city when it comes to gambling in the entire world, Las Vegas, Nevada is a professional gamblers dream. Gambling was legalized in Nevada in 1931 and has been the state’s main source of income which is the backbone to its economy. Gambling is a multibillion dollar business and most of it comes from Las Vegas, legally and illegally (but gambling on the internet has now been the new craze and is slowly taking the number one spot).  Las Vegas is visited by millions of tourists a year from all over the world; another source of income for the state of Nevada – tourists. But gambling isn’t the only thing you can do in Sin City; there are shows, circuses, sporting events, fine dining, carnival rides… it is said that there’s nothing in world you can do that you can’t do in Las Vegas. But the most popular saying that most people agree on is,

 “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Can exercise play a role in an addiction treatment program?

Fighting off addiction can be a lengthy and difficult process. The pain addiction can bring on is sometimes intolerable and many may fall into a regretful relapse. Many patients fall into a relapse after a short time attending an addiction program, but some may even have a relapse after years of attending and completing a program. The creators of sympathize and understand the difficulties of fighting and eventually overcoming the powerful hold that comes with addiction.

Exercise can help the brain resist temptations and is sometimes suggested and/or prescribed by doctors and addiction experts. It has been proven that vigorous exercise increases dopamine concentrations in the brain and according to Mark Smith, a neuroscience professor at the Davidson University, gives the brain the same effects as the addiction. This study has been going on for years and researchers were surprised the connection between increased physical activity and the decreased risk in substance abuse. Exercise has the same effect on the brain as do anti-depressants taken orally. Doctors have seen that longtime abusers have an increased risk in developing mental disorders such as stress, anxiety and depression and found that exercise can also help in treating such conditions.

Recovering addicts have been reported in saying that they prefer to participate in groups when performing physical activities associated with treatment. Treatment programs do sometimes organize outings such as bicycling or hiking encouraging physical activity to their patients, so that they may continue with being physically active when they have completed the program successfully. Doctors have discovered an increase in successful recoveries when exercise takes part in a treatment program.

It is said that a recovering addict will never be fully recovered and that the temptation will always be there. However, exercise and a proper diet can help in trying to calm these cravings to a degree where the recovering addict is no longer at risk in having a relapse. Some experts believe the key a successful recovery and to remain drug-free is to continue with an exercise regimen even long after the recovering addict has completed the recovery program. The brain is used to an increase of dopamine. Exercising has now taken the place of supplying the brain its increased need for dopamine instead of whatever the recovering addict was abusing. If the exercises or physical activity suddenly stops, the risk of a relapse can be at risk. It seems “boredom” can trigger the brain in wanting a quick fix of dopamine which can cause an addict (or a recovering addict) to rely on drugs to motivate the brain to want to engage in some sort of activity.

Consult a Personal Trainer

Just like everything else in life to much of a good thing could be harmful if not fatal. Consulting with a doctor to involve a physical trainer may be beneficial in the recovery process. Overdoing certain kinds of exercises may harm the body in many different ways such as serious sprains, or fatal injuries to vital organs and even brain aneurysms. It’s been suggested that a recovering addict should pick up a hobby of some sort to help minimize the risk of over exercising.

The White Castle Exploding Toilet


   A year or two after high school, my friends and I discovered a clever way to make plastic 2-liter bottles explode using simply dry ice and water…that’s it.

We had nothing to do one night; bored to death and a bug up our ass – we were already drinking, not yet plastered but we had made ourselves pretty brave with the right amount of liquid courage.

We assembled and prepped the dry ice bomb at my house (Eaton Street) and parked the car across Calumet Avenue from White Castle in a parking lot of a bowling alley – the once ever popular, Bowl-Era.

I wore a dark blue trench coat and hid the 2-liter dry ice bomb within it. I walked through the south side entrance (main) and walked past the order windows, the employees, customers and through the dining room and straight into the men’s room.

Now, in order for me to successfully detonate the dry ice bomb, I simply had to add water – no problem, I’m in the men’s room. Unfortunately, the men’s room sink at this particular White Castle was not “2-liter friendly” at the time, so I was unable to dispense any water into the 2-liter dry ice bomb using the faucet.
I don’t remember there being a urinal in the men’s room, just a toilet. If there were a urinal, I’m sure I would have thought of a better way to put water in the 2-liter dry ice bomb than the one I’m about to share.

So here I am, in the men’s room at White Castle trying to figure out how to put water in this two liter dry ice bomb – when all of a sudden I realize something…

I could scoop the water out into the two liter dry ice bomb by cupping my hands, but that’s just nasty.

I did what I had to do, that’s all I got to say about that.

Now the plan was just to make a big “BOOM” – that’s it, nothing else. I screwed the cap back on and shoved the 2-liter dry ice bomb into the toilet. It was wedged in good and tight.
I immediately left the men’s room and locked the door behind me (I didn’t want somebody to walk in – safety first). I exited through the north doors and ran back to the waiting car at the bowling alley.

I had an accomplice that followed me in, but stood in line to place an order. They were an extra set of eyes and a possible “deterrent” if need be. From what I remember I was told this:

I saw you leave the men’s room very quickly…I knew you had done it. I was next in line, I didn’t want to order…then all of sudden…BOOM! Everybody looked at the washroom and that’s when water started pouring out from underneath the men’s room door. The manager came out from behind the counter and went to the men’s room…the door was locked. Water continued to gush out, she had to run back to the office to get the key. By this time the dining area was covered with water. When the door was finally opened she noticed that the toilet had been blown off the wall and into pieces.

In my defense, that was not supposed to happen.

This was talked about for months, if not years after. Another friend of mine doubted that a 2-liter dry ice bomb could do such damage and did not believe this story – he found out later that IT IS quite possible to cause such mayhem.


