This really sucks. My first night here and I have to sleep with one eye open. Thank God I kept my pen under my pillow. I slept on my stomach and kept my hands underneath the pillow, clutching my pen as if it were a knife with my right hand. I told myself that I wasn’t going to fall asleep… but I did. [continued from July 23, 2014]

My Main Man Moses

As I laid on the top bunk, trying desperately to stay awake, I suddenly heard this loud slapping noise – over & over again. I looked to see where it was coming from and saw Moses slapping the shit out of himself. What the hell? I looked down at Joe (beneath Moses), who, half asleep popped his head up. I looked at Joe with a confused look on my face. He just shrugged his shoulders at me and laid his head back down. I slowly laid my head back down also. “Welcome to Cell Pod “C”,” I heard “D” say to me from the bottom rack. He must have heard it too and knew I was awake. For the rest of the night, I had no problem staying awake, unlike Moses who fell back asleep (or at least look like he was). I began to wonder:

  • What was this guy in for?
  • How often does he slap himself?
  • Is there anything else I should know?

These were questions I wanted answered and I wanted to know Moses story… or do I?

The Next Morning

I laid there until a correctional officer turned on the lights early next morning. I looked over at Moses (being half awake) and saw that he was fast asleep. I wondered if he left a mark on his face, but unfortunately he happened to be laying on the side of his face he was slapping the shit out of. prison-370534_640

A nurse accompanied a correctional officer this one morning to dispense medications to the inmates. A line was formed in the common area then the nurse began to call out names to those who needed medication.

An old black man remained in his rack until his name was called. The nurse had to wait for him make his way across the common area.

“Johnson,” the correctional officer called out, “after your medication remain seated in the common area until the nurse finishes distributing medications.”

The old man looked confused.

“Orson,” the nurse called out. “Orson?” she asked a moment later.

“Here!” a voice yelled out from the top tier. It was a small skinny white guy. Couldn’t have been older than 21.

“Why didn’t you come down?” the correctional officer asked.

“I didn’t hear,” Orson replied as he walked down from the top tier.

“Didn’t hear? Didn’t hear?” the correctional officer sounded a bit agitated. “Don’t you receive medication every morning?”

“Yes,” Orson said as he walked towards the nurse.

“Haven’t you received medication every morning since you’ve been here?” the correctional officer started to turn red in the face.


“Then why is it, every morning we have to wait on you?”

No answer was given.

“That’s what I thought,” the officers tone changed and started to sound like a smart-ass. “Grab a seat next to Mr. Johnson after you’ve taken your medication.”

Orson takes his medication and sits down next to Johnson at a table.

While all this drama was going on, I didn’t notice that Moses had sat up. He was at the foot of his rack with his legs dangling off the end. He just sat there towards the wall looking down at his hands that laid in his lap. He looked distant.
And when I say “distant” – I mean totally insane.

I tried to see if Moses left a mark on his face but the correctional officer broke my train of thought by yelling.

“From now on,” the correctional officer bellowed, “if you take medications in the morning and you’re not down here by the time a nurse opens this cell door, you’ll be going where Mr. Johnson & Mr. Orson are headed. Cell Pod “F”… any questions?”

It got dead quiet. The only sound you heard was the nurse packing up her cart.

“Good!” the correctional officer continued. “From now on, this is law! Any questions?”

The nurse wheeled her cart out. You could hear the squeak from one of its wheels, but still, nobody said a word.


You could tell the correctional officer was getting sarcastic. He turned and faced Orson & Johnson.

“You two,” the correctional announced as he pointed to the two inmates. “Grab your mattress and follow me.”

Orson and Johnson started to stand up.

“Let’s go!” the correctional officer screamed.

Orson got so startled that he tripped & fell, but immediately ran up to the top tier, ripped his mattress from his rack and started to run back.

“Don’t run, man,” an inmate said as Orson ran past him. “Fuck that mother-fucker.”

“He got that white-boy all shook up…don’t he, Joe?” I heard “D” say coming from beneath me.

“Got that right,” Joe said back. I don’t even think Joe was really paying attention.

I remembered about Moses and decided to take a quick glance at him. He was looking at me, but his body was still facing towards the back wall. Just his head was turned. His mouth was slightly open and with his head tilted down but his eyes up staring at me just freaked me out.

