Skipping School at the Sears Tower

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Hammond High School, Region Rats
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The Willis Tower - November 18, 2011

Chicago, Illinois – Remember when the Sears Tower was the tallest structure on the planet?

I do.

I remember skipping class from Hammond High School and riding up to Chicago to spend the day. My friend Todd Morris would borrow his mom’s car to drive to school in the morning and ended up picking up 3 or 4 of us and we’d all take off for the city.

We’d park the car in a parking garage in the loop somewhere and would stroll the streets of Chicago (weather permitting, of course). We would go everywhere, you name it, we’ve been there…twice!

One of the places we would stop at would be the Sears Tower. We would mimic the movie “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off” by stepping on a railing and leaning our forehead to the window. It would give a weird feeling through your entire body, almost as if you’re falling – pretty cool.

A Brief History on the Sears Tower
(A.K.A. The Willis Tower)

  •    Completed May 3, 1973 the Willis Tower was formerly named the Sears Tower
  •    It contains 110 floors
  •    The Willis Tower stood at 1,450 ft. until 1982*
  •    The Willis Tower stood at  1,704 ft. until 2000*
  •    The Willis Tower stands at 1,729 ft. today
  •    The Willis Tower had the record for tallest man-made structure until 2009

*  The antenna was lengthen to increase its height

The Willis Tower

The Willis Tower


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