White Castle

Rest in Peace - Adam Yauch

Rest in peace, the Beastie Boys will never be the same.

Thinking of you, Scott Ryan

Today I thought of an old friend, because of the passing of Beastie Boy member Adam Yauch and I say old friend because I knew him and his family practically all my life.

I also say old friend because I haven’t seen him for a very long time.

And I also say old friend, because even though he may not be with us physically, his spirit lives in all of us.

I miss you Scotty.

I remember when I was introduced to the Beastie Boys – it was Scotty Ryan. He called me up and told me to come over to do “whatever it was”…so I did. I walked that dreaded train track that followed along Lyman Avenue to Scotty’s house from 165th Street so many times by then I knew exactly how many steps it took to get there.

(a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point)

When I got to his house he immediately took me to his room so I could hear this new rap band. What was so weird about this was that they were ALL WHITE. There were other white rap groups – but they sucked.

(even Kid Rock was known then, but he REALLY sucked – remember “Yodelin’ in the Valley”?)

The Beastie Boys were different. What made them different was that they were actually good. They rocked. Yeah, we know that RUN DMC helped them BIG time, wrote some of their BIGGEST hits…so what?

They pulled it off.

Plus, RUN DMC saw something in these guys, that’s why they staked their reputation on them. RUN DMC is a rap group that pioneered the way for A LOT of black rap artists and for them to put up three white dudes from New York…something’s up.

Anyway, Scotty put the cassette in his “boom box” that was underneath his bedroom window that faced the driveway and blared away.

The first thing I heard from the Beastie Boys was… “No sleep ’till… (nah nah – na naah…) …Brooklyn!”

(I fell instantly in love and was going to base my entire life around their philosphy…not one of my better  judgements)

I looked at Scott and we started laughing, Scott was laughing so hard he accidentally drooled on the inside of cassette case.

I remember him saying, “Aw, man,” looking down at the cassette as he used the bottom of his shirt to wipe it up. He looks at me…looking at me in a way to see if I saw him drool on his shit – I did.

He walked past me, with that infamous grin on his face, “That sucked, ” I heard him say.


A father and son built two of these “flawless” boards from scratch.

Hammond, Indiana loves the Cornhole

Yes, it’s true! The residents of Hammond, Indiana is now involved in a REGIONal epidemic known as none other as  “Cornhole”. Some prefer “Corn Hole” – not me.

Board dimensions:
4'x2' playing area
The circle is 6" in diameter and is
   9" from center of circle to 
      top of board and
  12" from center of circle to
      either side of board
The playing board has to be 3" thick and
   needs to be raised 12" from ground
The Cornhole bags are 6"x6" and weigh 
   between 14.5 -16ozs

 Building your own set is easy, but you can still find somebody who will build you your own custom set – for the right price.

– They’ll give you the most reasonable price possible*
*minus shipping

If you want to build your own, here’s the best website that shows you how; step by step at

 A little history on Cornhole

Unbelievably, the history of Cornhole is mostly unknown, there are rumors floating around but nobody knows for sure. However, there is a story that’s claiming that the game was discovered during the 14th century in Deutschland (Germany), then rediscovered in the great state of Ohio in the United States within the last century or so. Experts and researchers confirm that a game very similar to Cornhole was played among the Indians in the area now known as “the REGION”, who would fill the dried out inner organs of pigs (mostly the bladder) with dried beans and competitively tossed them for entertainment.

It was the Blackhawk tribe in Illinois who were first known to do this, however, it’s also been said that the game was actually created in the Kentucky farmlands, this argument is still ongoing. The game began to increase in popularity in the late 1990s in Cincinnati & Athens, Ohio, Chicago, Illinois & Hammond, Indiana then on to East Lansing, Michigan.

Michigan State University & Ohio University is where Cornhole REALLY took off.
It was played majority of the time as a drinking game.

Black & Red - Chicago Bulls - Cornhole Bags

It’s best to use cornhole bags that are filled with real corn.
That’s the way the game was intended to be played.

James Peters - HoBoTrails

One of the strangest things I’ve done when I was “under the influence”.

I was asked:

 What was the strangest thing
 you ever did while drunk?
      I went to a party in St. Petersburg, Florida with a bunch of night stockers. I worked for a local department store and the guys who stocked the shelves were all off work on this particular night and they threw a party.
      I went there and as soon as I walked into the place I started doing tequila shots. I didn’t plan on staying that long, because unlike the stockers, I had to be at work in the morning.
Needless to say, I got drunk and ran out of the place like a madman (so I was told).

I woke up very early the next morning on wet ground and the first thing I saw was the full moon. I also saw a palm tree, then I noticed that I was surrounded by tall grass.

      I thought to myself, “My God, those guys were trying to kill me by throwing me on Alligator Alley.”
Now if you’re not familiar with Alligator Alley, look it up. But let me tell you that it’s notorious for being heavily populated with alligators.
      I couldn’t believe it, I was all the way down by Alligator Alley. I raised my right hand. I was holding onto my pants.
My pants were off?
      What the…? You mean to tell me that those guys “butt raped” me? Oh my God…NO!!!
      I sat up…wait a minute. I looked around.
      I wasn’t in Alligator Alley, I was in someones front yard.
      It was like 3:30am and I had no idea where I was. All I saw was a tiny red neon light in the distance.
I followed the light.
      I got to a car dealership, I found a payphone (luckily) and made a collect call to my wife. She stayed on the phone with me until some girlfriends of hers came and got me. I was standing at a payphone with my pants in my hand.
      What a sight I must have been – I mean… really.
            P.S. – I wasn’t “butt raped”, thank, God