I quickly broke eye contact.

“Holy shit,” I thought to myself. I went back to watching the correctional officer exit the cell pod. From my peripheral vision, I watched Moses as he jumped down from his rack. I just laid there looking straight ahead, watching his every move.

He threw a towel over his shoulder and grabbed a white mesh bag full of toiletries. He walked towards the railing and stood in the walkway. He was now standing right in front of me.

All of a sudden, he stretched out his arms with the white mesh bag still in hand and he started singing.


Oh. My. God.

And he was good too!

[to be continued]

Terminator 15,000,000 V Stun Gun with LED Flashlight

There was a huge difference between the Lake County & Porter County jails. First and foremost, inmates could never escape from the rooftop in Lake County like I saw in Porter County. These young inmates would escape through the roof and wave at the rest of us through the skylight; then sneak back in…honest!

[continued from October, 2013]

Cell Pod “C”

Entering the population at the Porter County Jail was a little more interesting than entering the Lake County Jail. In Porter County, I went through a process where I was evaluated and placed where they thought I’d be the least trouble.

Porter County has their jail divided into “pods”. Pod “A”, Pod “B”, Pod “C”, etc… not exactly sure how many pods there were, but I was placed in a pod where there were non-violent criminals…and that’s cool with me.

Unlike the Lake County Jail, this Porter County Jail pod I was placed in was like a huge dorm room. There weren’t individual cells but instead, everybody slept out in the open. Again, I was placed on the second tier (towards the back) almost dead center of the entire room.
I could see everything.

I got the top bunk. The guy that was below me was named “D”. I’m sure it stood for his first name (which I never caught). He was a young black dude, well manicured & groomed. He said that he was associated with the “Top Notch” restaurants that were in the area. I’m not sure if that meant he was part-owner or if he just worked there.

In front of our racks (that means “bed”), was a walkway and a railing. Over the railing, down to the ground floor, you could see the “common area”. The common area was where inmates could socialize, eat, watch TV, &c…

Very seldom did I socialize in the common area. I was content just sitting in my rack; minding my own business.

Besides the socks on my feet, this paper box was my only possession.

Two Racks; Four Inmates

From the jail house store, I was able to purchase several personal items. Items such as shampoo, conditioner, crackers, peanut butter, chips & dip. There was quite a list to choose from and of course – all over priced.

It’s been said (and proven) that the warden of Porter County Jail gets ALL the profits when such items are purchased (from inmates) and that within a years time that warden will be a millionaire.

We weren’t allowed anything from the outside. Even the letters we receive are opened and gone through, except those from a lawyer, judge, prosecutor, &c.

The inmates that were in my little open section were pretty laid back. Like I said earlier, the guy below me was named “D”; the rack to my left was a big, white dude named Joe and a tall, skinny black dude named Moses.

ABOVE: This was the set-up in my little open section

ABOVE: This was the set-up in my little open section



Joe was a 34 year-old burglar. He broke into a garage and stole around $850 worth of tools. His partner was caught trying to pawn his share of the stolen items and ratted Joe out. This was Joe’s third offense so he was facing a couple of years.

To me, he didn’t seem to have a care in the world. Like me, he spent most of his time laying in his rack reading and/or writing. Except on Thursdays; that was card game night. Joe would join majority of the inmates in the common area and play Spades.


Now Moses…he was “special”.

Seriously. Not only was this guy considered special, he was out of his freaking mind!

I got to know what Moses was all about the first night I was there.  “D” and Joe introduced themselves to me right away, but Moses just laid in his rack with one hand down his pants staring up at the ceiling.

“That up there is Moses.” Joe said.

“D” leaned over and said to me, “Don’t worry about Moses, he’s completely harmless. You’ll get to know him.” He chuckled and went back to doing whatever it was he was doing.

“Yeah,” Joe laughed, “you’ll find out soon enough.”

That was odd I thought. They talked about him as if he wasn’t even here. I know he heard everything that was said. He didn’t seem to care.

When everyone went to bed I happened to look over at Moses and he was staring at me. It startled me. I quickly turned away. I wondered to myself if he was going to try anything with me while I slept. Either he was going to try to have sex with me or kill me.
Either way, I was fucked.

This really sucks. My first night here and I have to sleep with one eye open. Thank God I kept my pen under my pillow. I slept on my stomach and kept my hands underneath, gripping my pen as if it were a knife with my right hand. I told myself that I wasn’t going to fall asleep…

…but I did.

[to be continued]

Here’s a List of 8 Phobias that have to do with Numbers

Learn how to deal with confussion

Do you have a phobia?

What exactly is a phobia?

Medical experts define phobias as a fear based on a “conditioned emotional experience”. A traumatic experience is most likely the cause of developing a phobia. Most times, something happened that has caused a tremendous amount of fear to someone when they were young and then developed into a phobia into adulthood.

However, some also believe that phobias may have been caused by biological evolution.

  • For an example, an individual develops a natural fear to things such as spiders, snakes, falling, &c.

It’s also possible that some phobias can develop from another existing phobia.

  • For example, a little boy buys a balloon and walks across the street without paying attention and almost gets hit by a car causing him to lose his balloon. This boy may have developed a phobia to balloons, then developing a fear of things that fly. The next thing that develops is a phobia of automobiles and all transportation vehicles. This boy could also develop a fear of people selling balloons as well.

Phobia #1

Fear of Numbers


There are people out there who are afraid of a lot of little things. From mice to rats, dogs and cats, falling, flying, heights, &c. The list is long and has plenty of room for new phobias. But the fear of numbers? Now that’s a bit odd – don’t you think?

Numerophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of numbers. It’s a rare occurrence when a sufferer of numerophobia will run from a group of numbers, but most rather just look away. The fear is that they will start adding the numbers together in different various ways and won’t be able to stop until every possible equation has been solved.

Numerophobia: The Fear of Numbers

Numerophobia: The Fear of Numbers

Numerophobia is also known as Arithmophobia. However, those who suffer from Arithmophobia fear specifically arithmetic. They are able to look at numbers however, if the numbers are arranged in a way where it looks as if it is an arithmetic problem, severe anxiety may start to develop. 

Phobia #2

Fear of the Number Four



Tetraphobia: Fear of the Number Four

Thought to have originated in the East long, long ago. The fear of the number four is respected by all classes. The number four sounds much like the word that means ‘death’. For fear that the number four may bring misfortune, a lot of high rise buildings has excluded the number four to appear on elevator buttons and floor descriptions.

Building designers have purposely left out the number four, or have replaced the number with the letter ‘F’.

  • An interesting article written by Koichi about Tetraphobia can be read by clicking here.

Phobia #3

Fear of the Number Five


The fear of the number five was not thought to be a phobia by many people. It wasn’t until after more & more cases started to surface that Quintaphobia finally joined the ‘unofficial’ Phobia List. It just seemed odd that the number five could bring such an extreme fear to some people. Fact is, nobody really knows ALL there is to know about phobias. Why are some people completely terrified over such seemingly harmless things…? or inanimate objects such as clouds, horseshoes or garden hoses?

If you’re wondering, there’s no phobia name for the fear of the number six. However, there is a name for fear of the number 666 and it is called hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia.

Numerophobia is the extreme and irrational fear of numbers.

 Phobia #4

Fear of the Number Seven


Septaphobia is another odd phobia. Most people consider the number seven as a very lucky number, but there are people who have an extreme and sometimes an irrational fear of the number.

Having a fear of such things as “numbers” is strangely odd. They’re unlike any other phobias, since phobias are mostly an extreme and irrational fear of ‘things’ & ‘situations’, but are treated the same as other phobias with therapy and facing the fear.

 Phobia #5

Fear of the Number Eight

Anything that represents a figure eight can set an Octophobiac off.

Anything that represents a figure eight can set an Octophobiac off.


Octophobics not only fear the number eight, they also fear the figure eight. The figure eight doesn’t have to represent a number in order for someone who suffers from Octophobia to start feeling anxious. Seeing somebody twirl their finger in a figure eight pattern, or watching someone or something move in a figure eight pattern can set things off with an Octophobiac.

 Phobia #6

Fear of the Number Nine


There isn’t a name for every little fear (or major fear, for that matter) that’s out there, but when a certain disorder becomes more & more common, experts will put a name for that disorder in order for other professionals to know what specific fear/phobia they are dealing with. Fear of the number nine isn’t popular enough to be considered a phobia, but it is suggested that it may come from Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia (fear of the number 666).

Almost all cases of people who are fearful of the number nine are also fearful of the number 666. So experts just labeled these people as Hexakosioihexekekontahesaphobiacs. However, there are those very, VERY few who just fear the number nine – that’s it. So few, that no name is given to this extremely rare phobia.

I suggest Neunophobia, simply because “neun” means “nine” in German.

 Phobia #7

Fear of the Number Thirteen


Triskaidekaphobia: The Fear of the Number Thirteen

Triskaidekaphobia: The Fear of the Number Thirteen

There’s no doubt that the number thirteen may make some people uneasy. Almost EVERYBODY knows that the number thirteen represents ‘bad luck’. If you personally do consider the number thirteen bad luck, but don’t fear the number, you’re like most. Then again, even if you do consider thirteen as a bad luck number and you make a fuss about it, you still may not have a phobia. It’s when you develop an extreme and irrational fear about the the number thirteen is when you can diagnois yourself as having Triskaidekaphobia.

Why “13” is Unlucky

There are many reasons why we consider the number thirteen to be unlucky. Here are just a few:

1. It takes thirteen witches to make a perfect coven.
2. The murders of the Knights Templar were planned and executed on October 13, 1307
3. In a “Man’s World” the number 13 is considered a “girly” number so that alone makes it unlucky
4. During the Last Supper there were 13 in attendance, Judas (the 13th guest) was the first to rise and the first to die

 Phobia #8

Fear of the Number Twenty-Three

The ’23’ Enigma

The Number 23 (2007)

Fear of the number twenty-three does NOT have a phobia name but there are people that fear it…kinda weird. It’s called the “The ’23’ Enigma” instead. Sounds more like a movie, but…wait.

There is a movie about “The ’23’ Enigma”, it’s called (no surprise) 23 starring Jim Carey.

The ’23’ Enigma means that people believe that most things and events can be traced back to the number 23.

The Number 23 (2007)

Amazon Price: $2.99

Officer Placed on Leave

Animal Abuse Accusations

 A seemingly disturbing video of a Hammond, Ind., police officer abusing a police canine, was posted to YouTube on April 30th. Citizens got into an uproar and wanted Hammond Mayor McDermott to “take action”. And by action, they want the officer fired. But wait a minute…did we really see what we think we saw? Take a closer look! Yes, the officer did lift the dog off the ground, but by the ball that’s in the dogs mouth. The officer did have the dogs collar, but you can see it was just so the dog wouldn’t swing. Besides, the dogs tail is wagging and looks as though he wants to play. People need to pipe down and take another look.

The officer is trying to pull a ball out of his K9's mouth

The officer is trying to pull a ball out of his K9’s mouth

The Dog Wants to Play

Watching the video closely, you can obviously tell the dog is in no danger. The dog is wagging his tail and is trying to keep the ball from the officer. The dog wants to play, and why not? The K9 is a young German Shepard and he wants his ball! When the investigation is concluded, they will return the K9 to the officer and all will be forgiven. Hammond Police Officer Suspected in Animal Cruelty to K9

Ansan Danwon High School 

Students and Teachers Aboard a Sinking Ship

Passengers aboard a South Korean ferry found themselves stranded on a sinking ferry at around 9 in the morning on Wednesday.  Reports have stated that out of the 476 passengers, there were 325 students and 15 teachers. So far, as of Friday evening in South Korea, 49 bodies had been recovered. Officials have said 179 people were rescued from the Sewol. The remaining passengers still remain missing. However, reports were made stating that ALL the students from Ansan Danwon High School made it safely ashore. This was later confirmed to be false.

Traveling by ferry is a common means of transportaion in South Korea

Traveling by ferry is a common means of transportation in South Korea

Over 150 military officials searched the cold, dark waters of the Yellow Sea for the remaining 292 passengers. The rough waters are making it quite difficult to conduct the search, but South Korea is determined to continue on.

Parents are grief stricken, waiting impatiently for their children to contact them through cell phones. They have decided to camp out in a gymnasium near the accident on Jindo Island.

Parents don’t understand why a false report would be made stating that the students were safe when they were obviously not. Malicious prank text messages have been made to grieving parents stating that they were their missing child. Officials have said that they will catch the people who are making these prank texts and they will be arrested.

Students and teachers from Seoul were on their way to a four-day trip to Jeju (a resort island considered the Hawaii of Korea) when some passengers heard a loud thump. The ferry is believed to have hit something which caused many of the passengers to be thrown off their feet. It’s not known what caused the ferry to sink in under two hours, but a thorough investigation is underway. 

Captain Lee Jun-Seok among FIRST to be Rescued

The 69-year-old captain, Lee Jun-Seok was placed under-arrest along with his third mate, known only as Park, as the ferry sank. It’s been confirmed that Lee Jun-Seok was NOT in the steering room when the accident occurred. However, it’s not exactly why Lee Jun-Seok left in the first place. The only explanation given by Lee Jun-Seok was that he had to “attend to something”.

Vice-Principal Kang Min-gyu commits Suicide

Surprisingly, Kang Min-gyu, vice principal of Ansan Danwon High School hung himself from a tree near the gymnasium on Jindo Island. He left a suicide stating:

“Please hold me responsible for all of this. I pushed for the school excursion. Cremate my body and spread my ashes over the ship sinking site. I may become a teacher again in the afterlife for the students whose bodies have yet to be found.”

Racism or Common Sense?

Posted: April 3, 2014 in News, True to Life

SCHOOL: Hempstead Middle School

Now this school is located in Hempstead, Texas. This still doesn’t excuse or support  the principals actions, but it might shed a little light on WHY a person in a very respectable position would actually come to such a conclusion.

I don’t think it’s either, I think it’s unfortunate

Evidence proved the tampering of three public school buses.

Evidence proved the tampering of three public school buses.

The Hispanic community is calling in the FBI because there are malicious acts being performed on school/city/state property. Vandalism being the main one, but now three school buses have been found where brake lines have been tampered with endangering the lives of children. I hope the person(s) involved are caught and held responsible (20+ years would work).

With my heritage, the “Nativity Scene” is a common decoration to display during Christmas. With my heritage, a prayer before meals is practiced. With my heritage, the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was pledged everyday before school. However, the public school system does NOT allow this to be displayed on its public property.
Why? Because it’s NOT everybody’s heritage.

Now if speaking in Spanish is your family heritage, does that give you a right to speak it fluently (on school time) during school hours? Will it not distract those who are willing to learn the English language? Will it not frustrate those who are trying to teach? Because, obviously the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE is offensive to some students. So is seeing other students with bowed heads and folded hands for a few seconds before meals. I’m not even going to get into it about certain Christmas decorations. 

I remember singing Canada’s National Anthem in music class during my elementary days and there wasn’t a single Canadian in my school.

A simple solution would be that the teachers in such schools should also be able, if  not teach, but speak the acquired language just as fluent as their students.

Why did it have to come to a point that a principal thought it be best if students spoke in English during school hours? At first, I thought it sounded a bit racy, but then I tried to see things in the principals point of view…I still thought it was a little racist. Then another problem came to view – ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.  

For obvious reasons, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION into the UNITED STATES is against the LAW!
It could be dangerous; catastrophic. It can endanger the very lives of the American people.

It affects the very core of our financial infrastructure. Respectful & reliable sources have claimed that Social Security assistance will no longer be available for future generations – possibly even ours. Every American soldier who died fighting & defending this GREAT country of ours would be a disgrace if nothing is done about it.

Is your government okay with foreigners working in your country illegally?
Hell yeah! It’s looked at as “Free Money”.

Billion$ of Dollar$ are LOST due to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION

Billion$ of Dollar$ are LOST due to ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION


When the term “illegal immigrants” is used, right away people tend to think of Mexico and its citizens running for the border. This isn’t necessarily true. Illegal immigration can come from all over the world, it’s just easier for Mexicans (and others) to do it through Mexico.

When students start communicating to one another in their own foreign language in a public school, this can make officials (who do not speak the language) a bit frustrated. Which is totally UNDERSTANDABLE. Why? Because as children, they MAY NOT be discussing the subject that’s at hand. Kids will be kids. However, it was the school district IN THIS COMMUNITY who brought on these officials to teach their children/students in Hempstead, Texas. And they will teach those students the way they were taught – in English. If a teacher can’t speak Spanish, what the hell are they doing in a school in Hempstead, Texas where majority of the students are Hispanic?

If that last paragraph doesn’t make you think (even a little bit), I’m sorry I can’t break it down any more “Barney Style” than that.

Now before you answer, ask yourself this: Is it fair to the few American students who can’t speak Spanish?
A true American KNOWS the answer to that.

If it’s allowed that certain schools and/or communities can speak/teach in an American public school in a foreign language during school hours, to me that’s a type of segregation. This will lead communities in becoming being a certain majority over another. What’s happening in Hempstead, Texas is “text book”.

  1. Illegal immigrants come to a community, most likely looking for work.
    Illegal immigrants speak their own language, stay to themselves and mingle within their own crowd. They’re hard working people and are an asset as well as a blessing to their community. However, very few have obtained a legal right to reside in the United States and do not posses a Social Security number.
  2. Illegal immigrants start families and have children.
    Another great opportunity for a community to grow and flourish. Any person born in the United States is considered to be an American citizen. However, these illegal immigrants cannot or DO NOT speak English to their children. Either because they can’t or they don’t want to. Whatever the case may be, it’s the parents prerogative. When it comes time to find a school to enroll in, you either find a PRIVATE school that caters to your needs, or you let your child speak English in a PUBLIC school. Either way, that child will receive the BEST education possible.

So before you start firing people for what they know and do things in a way they only know how, let’s think about who put them there in the first place.


Duolingo: Learn Languages Free



This story is the second part of another story that happened to me.

Well, I did it…I ran myself over!

It finally happened

I worked a late night. I drove to the boss’s house because I was going to ride to the job-site with him. He moved his van from his back alley parking spot and I parked in (backwards) in his place. It was around 9 pm.

After three and a half hours at the job site, we ran out of material and had to wrap things up. My boss drove me back to his house and dropped me off. We said our good-byes and I closed his door. I walked over to my van and I crawled underneath it to start it.PEACE

Remember…? I have to start my van underneath it.
And yes, I haven’t gotten around to fixing that ignition problem.

I grabbed the tool that starts the van and was feeling around underneath the van with it. It being dark out, I was having a difficult time trying to locate the starter. I scooted a little further underneath the van thinking it would help me find it…and I did.

At first, the van didn’t start right up. I had to do it again. The van finally started and began to accelerate slowly in reverse. I was still underneath the van.

Quickly I tried to get away, but the right front tire pinched the material of my coat, trapping my arm in place. My upper arm was trapped underneath the tire of my moving van. It was obvious that the van was in reverse. There was nothing I could do to stop it.

I couldn’t sit up, I desperately grabbed for the slowly rolling tire that was gradually crushing my bicep. The pressure was immense. I thought that my arm was going to explode. All I could think about was having to amputate my arm. My face was inches away from my vans front tire. I watched as the wheel slowly rolled over my arm. All I could do was lay there.

When the van rolled over my arm I watched as the van back over my boss’s privacy fence. It continued to roll into the backyard and came to a stop when it crashed into a tree.

My boss jumped out of his van and ran over to help me up.

“Are you okay?” my boss asked in disbelief. “Did your van run over you?”

“Yeah…my arm.”My Arm

“Oh my God! Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No, no, I’m alright, really,” I said. “Sorry about the fence.”

“Forget the fence, how are you? Where did it get you?” he asked as he looked me over to see if I was okay.

“My arm. The van rolled over my arm,” I told him as I lifted it. It was weird that it didn’t hurt like you’d think it would. I mean, it was sore but strangely enough it didn’t bruise.

US Airways Flight 1702

Jetliner Crashes at Takeoff

Flight 1702 at end of runway.  Philadelphia International Airport

Flight 1702 at end of runway.
Philadelphia International Airport

An Airbus A320 jetliner, flown by US Airways, blew a tire during takeoff at the Philadelphia International Airport. Aboard were 149 passengers and 5 crew members when on Thursday (march 13, 2014) felt a sudden drop and the plane landing back on the runway. Passengers began screaming when the plane did this a second time. When the plane finally came to a stop at the end of the runway, someone yelled fire. Passengers immediately started exiting the plane in a quick and orderly fashion (just like they were suppose to).

Nobody was seriously hurt and emergency personnel were able to wrap it up quickly. Only two passengers required further medical attention. This put quite a scare into not only the passengers & crew of Flight 1702, but other passengers that were still inside the terminal. Especially after what happened with Malaysia Airlines and Flight MH370.

Flight 1702 was on its way to the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport a little after 6 pm when the accident happened. Passengers finally reached their destination earlier today (March 14, 2014).

Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

An “Intensely Luminous” Light in the Sky

107 Passengers/Crew Missing

March 16, 1962

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is nowhere to be found

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 is nowhere to be found

Eighty minutes after departure, at 2:22 pm, the pilot radioed a routine message and gave his position as being 280 miles west of Guam.. The aircraft was expected to reach the Philippines at 3:30. At that time, the Guam IFSS experienced heavy radio static causing temporary communication difficulties. At 3:39 pm, the Guam radio operator attempted to contact Captain Gregory P. Thomas (the planes pilot) but was unable to establish contact. Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 was not seen or heard from again.

The crew from a nearby tanker ship claimed to have seen “lights flashing” in the sky at around the same time Flight 739 lost contact with the radio controller.

Malaysia Airlines Missing Plane

No Trace of Flight MH370

239 Passengers/Crew Missing

March 7, 2013

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and Fariq Hamid fly the Boeing 777 jetliner over the South China Sea. At 2:40 am Flight MH370 left Kuala Lumpur for the skies – only to lose contact with air traffic controllers approximately two hours later. Speculations that  pilots Zaharie Ahmad Shah and Fariq Hamidthe (for some unknown reason) decided to go off course, possibly to head back to Kuala Lumpur, which is on the western coast of Malaysia. However, pilots are instructed to report in if such action is needed (usually for emergency purposes only), but no such call was ever received.

Four days after Flight MH370 went missing, some family members of the missing passengers claim to have seen that their loved ones were “online” and that their cell phones were still ringing.


Malaysia Airlines Missing Plane

Malaysia Airlines lost contact with their plane at 2:40 am Saturday less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia Airlines lost contact with their plane at 2:40 am Saturday less than two hours after taking off.

Flight MH370 Vanished with 227 Passengers & 12 Crew Members

Flight MH370, a Boeing 777 jetliner, vanished over off the territorial waters of Malaysia and Vietnam. Rescue vessels from the countries of Malaysia and Vietnam were on the scene to help with the search and rescue.  They were the first to arrive from a list of countries from Southeast Asia who scoured 4,300 square miles of water on the South China Sea on Saturday (Friday EST). However, rescuers could not locate the crash site after hours of searching the waters.

The Philippines sent air force planes and navy patrol ships, and China dispatched two rescue ships to assist in the search, according to officials and state media. Vietnamese fishermen have also been put on alert. 

So what happened?

The world isn’t unfamiliar with lost planes. Unfortunately, as odd as it sounds, the sudden vanish of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 (a Boeing 777 jetliner) sounds like another sad mystery. Nobody knows what happened and more importantly, nobody suspects this as an “act of war”.

Flight MH370 lost contact with Malaysian air traffic controllers about an hour after it took off Saturday morning at 2:40 am (1:40 am Friday EST). It was to to land in Beijing at 6:30 am (5:30 am EST). Flight 370 reached a height of at least 35,000 feet before it was reported as missing. Malaysia Airlines denies the plane crashed since no solid evidence has been recovered.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the 53-year-old captain of the missing plane, had over 18,300 hours of experience and joined Malaysian Airlines back in 1981. The 27-year-old co-pilot,  Fariq Hamid, had more than 2,700 hours of flying experience.

There were no reports of any problems.
No distress calls or signals.
No sightings of a plane going down, and curiously…
no wreckage.

“There aren’t any signs of a downed plane anywhere. There’s no floating debris, such as clothing or parts of the plane.
It’s just gone,” says a search & rescue volunteer.

Alien Abduction?

You will NOT hear that it may be an alien abduction from ANY government…but I’m sure, somebody thought it.

You have to admit – it could be possible. Of all the possible scenarios, an alien abduction is MOST unlikely. Until a thorough search is conducted at the bottom of the South China Sea, all possibilities are being look into.

One possibility is that Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah with co-pilot Fariq Hamid may have been trying to avoid/evade a UFO. The UFO may have disengaged their electrical equipment making it impossible to signal for help or even fly the plane.

Another reason speculations that passengers of Flight 307 may be victims of an alien abduction. It seems the cell phones of the missing passengers are still ringing. In fact, a brother-in-law of one of the victims even claimed that his loved one showed that they were even “online”.

There has been another incident that involved a missing plane over the South China Sea back in 1962.

Oil Slicks Discovered

It seems the Vietnamese government has now reported spotting 6 to 9 mile long oil slicks off the tip of southern Vietnam. They are believed to be the oil from Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 crash site.

Singapore has offered to launch a submarine to scan the bottom for wreckage and will report their findings once they have concluded their search.

Vietnamese search and rescue officials immediately set forth towards the crash site, hoping to spot survivors. However, since their arrival, the only thing being reported were signals that have been detected from a plane(?) at about 120 miles southwest of Vietnam’s southernmost coastal province of Cape Ca Mau.
Pham Hien, director of a Vietnam maritime search and rescue coordination center in Vung Tau has since said that the information on local media about the signal near the Cape Ca Mau was inaccurate.

According to the Vietnam’s official news agency these oil slicks were confirmed by Vietnamese authorities. However, after further investigations it was discovered that these oil slicks were NOT of the Malaysian crash.

Passports Stolen

It has now been reported that at least TWO stolen passports may have been on board of Flight MH370. Speculations are being made that the Malaysian Airline crash may be the work of terrorists. The stolen passports belong to Luigi Maraldi, an Italian national and Christian Kozel from Austria. Officials and authorities were wondering if these stolen passports were reported missing or sold voluntarily. It was later said that both men reported that their passports were stolen in Thailand but this was also inaccurate.

Miraldi claims to have lost his passport in Malaysia last July of 2013 and has since gotten a new one. This was confirmed by Interpol who had this information. Kozel claims to have lost his two years ago.

Interpol said that they were investigating other “suspected passports in connection” with Flight MH370. It’s been discovered that the two passengers who used the stolen passports in question appear to have bought their tickets together. Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein confirmed that there are visuals of the two people who boarded Flight MH307 on CCTV with stolen passports.  

Intelligence agencies (local & international) after examining the footage discovered that the two men were from Iran and are identified as 18-year-old Pouria Nourmohammadi, and 29-year-old Seyed Mohammad Reza Delavar. Both men have NOT been linked to any militant groups

24 Hours Later

Still no sign of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 jetliner that crashed (supposedly) near Vietnam’s Cape Ca Mau. However, imagery taken from a passenger on a different plane going the opposite direction clearly shows what looks like “fire on water”, which could indicate that a plane may have gone down in that area. Experts are unsure if the photo is taken in the alleged area where Flight MH307  is thought to have gone down.

At this time, jets and ships are still trying to locate the wreckage and the thought of terrorism comes closer to being “all too real”. Some debris was located elsewhere but it’s being suggested that it may be totally unrelated to the Malaysian crash.

The Malaysian’s military (air force chief) radar suggests that the plane may have turned back around, but this is just a theory and cannot be proven at this time. At first, Malaysia Airlines denied the theory but it’s been reported that by the request of Malaysia Airlines, Thailand authorities are looking in the Andaman Sea. A spokesperson for the airline suggests that the pilot(s) may have tried turning around.

“Pilots are required to call in if they are heading back, but we received no such call.”
Malaysia Airlines Chief Executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya

Vietnam National Search and Rescue Committee Spokesman Hung Nguyen, has confirmed that Vietnam’s navy spotted a floating object about 50 miles southwest of Vietnam’s Tho Chu Island. When the country’s navy lost sight of the object around the southwest coast in the Gulf of Thailand, they were called back due to darkness.

By the end of the day Sunday,
more than 40 planes and more than two dozen ships
from several countries were involved in the search.

After Two Days

Search and rescue teams using low-flying planes spotted a “rectangular, door-like object”  and “something that looked like a tail portion”, but within 24 hours, Malaysian officials said authorities are now unable to relocate both objects.

Some experts believe that it may be difficult to locate wreckage debris if it disintegrated at a cruising altitude.

Experts from several countries are still examining the footage of the CCTV video. Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein willingly declined to give any further details, saying that it may jeopardize the valuable information that was recently discovered during the investigation. Hussein said only two passengers had used stolen passports, and that earlier reports that the identities of two others were under investigation were inaccurate.

Photos and fingerprints are now available and the Malaysian authorities are now turning over what they have discovered to US investigators.